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XEO VOID Vaporizer

XEO VOID Vaporizer

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Further Information

The VOID is the perfect device for both beginners and experienced vapers. An all in one vaping device that combines the latest and best technology with high-quality German design, making it easy to fill and easy to use.

The XEO VOID Vaporizer. German design and engineering at it's best to give a great vaping experience.

Equipped with a high performance 1500 mAH battery, the best anti-leaking structure with 2 ml e-liquid capacity makes the device outstanding. Capable of both sub ohm and standard vaping this Pen Style vaporizer is also optimised for both normal e-liquid and high VG ratio e-liquid. The sub ohm functionality gives considerably more vapour. The vape pen kit can be used with almost any e-liquids. 

Both Atomizer Heads can be used with both high PG and High VG e-liquids. Use the 0.6 Ohm head to optimize your vape experience to produce bigger clouds and a more intense flavour with high VG e-liquids. The 1.0 Ohm should be used by anyone who is just switching from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes and is best for e-liquids with higher PG. The 1.0 Ohm coil makes you puff more intensely & creates a harder draw which enhances the flavour.

The XEO VOID is available in 6 galactic colours.

XEO VOID Features:

  • Innovative and protected German design

  • Totally compliant to the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive, ECC)

  • 100% Leak proof

  • Child proof function

  • Highest quality raw-materials

  • Product designed in Germany

  • Size: Length approx. 12 cm, Diameter approx 1.9 cm

XEO VOID Kit Contents:

  • 1 x XEO VOID Vaporizer (1500mAh) with a 2ml Tank

  • 1 x VOID Atomizer Head 0.6 Ohm for Sub-Ohming (vape to lungs)

  • 1 x VOID Atomizer Head 1.0 Ohm (mouth to lungs vaping)

  • 1 x Micro USB Cable

  • 1 x Instruction Manual


Detailed Information on the XEO VOID 

The VOID vape pen is one of the very few TPD2 (Tobacco Product Directive) compliant sub ohm pen vaporizers. Thanks to the use of the highest-quality raw materials, the VOID Vaporizer Starter Kits are uniquely designed to eliminate the inhalation of any carrier chemicals or contaminants that may contribute to any health complications. Designed to be uniquely user-friendly the VOID works to limit exposure as much as possible while providing the most pleasurable vaping experience. XEO VOID provides an excellent balance of taste and heat in the vape. Careful construction goes into each product providing a cleaner alternative to the hazards of smoking traditional cigarettes. The net benefits to one's health are obvious on a scale of health risks; according to Public Health England they are considerably lower [95% lower!].

A smaller, lighter & slightly cheaper alternative to the VOID is the XEO Clearomizer Kit which has a small transparent replaceable tank similar to the EX Blank e-liquid tank.

Please note: We do not ship XEO products to customers in Germany

Customer Reviews

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  • The best

    Posted by Leslie Fletcher on 11th Jun 2019

    If you are a very heavy vaper I suggest you buy three and use them all rotating them so they don’t get too hot just make the coils last longer also fill just below line
    Using this I have not smoked a real cigarette for nearly 4 years in August This year will be 4 years

  • Excellent

    Posted by Anne Rowe on 7th Jun 2019

    Excellent product does just as it should comfortable to hold great vape I now have 2 wish I had found it ages ago

  • Excellent

    Posted by Anne Rowe on 25th May 2019

    Brilliant product so happy with this wish I had found it sooner. I have ordered a spare
    Thank you

  • XEO Void Vapouriser

    Posted by Brian Holdaway on 29th Apr 2019

    Excellent product. It out performs the ex series and is very economical. Apart from a few duds, the atomisers last a long time - usually over a week. The throat hit is very good and 1.8 strength is the equivalent of the former 2.4. The only weakness of the unit is that the mouthpiece can be tricky to remove when refilling the tank. I have several units and I would not use anything else now. I was a cigarette smoker for over 40 years and I haven’t touched one for over 7 years.: TEAM VAPOUR 2 RESPONSE: Wow! Well Done you!


    Posted by Paul on 25th Dec 2018

    The XEO VOID has an unusual rounded triangular shape, which means that it does not roll off smooth surfaces, and can easily be stood on end if desired. It is quite short and squat, measuring about 12.5cm x 2cm. This means that it feels very comfortable in the hand, and slips easily into a bag or pocket. The fire button is the same texture as the body, and quite flush with it, so it’s not that easy to locate without looking. The button and the tank both light up in use and a nice feature is that they both light up again for about 3 seconds just after the button is released – great for checking liquid level.
    Filling is also unusual, in that you unscrew the mouthpiece, and remove it together with the atomiser, before top-filling a large (2ml) cup-shaped tank. This means that you would have to be very clumsy to spill any liquid, and there is no danger of getting liquid into the chimney. On the other hand, you have to be careful not to overfill, as liquid will then overflow when you put the atomiser back in. Also if, like me, you like to keep the tank topped up, then you will either have to put the atomiser on a tissue while you refill, or juggle it in mid-air and hope it doesn’t drip on anything important.
    In use, the VOID is great. I have only used the 1ohm coil, but this gives plenty of vapour, plenty of flavour, and a good throat hit. A clever spiral design in the mouthpiece means that you will never get any liquid in your mouth despite the odd snap, crackle and pop from the atomiser. There is a knurled ring below the mouthpiece which changes the airflow. I find that this always gets accidentally turned when I unscrew the mouthpiece, and there are no markings on it to help you go back to a preferred setting.
    I have a V2 Series 3 and a Series 3x, and much prefer the VOID. It uses a bit more liquid, but that is understandable given the quantity of vapour it produces. The atomisers may not last very long either, my first one failed after a week, but at £12.99 for 5 that is hardly a deal breaker. It does have a few minor irritations, but given its price and performance I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone giving up smoking, particularly those who find ecigs unsatisfactory.

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