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VOOPOO Drag X Review: Drag X or S - Which is the Best Pod Mod?

22nd Jun 2021

VOOPOO Drag X Pod Mods in Different Colours

For you, it might be the first day after your last cigarette or the one hundredth. Whatever stage you’re at, we wish you the best of luck and hope you can persist in giving up smoking by vaping as an alternative, which is backed by organisations such as the NHS and Public Health England. However, as we know, nicotine is an addiction that’s tough to manage if you don’t get the right vaping device. It needs to be convenient and simple to use, which is why some relapse if they don’t get a similar experience initially. Our mission today is to compare the Drag X and S from VOOPOO, released at the same time, and come to a verdict which is better for your vaping journey.

Drag X vs Drag S - What’s the Key Difference?

Essentially, it all comes down to the size of the two devices. Appearance and performance are pretty similar so it’s mainly about the Drag X being a little longer dimensionally. The reason for this is the external 18650 battery which is removable. The Drag X provides ample space to slot that in without any rattling noise, highlighting its simplistic but elegant design (more on that further below). In contrast, the Drag S features a smaller built-in battery which you charge using the Type-C USB cable. Because we all lead hectic lives, sometimes you’re in a location where it’s not always possible to charge up your device. It can be time-consuming and reduce your levels of patience.  However, if you have a 18650 battery and invest in a charger case too, our best tip is to buy two batteries, charging them together. This will mean you will always have one spare and one at full capacity inside the Drag X. Because there is not too much difference in size, both are compact enough to fit in a pocket or bag.

Key Features and Specifications of the Drag X

  • 5-80W output
  • Gene TT chip system
  • 18650 battery (sold separately but interchangeable)
  • 2ml pod capacity
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 3.2-4.2 voltage output
  • Type-C charger
  • Weight - 165g
  • 95mm x 32.5mm x 28mm


Which Coils Can You Use From VOOPOO?

VOOPOO has continued from the earlier VINCI range with the same fantastic VOOPOO PnP coils, which are conveniently available in a range of resistances for the Drag duo, so you can pick based on whether you like to MTL or DTL vape. Therefore, you can choose from the 0.15 mesh coil between 60-80W best performance for a looser vape with the airflow wide open exclusively for the Drag X, or select the 0.3 Ohm coil which comes with the Drag X and S.

  VOOPOO 0.15 Mesh PnP Coils

Functionality and How to Use the Device

Overall, the Drag X is a tidy little Sub-Ohm kit that is relatively easy to use. The Drag S equally so - simply pop the Type-C charger in when the battery runs out (taking just over one hour and fifteen minutes to charge). For peace of mind, the Drag X is a better option for on the go because you do not need to think about charging. Carrying a spare battery does a world of good with the 1500mAh Drag X.

You get everything you need from a small Sub-Ohm pod kit. The airflow is fantastic on the Drag X with the switch allowing flexibility to open for DTL vaping and close for an MTL draw with a nice amount of resistance. On the bottom of the Drag X only, you have a battery cap that’s sturdy and well designed, opening with ease and clicking securely with no issues.  Removing the pod to replace your PnP coils and pop back on to the mod is simple enough too with very strong magnetic contacts in place to keep it secure at all times.

VOOPOO Drag X With Removable 18650 Battery   A key difference in terms of functionality with the Drag X compared to the Drag S are the inhalation options. With the Drag S only, you can hit the fire button but also have the option of auto fire not needing to do anything but inhale. These can be selected in the settings (described in more detail below) and a similar set-up to the popular Vinci 2 from the Vinci line of devices from VOOPOO. The Drag X is strictly manual fire with no auto-fire option. Here is a rundown of how to turn on, use the device by adjusting the wattage and much more:

  • To turn the device on and off, simply click the fire button five times (it switches off automatically after 30 minutes if not used)
  • Press up or down to adjust the wattage
  • Select between RBA mode for advanced vaping to utilise the maximum wattage or Smart mode for safer vaping at a set wattage that can not be exceeded. Switch between the two modes by pressing the fire button three times on the Drag X.
  • Simply lock the device by clicking the up button and fire button simultaneously, meaning no possibility to change the wattage or press the fire button. Safety first!
  • The down button and fire button together resists the daily puff counter (it’s handy that the puff counter remains while you change your 18650 battery)
  • Hit the fire button, up and down altogether will access the clock settings
  • When in the puff counter screen, tap the fire button to check your chipset information. Enter the puff interface initially by holding up and down buttons together. Another two-second hold to leave this part of the menu

You will find because of the similar design features that the Drag X and S have a lot of similarities, including navigation in the menu, which is also similar to the VOOPOO Vinci range. With the puff counter, it shows what you have achieved the previous two weeks to keep on top of your habits as a vaper. From a practical sense, filling up your Drag X or Drag S with e-liquid is an equally simple task. It’s filled from the bottom of the pod and has a large enough cap that you can fit any e-liquid dropper and top up your pod. You can charge both devices using the Type-C USB charger, which is what all vapers seek, so definitely a nod of approval from us!

Appearance Breakdown

What a pod mod we have on our hands here. It seems like VOOPOO have done it again after the wonderful work they did with the Vinci range, including the original, Vinci 2 and Vinci X series. If anything, the Drag X and S have kicked it up another notch with a wonderful sleek look to these devices. The screens have a similar set-up, with nice bold colours and a large enough screen that’s easy to see. You have a wide variety of colourful and practical options for stylish vaping on the go, with lots of different textures as grips on the back of the device, which are either carbon fibre or leather material. You can pick from five fantastic colour themes such as:

  • Mashup
  • Iron Knight
  • Chestnut
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Marsala

The fire button is big enough and rounded giving it a nice touch and overall it’s a really impressive job done by VOOPOO to create the Drag range that not only looks the part but feels like a product with longevity in mind.

Key Advantages With the Drag X and S

  1. You have lots of options with the Drag X and S thanks to the infinite airflow system. Along with the PnP coils, you can comfortably switch between MTL using nic salts and high VG liquids in DTL mode with the airflow open all the way. To understand what mouth to lung vaping means and also direct to lung, read here.
  2. Flavour is fantastic with the mesh coils in the PnP Pods and you get a good coil life from them too, providing you stick to the correct wattages.
  3. The low resistance coils such as the 0.15 mesh you get with the Drag X offers excellent flavour and cloud production.
  4. Even more impressive you can do all of this with a single 18650 battery in the Drag X. If you want to prolong the battery even further, just drop the wattage in a high resistance coil MTL style to use less liquid and extend the battery life.
  5. Magnets on the pods are really strong, no rattle to the device and rarely ever leaks!
  VOOPOO Drag X Specifications Alongside the Device

Any Disadvantages?

  • A scoring system although a nice idea is not necessary for most vapers. If you wish to utilise it, you need to sign up on VOOPOO’s official website to access this device feature on the main screen
  • The only minor disappointment with the Drag X is you need to set the timer every time you change the battery. But most people these days use their smartphones or watch to check the time anyway, so not a major issue!


Not too much to separate the two considering the striking similarities between the Drag X and the S. Like we said, the Drag X is slightly taller but not by much and this is purely because of the 18650 battery. For longevity, simplicity and effectiveness, the Drag X gives you more flexibility when out and about because you don’t need to charge as the battery reduces. Plus it has the increased wattage if you want a little more power, although it’s not necessarily vital for performance. All in all, both are quality pod mods as VOOPOO continues to set the high bar. Each looks comfortable in the hand, combining with excellent build quality to produce some amazing flavour and clouds.  Like with the popular Vinci range, vapers can’t get enough of the PnP coils so it’s nice they extended that benefit with the Drag range. For convenience alone, the Drag X just edges it.