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Vaping News & E-Cigarette Reviews

​Uwell Caliburn G2 Review - Better Than the Original?

27th Apr 2022

Uwell in recent times has delivered above and beyond what’s expected from mouth to lung vapers with the Caliburn series. Starting with the original back in 2019, fast forward three years to today and we’ve witnessed the revolution of a high-end series of mtl-focused vape kits for all levels. For this review, we’re going to take a look at the Uwell Caliburn G2, which is a sleek yet practically easy to use vape pod system. Following on from its predecessor the Caliburn G, it boasts a few dif
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9 Reasons Vaping Beats Smoking

13th Apr 2022

If you’re yet to give up smoking but want to understand the best way to do it, vaping is the answer. It not only improves the bank balance as an alternative that costs less than cigarettes but tastes better, and leaves a more pleasant smell in the air and on your clothes. Yet, every day, we seem to come across someone who asks us why we are vaping? Check out our top nine reasons below why vaping trumps smoking, with an in-depth guide about its benefits as a safer option for smokers.1.Vapin
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​How to Manage a Smoking Relapse

10th Mar 2022

When an addiction sets in, whether that’s reaching for the last sugary piece of chocolate or cigarettes, it’s hard to act on willpower alone. In the UK, roughly 60% of smokers want to quit and often plan on doing so within the first three months. However, sometimes saying or thinking you’re able to quit is not enough. After all, the nicotine and sugar in cigarettes (of which we’re unaware of the complete contents) is tough to shake as an addiction. If quitting is tough, how difficult is
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The History of Vaping - When Were Vapes Invented?

2nd Mar 2022

For the first instalment in our brand new Vaping 101 series, we wanted to take things back to basics and start with the history of vaping. When did vaping first start? How did the idea come to fruition and what was the purpose? These are just some of the important questions asked by curious enthusiasts who want to understand the history of vaping. E-cigarettes are often thought of as a cutting edge technology that only sprung up in recent years, so you might be surprised to learn that th
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SMOK R-Kiss 2 Review - the Best SMOK Mod to Date?

22nd Feb 2022

The Smok R-Kiss 2 is the latest mod kit we will review for UK vapers seeking great cloud production for 2022. How does it compare with the original three years later and was it worth the wait? What we can tell you is it looks pretty slick and features a familiar tank we’ve seen on previous popular Smok mods. With a few notable additions and a new 1.3 inch TFT display, let’s check out its key features and how it fairs in comparison to other mods available t
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Can Vaping Help You Lose Weight?

9th Feb 2022

We all want to know ‘how to lose weight quickly’ through various diets and fasting to remove those extra few pounds in belly fat. But is it also possible by vaping e-liquids or does the action instead lead to weight gain? The short answer: vaping does not help you lose weight as a diet trick, despite that being the reason why some pick up an e-cigarette. Its sole purpose is to help people quit smoking by using a healthier alternative that
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​Innokin Kroma 217 Z Force Review - is it a Game Changer?

1st Feb 2022

Innokin is a respected name in the vaping industry with a long history of success due to its extensive research and testing of its products. They have designed a fine collection of pod vapes and mod systems, albeit less frequent than other popular brands like SMOK, GeekVape and VOOPOO, instead of picking and choosing selective products they feel will satisfy the ever-changing demands of vapers. This review of their latest mod, the Innokin Kroma 217 Z
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​How to Choose Your E-Liquid - Buyers Guide

26th Jan 2022

So you’ve decided to pick up an e-cigarette to start vaping and stop smoking? Good for you, it’s the path to better health, more money in the pocket and opens your mind to a new experience. But with not just lots of e-cigarettes to choose from but also e-liquids, you have to get the combination right to maximise its potential as a cessation tool. If you didn’t know already, e-liquids contain a mixture of ingredients such as nicotine, PG, VG, flavourings and water to heat. This
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