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Flavoured e-cigs banned in Michigan: What happened next?

10th Sep 2019

Michigan Flavoured E cigarette BanTaking what may be the first step in a nation-wide clampdown on vaping, last week saw the state of Michigan ban flavoured e cigarettes and vaping products. The decision came on the back of two recent deaths in Michigan that followed the use of vaping products.

But why did this happen, and should you be concerned about similar bans?

What led to the decision of the ban

One of the reasons the products have been banned is due to criticism that certain vaping packaging or products carry the potential to be attractive to young people. Teen vaping is far from a recent phenomenon and is a legitimate concern for many parents, who see bright packaging and sweet flavours as a potential lure for impressionable children.

The move also came off the back of 330 other individuals across the country who contracted lung issues that are believed to be linked to their use of vaping products. While evidence is still being collected, one important factor in the Michigan case is that the device linked to the second death was purchased from a dispensary, raising the possibility that THC products may have been used. While THC products are now legal in many parts of the US, in the UK we can only sell tightly regulated CBD infused products which are legally required to contain less than 0.1% THC.

However, the initial findings led Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer to create emergency legislation that enforced a total ban on state-wide vaping products that will last six months. During that time, the governor is seeking support for drafting a bill into law that will ban vaping products across the state of Michigan.

What does this mean for other countries?

While evidence is still being collected, banning certain vaping products in US states does have precedent. San Francisco prohibited the sale of flavoured e cigarettes earlier this year, sparking controversy over the decision.

As of now, the UK is seeing ongoing debate and research about the health risks and potential benefits of vaping. While the government has been widely tolerant of a wide range of vaping products, the conversation highlights a need to take a more responsible and active approach to using vaping products, especially when it comes to questions around who should ethically and legally be able to use them.

If you are a regular user of our range of flavoured e-liquids we would strongly recommend being extra careful with how they are handled if you are near or around young children. Our packaging is child resitant, specifically chosen to be informative to adults and we avoid using attractive bright or primary colours.

We would strongly urge all our customers to remember that e liquids and vaping paraphernalia can be extremely harmful to young children and animals. This makes it important to ensure that your vaping device is stored safely and securely when not is use, keeping it out of the sight and reach of those that should not be using it.

As a vaping user, it is essential that you take care with your product in order to protect others and ensure that it is safe to use. Regular timely cleaning can greatly reduce complications with the product and increase the longevity of your device. It is also critical that you only use legal, officially branded e liquids and items from known providers. Failing to do so runs the risk of taking your health and that of others into your own hands.