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Does Vape Juice Expire?

21st Dec 2021

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The straightforward answer, like with any liquid contents, is yes. Any liquid manufactured for consumption has an expiration date and the same applies to vape juice. Generally, each e-liquid bottle should last between 1-2 years, but this depends on the manufacturer’s expiration date, which should be on the bottle near the ingredients. Below we will explain how long vape juice lasts in more depth, signs that indicate how your juice will look and smell when expired and how long the e-liquid will last once opened.

Signs That Your E-Liquid Has Expired

You’ve probably reached this blog because you need answers and quick! Has your vape juice expired? Fear not, because there are clear signs that it will occur or it’s already the case - meaning swapping for a fresh bottle.

While vape juice will probably taste odd when it sails past the expiration date, e-liquid can last at least one year if stored correctly. It's not known to cause harm if you accidentally vape an expired vape juice. However, spotting your vape juice expiring before it's too late will save you from an unpleasant experience. If the e-liquid is beginning to lose its colour and going a dark shade of black, chances are the bottle is not getting enough oxygen, which in turn impacts the nicotine quality inside.

Mixture of E-Liquid Bottles Stored in a Dark Area

There are a few ways you can differentiate between a quality e-liquid and one that’s ‘gone bad’. These include:

  • Discolouring
  • Unusual smell
  • Particles separate and do not mix again when you shake the bottle
  • Odd taste with a reduction in flavour and/or lack of vapour production
  • Nicotine sensation not as strong

If you recognise these signs in good time, you'll avoid a bad experience and understand it's time to change for a new vape juice with a longer shelf life.

How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

Vape juice eventually loses what's known in the industry as its shelf life, typically lasting between one and two years maximum after production. How you manage your vape juice dictates the life and the consistency of the e-liquid. It’s common knowledge that e-liquids taste better and have a longer life when stored in the right conditions.

Keeping the bottle in a dry and dark place will ensure the key ingredients (nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) maintain their properties and function within the vape juice. Fail to do that and you’ll notice a difference! Storing away for several weeks is recommended to help the flavours mature, by steeping them for a sustained period like you would a fine wine. You could also try keeping it in the fridge to keep the bottle fresh if you only want to use it for a few days.

If you want a longer-lasting e-liquid, opt for a higher PG e-liquid with less VG as it degrades at a slower pace than a higher VG ratio vape juice. Keeping it out of the sun in a cool storage facility, such as your kitchen cupboard, will also assist with a longer-lasting vape juice. Keeping the temperature down is of paramount importance.

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And Once Opened?

To date, no evidence suggests that an expired e-liquid will do any harm and it should still last the duration of the production expiration date even when opened. Nevertheless, even if you vape past the expiration date, that doesn't mean it will instantly taste bad. However, we suggest sticking to the date as close as possible and keeping topped up with fresh e-liquid as and when you need it.

Most vapers do not hang on to an e-liquid that long anyway, even if they consistently change e-liquids to avoid 'vaper’s tongue'. This is a sensation where you no longer taste the flavours from the vape juice. This does not necessarily mean the vape juice has expired but could be because you've vaped the same e-liquid too often. Your taste buds sometimes need a different flavoured e-liquid to spice things up. It's the same when you spray the same perfume every day. Your olfactory sense familiarises itself with the scent and you eventually forget the sensation. Leaving the perfume for a few days or changing it will have the same effect as changing your e-liquid.

Providing you keep the bottle sealed when you’re not using it and store it correctly, as we mentioned above, it should last up to two years. The type of ingredients will also make a difference, so always do your research. You can read all about the key ingredients of e-liquid, VG and PG, which act as diluent carriers, here. Select a respected manufacturer who produces the best e-liquids in a safely tested environment. Also, if you opt for an e-liquid containing zero percent nicotine, the chances of oxidisation reduce as well, so that's something to consider. 

What’s the Best E-Liquid for You?

The ratio of your e-liquid dictates not just the longevity of your purchased product but the experience each time you put the vape to your mouth. While vaping is traditionally designed to help smokers quit cigarettes for good, it’s developed a cult following due to the different devices, e-liquid flavours and advanced features from vape mods.

The best e-liquid depends on the type of kit you have and the purpose of your desire for nicotine from this electronic alternative to smoking.

If you’re after an e-liquid that will last a long time and have a thin consistency producing very little cloud, opt for a higher PG ratio. A low wattage mouth to lung kit requiring minimal set-up would be ideal

However, if you seek large clouds and a warmer hit of vapour, an advanced mod with a high VG e-liquid can get you there quicker. Bear in mind that the e-liquid may not last as long due to the build-up of residue in your tank from the thickness of VG.

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