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​Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Review - How Does it Perform?

15th Jan 2024

Collection of Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Vape Kits in Different Colours

In 2024, vape manufacturers are moving with the times. The likes of Innokin, Uwell and Vaporesso are working behind the scenes to create devices that are easy to use, fill with e-liquid and change the vape coils. For beginners in particular who are considering switching from smoking, a user-friendly vape kit is exactly what’s needed. Nothing too flashy, or complicated to operate.

Even those who already vape with disposables may be seeking a change to something more affordable and reusable in the long term. Not only does it save money but most importantly time. The Innokin EZ Tube Zenith (although a mouthful to say) is so easy to vape.

For this review, we will analyse all the features and design aspects of the EZ Tube to highlight why it’s worth the investment, as an efficient way to vape both low and medium wattage up to 40W.

Key Features

  • Premium-grade large 2100mAh battery capacity
  • Easy-to-operate twistable adjustable power output of 40W
  • New Zenith Minimal Tank with three different mouthpieces/drip tips
  • Compatibility with all eight Z-Coils
  • Impressive bottom-base OLED display
  • Tailored mouthpieces for MTL and RDL styles
  • Battery indicator
  • Eight different colour schemes
  • Type-c charger
  • Top fill tank


Important Specifications

  • Cut off time – 15 seconds
  • Internal/external battery - built-in pouch cell 22500
  • Thread type – 510 connection
  • Battery power - 3.7V/2100mA, 7.77Wh
  • Minimum and maximum voltage – 1-7.5V
  • Coil resistance – 0.3-3.5 Ohms
  • Tank capacity – 2ml max (TPD)
  • Wattage – 6-40W
  • Weight: 72g
  • Height - 140mm
  • Diameter - 24mm

How Does it Compare to the Others in the Innokin Platform Series?

When walking down the street in the UK and noticing the thousands of people who now vape as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, the majority puff on low-powered and compact devices. Aside from the Innokin Zlide tanks on the Innokin Coolfire range, which are slightly beefier and more advanced, the Platform series stands out for its no-fuss design and a smaller size that’s often preferred for a starter kit.

Compared to previous devices and tanks from the Platform series, which includes the Zenith Tank, the Zenith Pro Tank and the Zenith 2 Tank, there are two major differences between the Zenith Minimal and the rest.

One key design feature is the Zenith Minimal Tank, which requires a quarter turn to open and fill the top cap.

This allows for the drip tip to be closer to the vape coil to maximise flavour performance. In addition, the design alteration allows for the same diameter from the top of the tank to the bottom.

Finally, it helps to keep the tank size to a minimum for convenience. The Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal is a long name but is defined by exactly what it does. EZ is a play on letters to represent its easy nature. Plus, the ‘minimal’ nature of the design allows vapers to feel relaxed in the knowledge that they don’t need to know or do much with the Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal.

How to Use the Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal: Simple Setup Guide

The EZ Tube Zenith Minimal, designed by Innokin, is as straightforward a device as you could imagine. It’s a throwback ‘tube’ device that has a mouthpiece that may remind many of a cigar shape. To use the device, follow these instructions:

  1. First, prime your coil. Then, to add the coil, unscrew the base of the tank and use the push-fit system to pop the coil in place.
  2. Screw the base of the tank back on with clockwise turns.
  3. Quarter turn anticlockwise to remove the drip tip.
  4. Add the e-liquid via the liquid port.
  5. Screw the tank on top of the battery in a clockwise motion.
  6. To turn on the device, it’s three clicks of the fire button.
  7. Adjust the wattage by pressing the fire button twice more and rotating the ring at the base.
  8. It goes up in increments of 0.5W all the way to 40W max output.
  9. A battery light will flash green when 90% or above, blue below that and red when in need of a charge.

There you go – a very simple setup that takes seconds!

Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal Adjustable Wattage Display and Rotating Control Ring

How Does it Vape?

The Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal vapes how we expected. It’s reliable, offering a great combination of restrictive direct lung (RDL) vaping when the airflow is fully open and a classic tight mouth-to-lung (MTL) draw when tweaked to be slightly closed or fully closed.

Best of all, Innokin provide three different drip tips within the same vape kit. Therefore, you can have the comfort level needed.

Plus, it’s compatible with all eight of the Innokin Z coils, including the 0.8 Ohm (pre-installed) and 0.3 Ohm that come with the kit. So, plenty of choices there to get the resistance required!

Appearance and Build Quality Overview

The device and design in particular is simplicity personified, hence the name! Available in eight different colour schemes, you can go for the professional look with Nightfall Black and Silver Glow or a stunning option like Sakura Pink or our favourite the Indigo Lilac.

What’s great about the device and also a throwback is the twist feature at the base of the device. It’s an old-school feature which is super convenient for all levels but especially for beginners.

There is no menu to navigate or complicated features to adjust. The tank is minimal but effective. An adjustable airflow feature is available at the bottom of the tank, which is handy for altering the performance to how the vaper prefers.

It’s a powerful vape pen with an awesome battery capacity of 2100mAh and offers a slim and sleek design. The tank is also available in four different colours too, which is a welcome addition, so you can match up to compliment your style.

What are the Advantages of the Innokin EZ Tube Zenith Minimal?

  • Easy setup and visually impressive display to read
  • The new Zenith Minimal Tank is effortless yet practical
  • Amazing set of colour options available
  • Large 2100mAh battery capacity
  • Lots of different drip tips and coil choices

Selection of Innokin EZ Tube Vape Kits in Different Colours With the New Zenith Minimal Tank

Are There Any Disadvantages with This Unique Vape Pen?

  • It takes a while to charge the device (roughly two to three hours). However, with a 2100mAh battery and a low power output, it should easily last at least one day
  • The device looks great with the display at the bottom, but while it’s easy for others to see the wattage output, it’s more difficult for the vaper. Nevertheless, it should be set and locked once you adjust to the required level


Innokin loves to create the type of devices that vapers of all experience levels can get on board with. The Innokin EZ Tube with the Zenith Minimal tank falls under that category with some awesome versatile options to customise the device. While it’s not a DTL device where you can puff huge clouds of vapour, it does produce fantastic flavour for MTL and RDL vaping.

The design is stunning with a well-built quality and final finish look and is available in different colour schemes and tank options. Each tank is simple to fill and provides great airflow. Overall, it’s a high-quality and reliable option for beginners, as a secondary device or even a replacement for disposable vapes, as it’s a cost-effective vape pen.