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How to Perform 5 Classic Vape Tricks

30th Nov 2017

Vaping triksWe’ve run through a lot of ‘how to’ pieces on this blog of ours. From our important how to protect your vaping equipment on the go blog entry, to our how to improve the lifespan of your vaporizer’s atomizers entry. We even featured a how to come out as a vaper piece not long ago. Suffice to say, we’ve covered a lot of what new and veteran fans of vapour want to know. Yet, somehow, we’ve missed vape tricks. While vape tricks aren’t vital to vaping in the least bit, they are fun. So, if you’ve been wondering how people perform those vape tricks you’ve seen, we’re here to give you a rundown on how to perform five classics.

Blowing Rings

This is the most basic of vape tricks and probably the first one that you’ll try. Even if you aren’t very interested in tricks, there is something very tempting about blowing rings of vapour. Here’s how you do it. First take a drag of your vapour device and bring it into your throat. The key here is to keep your tongue toward the back of your throat and the bottom of your mouth. Purse your lips to form a ring or O shape, and then exhale a bit of vapour in short subtle bursts. That’s all there is it to it!

Mushroom Cloud

Also known as ‘The Cloud’, this is a very popular trick and is certainly on the “easy” end of things as vaping tricks go. The idea is basically to release a ball of vapour and then snap it back in toward you. It has a very cool visual appeal and it is also easy to master. All you need to do here is take a deep drag of vapour and then let it linger a bit in your mouth. No more than a few seconds is needed, and then you can proceed to exhale that vapour in a ball, and subsequently inhale it again.


This one is commonly referred to as the waterfall. It is different than the above two as it requires more than your vapour device and your mouth. The intent is to create a spooky looking effect that could remind you of someone performing some magic in the dark ages. Prepare for this trick by taking a bottle and filling it with just a little bit of water, then freeze it. After that, you can take a nice big vape, slowly blow your vapour into the bottle and then pour it out. It’ll come out nice and slow like a waterfall, but just as much like you are putting on a spell.

The Snoop Dogg Waterfall

Rapper Snoop Dogg popularised this one, so we like to call it his version of the waterfall. It’s similar in a way to the regular waterfall, but you don’t need a bottle. The aim is to have vapour flowing up from your mouth only to be inhaled by your nostrils. To perform this trick, take a drag off your vapour device but don’t let the vapour settle. Now go ahead and open your mouth very slowly, push out your bottom jaw to let the vapour out, all the while naturally inhaling through your nose. You’ll look like a pro doing this one!

Game of Thrones

We like to call this the Game of Thrones trick, while others have called it The Dragon. It’s actually one of the easier tricks, so if the above ones are a bit hard to get your head around, try this one. The intent here is to make you look like one of Khaleesi’s dragons. You do this by taking a nice long drag off your vapour device until your mouth is full of very thick vapour. Now push this vapour out through your nose while at the same time exhale on both sides of your mouth. Nobody will dare to challenge you when you look like a Game of Thrones dragon!

That’s it for our 5 classic vape tricks and how to perform them. As you see, they really aren’t that difficult if you choose the correct  eliquid and a good vape pen. Once you master these tricks, there are a plethora of others that have varying levels of difficulty. Vaping can be fun, as you can see. Yet, the most important aspect of vaping is how much it makes our lives better. This is just one fun way to be proud of the switch we’ve made to vapour and show it off a bit. Enjoy!