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​Vsavi Vape Juice Review - Best Flavours Guide

13th Apr 2023

Mixture of Vsavi E-Liquid Bottles and Cartridges

The journey of switching from smoking to vaping is sometimes a testing one. And part of that challenge is finding the best e-liquid to vape. How do you get the right balance between selecting the nicotine level, picking the best flavour and throat hit? With Vsavi e-liquids, you have tried and tested varieties of tobacco and fruity flavours that satisfy not just advanced vapers but beginners too, with everything else in between.

Top 10 Vsavi Vape Juice Flavours

With tons of choices, you want that vape juice experience to be perfect every time. And a vsavi vape juice can help you with that! They offer e-liquids in nicotine strengths ranging from as high as 1.8% per 10ml bottle, as well as 1.2%, 0.6% and even 0% nicotine for those at the final hurdle.

In addition, they have 100% Vegetable Glycerin (VG) e-liquids, which are perfect if you are allergic to PG, scientifically known as Propylene Glycol, which is found in food products. And Vsavi also do classic vape cartridges, which back in the day were super popular for beginner vapers and are still best sellers on our site because they’re so simple to use!

So, below we have decided to narrow down the choice from plenty of options to find the top ten best Vsavi vape juice flavours. Let’s begin!

Vsavi Red Tobacco Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

1. Vsavi Red

First on our list and a key bestseller is the Vsavi Red Tobacco Platinum flavour. Made with smooth Virginian tobacco notes and with a mildly sweet taste, it’s always been popular. For those who have just switched from smoking, sometimes it’s impossible to dive right into fruity flavours after so long inhaling tobacco flavours.

Therefore, Red Tobacco is the ideal crossover e-liquid that will satisfy your tastebuds and make the switch a seamless one.

Like with all Vsavi e-liquids, they’re made with premium quality ingredients including the best pharma-grade nicotine for a throat hit that delivers. With a high PG content, you can expect a similar sensation when vaping to smoking that’s smooth on the throat. This one is iconic and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste.

Vsavi Vanilla Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

2. Vanilla

This well-liked flavour which you typically find in ice cream and other desserts is favoured by not just high PG throat hit fanatics but 100% VG vapers too. Combining Madagascan vanilla notes with creamy textures, it creates a smooth experience which is perfect for an all-day vape.

And if you want to show off to your friends with huge 100% VG clouds, it’s just as effective. An ideal option throughout the day with any type of vape kit.

Vsavi Menthol Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

3. Menthol

Menthol is popular with vapers for several reasons. And Vsavi has lots of different types too, including Bold Leaf Menthol, which provides different notes and cooling sensations. You can find them in vape cartridges if you need a change of pace from cigarettes and something simple yet easy to manage.

In addition, there are plenty of menthol options in 10ml bottles for a cooling cloudy vape that’s warm on the throat or an intense throat hit with menthol as you used to with cigarettes before the menthol smoking ban.

Vsavi Chocolate Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

4. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate whatever the time of day! With vapers, it’s a popular choice and a reminder of the options available compared to smoking cigarettes. With subtle sweet tones, the chocolate flavours from Vsavi are not overpowering or too intense. Instead, they provide a nice treat after dinner and dessert if you have not satisfied your sweet tooth.

Smooth and sweet, it’s what vapers hoped for when using e-cigarettes as a cessation tool. Like the rest of the Vsavi products, you can opt for 1.8% down to zero nicotine depending on the stage of the journey you’re at.

Vsavi Congress Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

5. Congress

Noted by reviewers as tasting very close to cigarettes, this makes the list of best Vsavi vape juice flavours because it gives smokers a better chance of quitting successfully. Many people try to quit smoking by vaping and fail initially because they don’t achieve an equal experience they’re familiar with. So eventually they end up going back to cigarettes as an old habit they can’t shake.

Therefore, more vape flavours like Congress with smooth notes are perfect for that initial change of direction to improve your health. And it’s even more successful when you switch with the right vape kit as a pair – whichever method you pick, whether that’s cartridges, higher intensity PG e-liquids or 100% VG.

Vsavi Cherry Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

5. Cherry

No list would be complete without the sweet yet spiky overtones of cherry flavours. With some e-liquids out there, you don’t get a true carbon copy of cherry, also known as a ‘drupe fruit’, because of its texture, thin skin and stone in the middle.

That sour and sweet taste is hard to match from any e-liquid manufacturer, but we believe Vsavi did a good job with their version which leans more towards sour than sweet. A perfect option for warm sweet clouds of high VG vapour.

Vsavi Pure Virginia 100% VG E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

6. Pure Virginia

What’s interesting about vaping is you can pick and choose not just the types of fruity e-liquids that go in your vape but also the variety of tobacco flavours. Pure Virginia, as well as Classic Virginia, are two 100% VG-only options which will satisfy your taste buds. With smooth notes combined alongside excellent cloud performance, you get the ideal mixture in your low or high-nicotine e-liquid.

Vsavi Sahara Platinum E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

7. Sahara

This e-liquid is a perfect blend of tobacco flavours from different countries. On the one hand, you have the rich tobacco notes of Turkey and the flavour of French cigarettes. Whether you’ve tried one, both or neither, this is a sweet and mature combination of subtle notes that will please any vaping palette.

Vsavi Raspberry Gourmet E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

8. Gourmet Range Raspberry

From the 100% VG gourmet range, Raspberry is a popular bestseller because it’s a nice blend of sweet and sour notes from this cloudy e-liquid. Thick in texture and consistency, you can expect a rich e-liquid that works well at any time during the day, satisfying any nicotine demands and sweetening concerns. This organically produced e-liquid is smooth on the throat, easy to vape and refreshing.

Vsavi Smooth Tobacco Nicotine Salt E-Liquid 10ml Bottle

9. Nic Salt Smooth Tobacco

Finally, we have a nicotine salt option from Vsavi. Growing in popularity in recent times, nic salts are now readily available for vapers who want the satisfaction of nicotine without the sometimes-intense throat hit you get from freebase nicotine e-liquids. With Vsavi’s Smooth Tobacco option, it’s one of the closest experiences you’ll get to cigarettes without the dangerous toxins that are not labelled on the pack. Other nicotine salt flavour options include Coffee Latte, Strawberry Milk, Juicy Lemonade or Divine Grape.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, our top ten favourite e-liquid variations available for different styles of vaping! Like all things in vaping, this is a subjective list based on what we have tested but you can find plenty of reviews about other flavours that people like and find not so favourable on our site. If you want to learn more how flavour and taste interact we've developed this helpful food and e-liquid flavour match page.

If you need any help finding the right Vsavi strength of nicotine or have another query about vaping Vsavi products or another type of vape juice, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team for further information.