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The Different Types of Vapes

There are many different types of vapers, each at different stages of their vaping journey. The reason we call it a journey is because, often, vapers experiment with different devices and customise their experience over time to suit them. It's very rare that someone will pick up a device and a single flavour of liquid at first glance and stick entirely to that. If that is the case then there's a chance you could be missing out on a vaping experience that is more suitable for you. There are plenty of options when it comes to different types of vapes, including vape pens, pods and mods.

Types of vape devices

As a vaper, choosing a device that suits you and your vaping needs is essential. Whether you're chasing huge clouds or are more interested in the reliability and consistency of your vape, different devices will be able to offer different experiences. For beginners, there's a great selection, from cigalikes to vape pods, each of which offers a simple but effective experience for those who aren't savvy with vaping technology. At the other end of the spectrum, there are vape mods, which are typically associated with sub-ohm vaping and can be highly customised. Typically, a vaper would begin with a standard vape pen or cigalike, which resembles a traditional cigarette, and naturally progress into using devices such as vape mods, as their preferences change.

all types of vape devices

At V2 Cigs, we see it as our duty to cater to these evolving needs and ensure that every customer of ours is able to find exactly what they're looking for. As we have such a diverse customer base, each with different preferences, there is an incredible amount of demand for a variety of different vape devices. That's why we've grown our range to include:

There are also a range of different reasons someone may pick up a vape, however, it’s often to help them quit smoking. This will also determine the type of journey the user will have, as they look for new devices and e-liquids to satisfy their needs. For example, if someone takes up vaping to quit smoking, they're likely to look for a device that can replicate the feel of a real cigarette, with a tight draw and an e-liquid that can achieve the same level of nicotine intake. However, it’s likely that users who opt for this kind of set-up will gradually reduce their nicotine intake over time and potentially opt for a different device too. This type of scenario is exactly why it's important to know what options you have in terms of vape devices.

The V2 Cigs Product Range

To put you in the know and help broaden your vaping horizons, we're going to be looking at different types of vape devices and the benefits each can offer. Different devices will be suited to different levels of user, whether you’re a  beginner, highly experienced or something in between. At V2 Cigs, our extensive range is designed to cater to as many vapers as possible and ensure they have the selection they need to customise their experience. Each vaping device is complemented by a high-quality e-liquid, which we also stock an abundance of.

E-Liquids and Flavours

Our product range extends even beyond vaping devices, as we also stock a range of different types of e-liquids and various flavours. It's rare that you'll find people with exactly the same preferences when it comes to vaping, as it is extremely common for vapers to have a very specific setup that they've become accustomed to. Whether it's a specific flavour of vape with a certain level of nicotine or an ideal amount of airflow on a sub-ohm device, there truly are hundreds of combinations that can make a vaping experience.

Not only do different devices allow the user to customise and change their experience, but they can also cater to certain aspects of life when you take into account their size and the density of the clouds they produce. For example, if you're looking for a small and portable device that can easily be concealed, then a vape mod is the perfect option. These devices are a compact option for vapers that use either a pre-filled vape pod or refillable pod and feature a design that is specifically made to prevent leakages. Just as a vaper that needs a smaller device may opt for a vape pod, a beginner who is looking to quit smoking may opt for a device that closely resembles a cigarette. Devices that provide the same level of resistance on the draw as cigarettes can help when trying to kick a smoking habit.

Experienced Vapers

Experienced vapers, on the other hand, will likely have tried a range of devices in their search for the perfect experience. Finding the type of vape which allows you to achieve the size of clouds you desire, has a long battery life and has customisable features can often take a lot of trial and error. This generally leads to experienced users having a good understanding of which devices offer which benefits and how they can complement their experience. As you journey deeper into the world of vaping and discover devices that can offer a wider range of settings, you'll typically discover that these devices begin to increase in size. This is often due to the increasing sizes of tanks and battery packs, which allows the vape device to hold more vape juice and operate for longer.

Some vapers may not even know which device is right for them but still have a clear idea of what they want from their vaping experience. Some people turn to vapes to quit smoking whilst others may be looking for ways to create huge clouds (which is common for those in vape competitions), however, they may not know which device to pick. Navigating the incredibly vast landscape of vaping devices all comes down to knowing which components can deliver the experience you're looking for. If it's a vape mod you're looking for, the components will be easily interchangeable, however, with a device such as a cigalike, this won't be the case as they're designed for beginner users. 


A cigalike is the most traditional type of e-cigarette, as most of the devices initially available on the market were cigarette lookalikes (which is where the name originates). This is because vaping was created as a way to help smokers quit and provide an experience that is very similar to smoking whilst being healthier for the body than tobacco cigarettes. This is because the e-cig uses a liquid that is safe for human consumption, rather than tobacco which is known to cause cancer, heart disease, strokes, lung diseases, diabetes and many more health issues. Compare this to the side effects of e-liquids and the list is dramatically shorter and not half as deadly, making vaping a smart choice for those looking to kick a damaging habit.

The design of cigalikes was made to look and feel like a real cigarette, helping with the transition from real cigarettes to electronic ones. For many smokers who have picked up a cigarette several times a day for many years, it's not just the nicotine that your body becomes used to, it's also the sensation of holding something, specifically something which is held between the fingers like a cigarette. This is because your body associates that sensation with the drug (nicotine) that it's craving, meaning that if you stop, not only is your body not getting the nicotine that it wants, you're not able to satisfy your other habits either. That's why cigalikes have become so popular, as they allow for an extremely smooth transition into vaping.

Not only does the cigalike look the part, but it also plays the part too, with a vaping experience that closely resembles smoking. Cigalikes typically use a high resistance coil which means that it measures at 1 ohm or above, creating smaller clouds with more resistance when the user draws. The pace at which the user will have to draw to pull the vapour through will be similar to taking a drag on a cigarette and will also produce a similar amount of vapour (or smoke with a cigarette). There is also an added benefit (as if there weren't enough already!) of being able to control your nicotine intake, which of course you can't do with normal cigarettes. Depending on which e-liquid you choose, you can have a much higher nicotine level, which would likely lead to you using the device less, or, you can have a lower nicotine level, which can help with reducing the amount of nicotine your body craves.

Device type – Cigalikes 

Questions you may have about Cigalikes:

How does a Cigalike work?

Often, cigalikes are automatically activated once the user takes a draw on the device. This is different to a vape pod for example, which requires a button to be pressed in order to activate the coil. As the user inhales, the coil, which is commonly a high resistance coil due to its ability to resemble the sensation of a cigarette, heats up the e-liquid, passing vapour through the mouthpiece. Some cigalikes are disposable, which means that once the e-liquid in the pre-filled cartridge runs out, it can't be re-filled and must be properly disposed of. Other cigalikes, such as the ones we stock, can be refilled by simply removing the empty cartridge and attaching a new one.

How do you charge a cigalike?

The way that the cigalike is charged may depend on the type of device as it can differ between kits. Using our V2 VSAVI Beginners Kit as an example, the charging of the main e-cigarette is extremely simple. As part of the kit, a USB charger is included, you simply need to remove the e-liquid cartridge and screw the cigalike into the port on the USB charger. It must then be plugged into a USB port on a device that can supply power. We recommend that you use a PC or laptop, instead of plugging your device directly into the mains. As the device is only small it doesn't require a lot of power and by plugging it directly into the mains, you risk overcharging it as large amounts of power are supplied quickly. However, by using a PC or laptop, the amount of power supplied is much lower, reducing the chance of the battery being overcharged.

How discreet are cigalikes?

Cigalikes are very similar to the size of a real cigarette and although they weigh slightly more, the device is by no means heavy. This means that it can easily be slipped into a pocket, bag or purse very easily. One of the benefits of cigalike devices is that they're extremely portable and instead of carrying around a pack of cigarettes, once you've switched to vaping, you only need to carry around one small device. It's important that you transport the device properly, however, as it can break if pressure is applied in the wrong areas.

Why Should I Choose a Cigalike Over a Different Style of Vape?

There are a lot of benefits to cigalikes, which we offer as part of a starter kit, which makes them the perfect choice for beginners. If you're new to vaping technology, choosing a device that is simple and easy to use is a smart move. Cigalikes are exactly that, although they don't offer the levels of customisation you would get with a vape mod, for example, they are easy to use and a great way to start vaping. These devices also offer a very similar experience to smoking, from the look and feel to the way it's vaped, which makes it the ideal solution to quit smoking.

Vape pens

Vape pens are one of the most common types of vape devices and regularly feature in starter kits too, due to their simple use. Although similar to cigalikes, vape pens are generally larger and operate in a slightly different way. Unlike a cigalike, vape pens are activated with a button, which means the button must be pressed down for you to draw on the vape. Vape pens are almost always refillable too, as the device is designed for longer use and will feature a tank that holds the e-liquid. Once the tank runs empty, you can simply refill it by removing the mouthpiece and pouring more vape juice in, to use it again.

The way that the tank works is actually quite simple - each tank contains a wick and coil. Once the tank is full, the wick, which runs through the tank, will soak up the e-liquid. The coil, which is wrapped around the wick, is heated up when the vape pen is activated, vapourising the e-liquid that has soaked into the wick. This is how the vapour is created and by taking a draw on the pen, the vapour can be inhaled. When putting in a new coil or using the device for the first time, it's important to ensure that the wick has had time to fully soak up the e-liquid, otherwise, you could burn the coil straight away.

The size and design of vape pens make them a great portable option for those who like to vape on the move. They can be easily carried and stored in pockets or bags, occupying very little room. They also have a good battery life, meaning that (depending on usage) they can often last throughout the entire day. This prevents you from bringing a charger with you whilst you're out and about or going without a vape if your device runs out of charge. Whilst vape pens are a great option for starters as they are a simple device, they're also a great option for intermediate users too, as they offer more control over the experience than a cigalike, for example. With some vape pens, you can control airflow, which helps you switch between a tighter, more dense draw, or an airier, lighter draw.

Device type – Vape Pens

Questions you may have about vape pens:

What is a vape Pen?

A vape pen is a type of electronic cigarette which is great for beginner vapers and those who are looking for a simple device. They are similar in length to a real pen, although much thicker, and can produce vapour. They also often use a high resistance coil, which requires low levels of power and provides a tight draw. Vape pens are a great alternative to disposable vape pens, as they can be refilled and will last much longer. This allows the user to save money in the long run as they don't need to buy another device to replace the disposable one and can buy larger bottles of e-liquid to refill with. The device can be charged and reused multiple times.

Are vape pens safe?

Vape pens are extremely safe as the technology which is used has been thoroughly tested and has been approved by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). This means that as long as you use MHRA approved devices and liquids, you know that they're safe. There are also guidelines, which you must follow to further ensure your safety. These guidelines will include how to use your vape and ensure it doesn't get too hot. If your vape overheats, it can damage the battery, burn the coil or even produce hot vapour which could burn your mouth.

How to choose the best vape pen

When it comes to choosing the best vape pen, it's all about personal preference. Most vape pens will offer customisation in terms of airflow and most will be activated by a button, meaning most of the variety will come down to brand, colour and size. However, every vape pen we stock offers a great quality experience, which means no matter which one you pick, you know that you're going to have an enjoyable vaping experience. 

Vape Pods

Vape pods are compact, slim vaping devices that deliver a great vaping experience. Vape pods have been designed to be portable and easy to use, which makes them perfect for beginners. They're also great for even experienced vapers, as a primary or backup device. Depending on which device you choose, the mouthpiece is often moulded into a much more natural shape, for comfortable vaping. The Smok Nord 4 is the perfect example of this, featuring a compact design with a built-in mouthpiece that is moulded so that when you take a draw, your lips fit comfortably on the device. Vape pods, including this device, offer a lot of power for their size, meaning that you don't have to compromise on capability just because you're opting for a slightly smaller device.

Typically, due to their wider size when compared with vape pens, some vape pods feature built-in screens, which can display data and settings. This isn't universal, however, the devices which do feature screens can greatly enhance your vaping experience as the data gives you real-time updates on the settings you're using. For example, the screen can display the status of the battery and indicate to you when charging is required, as well as showing the wattage which you're vaping at, allowing you to easily adjust power levels, for a tailored experience. Different pod vapes will likely have different coils, whether they're high resistance or low resistance, which means that you can use vape pods for sub-ohm vaping.

Vape pods have been designed to be completely leak-free too, due to the e-liquid pods which are inserted into the device. Some pods feature a refillable juice cartridge, which you can reuse with your own e-liquid, whilst others can feature pre-filled pods which must be disposed of once used. With power and convenience at the top of the positives list, there are very few negatives to vape pods, and depending on what you rely on your vape pod for, there may be none at all! For example, if you're using a vape pod as a portable device for the day or as a secondary device whilst your main device is charging, the limited tank capacity and shorter battery life (when compared with larger battery packs) won't be an issue at all.

Device type – Pod Kits

Questions you may have about vape pods:

What is a vape pod?

A vape pod is a compact vaping device that features either a refillable e-liquid cartridge or a pre-filled cartridge, which can be replaced once empty. The device is activated by a button that allows the user to draw on the pod, inhaling the vapour. Pod systems are the ideal device for those looking for portable vapes which still provide a solid experience. There is a wide range of designs for vape pods on the market, with different colours, styles and shapes all available, with some even featuring an LED screen to display settings.

Why choose a vape pod?

There are plenty of reasons you may choose a vape pod, whether it's for the compact size and portability or the quality experience which the device provides. Whether you're a vaper who has recently quit smoking or an advanced vaper, vape pods are ideal for both as they can offer an experience similar to cigarettes whilst also catering to cloud chasers if fitted with a low resistance coil. Some may mistake a vape pod for not being a powerful device, but in reality, they offer a decent amount of power for a device of its size. The exchangeable pre-filled cartridges are also more convenient for some, saving the hassle of refilling tanks.

What is the best vape pod kit?

Identifying the best vape pod kit would be extremely difficult as there are many different variations that cater to different vapers needs. At V2 Cigs, we stock a range of vape pods from a range of different brands, including Elf Bar, Aspire, VuseSMOK, Vaporesso and VooPoo. The sizes and colours of the devices in our range differ, with some larger than others and featuring different shaped mouthpieces. The coil resistance and wattage will also change depending on the device, which means you can choose from a wide selection to find the specification which best suits you.

Vape Mods

Vape mods are typically associated with advanced vapers who love creating powerful clouds. This is due to their more complex designs (when compared to cigalikes and vape pens), which allow for greater customisation. As vape mods can be upgraded to feature large tanks, large battery packs and low resistance coils, this makes them perfect for sub-ohm vaping. If you're unfamiliar with the term, sub-ohm vaping refers to the level of resistance the coil has, so, if it measures below 1 ohm, it's classed as sub-ohm, while anything above this level would be classed as a higher resistance coil. Low resistance coils use more power, which means as you draw for longer, thus inhaling larger clouds, you'll need a larger battery to cope with the demand. High resistance coils, however, use less power and provide a tighter draw, meaning they don't require large batteries, hence their generally smaller size.

As vape mods allow for large cloud intake, they're usually paired with low or nicotine-free liquids, as the nicotine hit would simply be too unpleasant with a higher-strength e-liquid. Vape pens, cigalikes and some vape pods which feature high resistance coils will be paired with liquids that have a higher nicotine level, as the hit is much smaller due to the tighter draw. This is where the differentiation between user levels comes in, as beginners - more specifically those who are turning to vapes to quit smoking - opt for high resistance coil devices which can be used with high nicotine liquids. At the other end of the spectrum are experienced vapers who have vaped for a long time and have gradually reduced their nicotine intake, opting for devices that offer a more satisfying experience in terms of cloud production, but offer less nicotine.

As vape mods often have a larger tank, this makes them ideal for pairing with a sub-ohm coil, as these coils typically allow more liquid to be passed through, which can strain your supply. However, with a larger tank, you're able to accommodate more liquid, so you can vape for longer between refills. The variable wattage can also be adjusted on vape mods, which allows you to use maximum power for dense clouds, or to preserve your battery. If you're a vaper who is looking for maximum vapour production, pair a vape mod with a high VG liquid (which has low nicotine content), for the best experience.

Device type – Vape Mods

Questions you may have about vape mods:

Which is better - a vape mod or a vape pen?

Really, there is no comparison, as they are very different and cater to different needs. For a beginner, a vape pen may be better, however, an experienced user may not share the same opinion and opt for a vape mod. This makes them impossible to compare against each other. Their uses are also very different - for example, a vape mod will often be used with a high VG (nicotine-free) liquid, low resistance coil and a larger tank for a sub-ohm vaping experience, whereas a vape pen is likely used with a high PG (high nicotine content), high resistance coil and smaller tank, which is suitable for starters who want a device that is easy to use and closely replicates the experience of smoking.

What kind of battery life can I expect from a Variable Wattage Mod?

Variable wattage mods are vapes that allow you to control the level of power supplied to the coil. These battery-powered devices are great for vapers of all experience levels as the power control can be great for beginners who don't want to go overboard with power and for experienced vapers who require a higher level of wattage. The battery life will depend on how regularly you're using it but if you find that it's running out prematurely, you can always upgrade to a larger, more powerful battery. 

Advanced & mech vape devices

Advanced vape kits and 'mech vapes', also known as mechanical vapes, allow an extremely high level of customisation. These kits are designed for vapers who can't get the experience they desire from standard vape devices, meaning they can customise their own device to satisfy their needs. The design of mech mods is actually extremely simple, although it may sound complex, and features just a few components. Unlike vape devices, mech mods have no circuit inside and instead consist of a mech mod tube, battery and RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer).

The basic design of the mod allows it to supply large amounts of power to the atomiser, but its features don't extend much beyond that. As the device operates at high levels of power, it's important to ensure you know how to properly operate the device, as it could be pretty risky if you're a beginner. If you're new to vaping and aren't confident with a mech mod vape, don't worry, we have plenty of other devices which will be suitable for you.

Device type – Advanced Vape Mods

Questions you may have about mech mod vapes:

Are mechanical mods safe to use for new vapers?

We would recommend that if you're new to vaping and are unsure of how the technology works, mech mods probably aren't the right choice for you. Due to the high levels of power, they can be dangerous if not operated properly. Conducting proper research and gaining a good understanding of how the mods work is the best way to go learn about how to use these devices.

What wattage do Mech Mods vape at

There is no set wattage that mech mods vape at, as this can be altered depending on the device. The level of wattage you're using with your mech mod will also vary depending on the resistance of your coil. Roughly speaking, if you're vaping with a sub-ohm coil that has a resistance of around 0.7, you likely be using between 19 and 21 watts. 

Types of vapes available at V2 Cigs

Hopefully, you now understand more about how each of the devices we've mentioned works and how they can benefit you as a user. Navigating the vaping landscape can be difficult but with our help, you'll be able to find the perfect device and e-liquid. As vaping fanatics ourselves, here at V2 Cigs, we only stock high-quality devices and liquids. Our range is extremely diverse too which allows us to cater to vapers of all experience levels, each with different needs. Our extensive range includes beginner kits, vape mods, high VG e-liquids, batteries and various accessories too.

Explore our website to find the devices which are right for you and if you need further assistance or have any questions about the devices we offer, please call us on +44 (0)1733 555 555 or email us at We also love to hear what our customers think, so why not leave a product review and help out other customers too?