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7 Ways to Prevent E-Liquid Leaks

14th Aug 2017

TanksNothing is more embarrassing than an e-liquid leak. Alright, maybe there are a few things. Regardless, it’s no fun to have your e-liquid leak. Maybe you’re in line to get coffee, or out with some mates at the pub. Then, all of a sudden, you feel some wetness in your pocket. You instantly recognize it and think to yourself “oh no, not again.” You get your trousers wet, or even your hands. It’s no fun at all.

E-Liquid Leaks are Common

While accidents do happen now and again, there are some steps you can take to minimize them. Vapour devices shouldn’t leak as a rule, but you can take things into your own hands to provide another layer of protection. Below are 7 ways that you can prevent such e-liquid leaks.

  • Tighten Everything. This is perhaps the primary reason for e-liquid leaks, and that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise really. When assembling your vapour device, you’ll want to double check that everything is tight. More specifically, take a look at where the tank meets your atomizer and battery. There should be no empty space between these parts.
  • Not Too Much, Though. I know, we just told you to tighten. That’s still important, but going too far the other way isn’t good either. In between the connection points of your vapour device are little rubber rings. These “o-rings” are what help create that seal. Tighten them too much and you may create a crack that allows your e-liquid to leak.
  • Don’t Overfill Your Tank. It’s natural to want to fill your tank as much as you can. The more you fill it, the longer you can go before you need to re-fill it. But filling it all the way to the top may cause leakage. If you leave a small gap at the top of your tank, that air will serve as a sort of vacuum when you tighten it in place. Leave 5-10% of space there and you’ll be better off.
  • Easy Does It. Most people who make the switch to e cigarettes will try treat their vapour device exactly like a cigarette. That could cause some issues and here’s why. If you want a lot of smoke, you take a sharp drag off a cigarette. With a vapour device, a sharp or strong pull could flood your atomizer with e-liquid. Too much of that, and you could experience some leaking. So easy does it with your drags!
  • Turn Up the Power. With the same notion as above, this tip is about flooding your atomizer. We know that can cause a leak, and another way to prevent it is by turning up the power. By increasing the power output of your atomizer, you’ll better be able to quickly turn e-liquid into vapour. Essentially, you’ll make sure that more of that e-liquid goes up in vapour and doesn’t flood your atomizer and leak.
  • Add Extra Wicking. Here you are again looking for ways to relieve your atomizer of the stress of too much e-liquid. If you aren’t interested in turning up the power, you will need to somehow deal with that e-liquid. One easy way is to add extra wicking material if you are using a re-buildable atomizer.
  • Buy Top Quality Vape Tanks. This one seems simple, but is often overlooked. In our search for a great price, we can overlook how important it is to have a quality product. These ideas aren’t mutually exclusive either. Some tanks are more prone to leaking, usually because they are cheaply made. Stick to high quality vapour tanks like the Smok TFV9 Tank so you can avoid those awful e-liquid leaks.

There you have it. Those are the 7 most common ways you can prevent an e-liquid leak. There are more, but these are the first things we would check if we were having a leakage issue. An e-liquid leak isn’t the end of the world, but it isn’t exactly fun either. Keep these in mind so you can have a great, and leak-free, vaping experience.