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What Makes Our E-Liquid Premium

29th Nov 2019

Vapour2 Platinum E-LiquidSo, what is it that makes VSAVI e-liquids truly first class, and why is it worth sticking with us… or giving our diverse range of e-liquids and cartridges a taste?

In a market flooded with choice, it can be hard to pick out a quality provider for your vaping products.

With a wide range of makes and models from all the leading vaping manufacturers, our team at VSAVI have gone the extra mile to provide a premium experience for vapers of all tastes and backgrounds.

1. High Quality Vaping Products

With vaping adjacent lung injuries ravaging America, it is more important than ever to be cautious when using vaping products. This means refusing to compromise when it comes to the quality of your e-liquids, and making safety a priority when it comes to using vaping products. Our e-liquids are made using highly regulated, pharma grade ingredients – ensuring a commitment to high-quality taste and guaranteed safety every time you take a draw.

This ability to choose cost-effective quality is important when reported issues have been linked to the use of black market vapes and illicit THC products. We would always recommend that you stay vigilant when it comes to monitoring what is in your e-liquids and the nature of your device. All of our makes and models are also fully compliant with EU manufacturing standards, leaving you assured of highly-regulated quality, usability, and reliability when it truly matters most.

2. Amazing Vape Devices

Gone are the days when your vape was absent-mindedly tossed into the bottom of your kit bag and crushed after a Sunday five-a-side session. Our range of models are built with a robust form factor and a range of functionality – from elegant designs for straightforward users or more advanced models which allow users to control airflow, battery life, and heat. This makes them perfect for seasoned users who prize reliability or cloud chasers looking to refine their settings for their next YouTube-breaking trick.

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For those looking for other options, we have you covered too. This includes our entry level pod models that allow you to recharge quickly and enjoy your e-liquids without any fuss. And for users looking to maximise the utility of their device, we also include a range of hybrid vaporizer models that mean you can enjoy herbal supplements without sacrificing power or usability.

Vapour2 Starter Kit
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3. Range of Exclusive Expertly-Crafted Flavours

When it comes to cultivating a premium brand, we know that flavour is everything. This has led our team to plough time and energy into ensuring our range is as varied as it is flavoursome.

We take pride in marketing our products responsibly and ensuring that you can enjoy your favourite flavour guilt free. This can include a hearty burst of flavour from our range of Platinum E-Liquids and refillable tanks. Or you can enjoy the convenience of premium vaping with disposable prefilled flavour cartridges, or browse by your favourite strength and flavour of e-liquid. Speaking of taste...

4. E-Liquid Without Nasty Aftertaste

A regular bane for vapers is the grim and artificial aftertaste that can follow a fresh hit of your chosen e-liquid. If your liquid or device is not chosen with care, this can result in the regular production of a searing, unpleasant burning flavour.

This is something our team has worked tirelessly to balance out through our flagship range of platinum e-liquid products and it extends to our line of gourmet VSAVI e-liquids, that offer natural flavours and a truly premium vaping experience.

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The learning from creating these products has been passed throughout our line, ensuring that all of our flavours have a clean, consistent hit of flavour that doesn’t leave an acrid or overpowering aftertaste in your mouth. You can even try one of our entry-level packs today and let us know exactly what you think.