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Coffee and Vaping: A Flavour Matching Guide

16th Mar 2018

Vapour2 Platinum E Liquid Coffee FlavourFor smokers, cigarettes and coffee often go hand in hand. It’s a ritual that seems as old as the practice of smoking itself. It’s such an ingrained combination, that someone even made a movie titled Coffee and Cigarettes. Until smoking bans were enacted, coffee shops were probably the most smoke-filled establishments. Well, those and pubs. But since we have already written about matching your pub drinks with your e-liquid, we’ll move back to the topic of coffee.

The question for a smoker who is determined to quit, is what to do with their routine. Their overall routine as a smoker is a concern as is their nicotine intake. Yet, the comfort of having a cigarette over coffee is often what breaks someone who is trying their hardest to stop. Of course, making the switch to vapour has proven to be a path for millions, but what are they to do with their coffee routine? Vape away, that’s what! No matter how you like your coffee, there’s an e-liquid flavour that you can match it with. Here’s our own little flavour-matching guide to help you get started.

Espresso – The most fundamental of coffee drinks. You’re looking to get your quick jolt of flavour and energy here. For such an intense flavour, you’ll want to match it with something equally as intense. We suggest you try vaping the bold Red flavour. This way you’ll double down on the rich flavour and be ready to start your day.

Americano – Another classic, an Americano is essentially a shot of espresso with hot water to slow down your experience. For this type of coffee experience, you’ll want something that will give you a nice rich flavour but at an intensity level just below Red. That’s why the Gold Tobacco flavour is the perfect match for your morning Americano.

Cappuccino – A great cup of cappuccino can really get you in the right state of mind. The wonderful coffee flavour, warm milk, and luxurious frothed milk can be truly decadent. As an extension of this type of flavour, why not spoil yourself with some yummy Chocolate or Vanilla e-liquid? Both flavours fit the indulgence of a cappuccino and can be a sublime way to kick off your morning, or unwind in the evening.

Filter – The old fashioned way for a lot of coffee purists, a well-made filter coffee lets you really taste the beans without being overpowering. That description matches the smoothness of our Congress tobacco flavour. The two seem like a match made in heaven and vapers who are into filter coffee will be sure to sing the praises of this flavour combo.

French Press – Last but not least is the French press. This is something almost everyone is accustomed to making at home. It’s simple and to the point, but with an outstanding flavour that reminds you of how the little pleasures in life are the greatest to enjoy. It’s the same feeling you’ll get when vaping on Sahara, which is reminiscent of a French or Turkish tobacco. Enjoy them as a pair and you’re in for a flavour experience that will put a big smile on your face.

There are many other ways to drink your coffee and plenty of books written about the subject. We chose to match our premium e-liquid flavours with the most common coffee drinks we come across daily. They’re all brilliant in their own way and worthy of a vape and sip. If you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine but miss the familiar flavour, you could always pick up our Coffee e-liquid flavour. It’s the perfect solution for a vaper who wants the taste of coffee, but without everything else that comes with actually drinking it. You can still enjoy your morning routine by vaping with your coffee in the morning. That’s something coffee lovers who have made the switch to vapour can be eternally grateful for.