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VOOPOO Vinci vs VOOPOO Vinci 2 Pod Kit - Which is Better?

24th Jun 2021

Vinci vs Vinci 2 Devices Side by Side

The vaping industry continues to grow with each year that passes as manufacturers develop new exciting products for vapers. This ranges from coils that heat up in an instant to mods with so many different functions. VOOPOO is one of the leading brands that demonstrates this and their Vinci range is a primary example of what they can do. After the release of the iconic Vinci, we didn’t think it could get any better. However, have they outdone themselves once again with the exciting release of the Vinci 2?

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know for device comparison, including the key features of the Vinci 2, coil compatibility, how it looks out of the box and much more. Let’s dive into it by first looking at what the new and improved Vinci 2 brings to the table.

How the VOOPOO Vinci 2 is an Upgrade on the VOOPOO Vinci

With the new Vinci 2 Pod Kit, a couple of things have massively changed compared to the original Vinci Pod Kit released in 2019.The first big plus from the Vinci 2 - it has a completely different airflow system! In the past with the original pod vape, the only way you could change the airflow was by removing the pod and rotating it to face in a different position, giving different inhalations. Now you can manually change it with the switch at the side of the Vinci 2. It sticks out a little bit but it’s worth it because now you have more flexibility and control, with a nice MTL draw closed and a decent DTL draw open. Alternatively, it’s possible to adjust it about half way for a restricted vape but it’s hit and miss on consistency.

Also with the Vinci, the max output wattage was 15W, which was steady but not big enough to produce more vapour if you like that sort of thing. However, that’s another welcome addition with the Vinci 2. It kicks out 50W in the same two modes as you would get with the Vinci - Safe mode and RBA. With the former, this sets at 35W max to stop you burning those coils, which is welcome for beginners pushing all the wrong buttons and vaping too hard! Regarding the latter, RBA is more in tune with intermediate and advanced vapers that know what they’re doing in the driving seat. You can maximise the wattage potential to tailor how you like it.

Vinci 2 Key Features and Specifications

  • 1500mAh battery (same like the Vinci)
  • 5-50W output
  • Standard 2ml (TPD compliant) pod capacity
  • Type-C charger like the Vinci
  • Improved fully adjustable airflow control system
  • Weight - 115g
  • 106mm x 28mm x 27mm

Let’s Talk About VOOPOO PnP Coils

We love that the Vinci 2 supports the same PnP coils that are so popular with VOOPOO fanatics. These can go in the Drag range too if you like to switch between VOOPOO devices if you want to switch to a more advanced pod mod. The resistances range from 0.15 mesh coils which kicks out some fantastic flavour up to the higher resistance PnP coils like the one Ohm giving vapers a more restrictive mouth to lung vape.

VOOPOO Vinci 2 PnP Coils and Packaging

Functionality and How to Use the Device

The Vinci 2 is really easy to set up and use, just like with the original. In fact, VOOPOO have kept the design and UX interface similar throughout their history of pods, mods and everything in between, including the Drag range which you can read more about here with the full Drag X review. Because of the enhanced Gene AI 2.0 chipset, it ramps up at a very quick speed in manual or auto mode, which is a fantastic feature of the Vinci series. Pick between the two, using one or both with the RBA mode for the more experienced vapers among you or the Safe mode to ease your way into vaping.

To turn on your device, five clicks of the fire button like with most VOOPOO devices. On the screen you can see your voltage, resistance, puff counter, wattage which you can adjust with the left and right buttons below the screen and your auto-fire or manual fire options explained above. You can change this mode by clicking the fire button three times to pick one or the other, as well as run both at the same time, which is super convenient and practical when vaping in a rush. Other settings include:

  • Left and right buttons together lets you pick the RBA or Smart coil mode depending on how much control you desire. It also lets you pick two themes - Iron or Core. Core simply switches the menu to landscape mode so it depends how you want to look at the menu when vaping. Long press to select your choice
  • Left button and the fire button clears your puff counter
  • The fire button and right button locks all of the device

The manual will explain everything else you need to know, including the seven safety features in more depth that are built into the device. This includes features such as dust proof, wear proof and anti-shock.

Appearance Breakdown

In terms of design, there is not too much difference. The Vinci 2 stands about 10mm taller than the Vinci and they both have the same duck mouthpiece which is great for DTL vaping but could be a bit loose if you prefer a tighter mouth to lung draw. Like with most VOOPOO products, they have the rubber ring at the bottom of the device where the battery is installed which allows it to stand up as demonstrated in the image. Both are built with strong materials (predominantly zinc alloy) and feature type-C charging to make it easier on the vaper.The well-crafted 1.08 inch TFT display adds to the quality of the overall aesthetic appeal and makes it easy for vapers to read the settings. Vinci usually creates a square shaped cube device that feels comfortable in the hand and both the Vinci and Vinci 2 are in keeping with that consistency finishing off with curved edges for a decent grip.

VOOPOO Vinci 2 Device Upright Next to Laptop Highlighting Dimensions and Screen

Vinci 2 Key Advantages

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Auto-fire and manual options fantastic to cover all preferences
  • High quality buttons that feel comfortable to press often
  • Coils and pod itself easy to install and remove when needed


  • It would be nice if the lock setting didn’t lock everything stopping you from firing at your set wattage in auto mode
  • Side fill port on the pods can be tricky but it’s easier to top up if you place the dropper inside and tip to the side
Two VOOPOO Vinci 2 Devices

And the Winner is…

In terms of appearance there is not much difference between the Vinci and the Vinci 2. However, because of the awesome adjustable airflow and increased wattage, we have to tip the scale in favour of the Vinci 2. It’s better in terms of portability and thanks to the type-C charger it doesn’t take too long to charge and gives you plenty of vape time. If you seek a battery powered device that’s reliable with a similar excellent flavour, we suggest the Drag X from VOOPOO that features a single 18650.

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