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VIP ECigarette Compatible Cartridges & Batteries UK

18th Mar 2017

Have you got VIP E Cartridges, VIP cartomizers or batteries that you can no longer use? Or, are you looking for an alternative to VIP E-Cigarettes? We can help!

Did you know that you can use V2 e-cigarette cartridges and e-liquid in place of your VIP 'cigalike' cartridges?

V2 Cigs e-liquid is pharmaceutical grade & fully TPD tested.

VIP E Cigarette Battery Adapter Converter

All you need to do is order your FREE Type 2 VIP Cartomizer Adapter from us (normal cost £4.45).

Screw the adapter on to your VIP electronic cigarette battery which then converts the battery threading to a V2 Cigs compatible threading. This enables you to use V2 Cigs cartridges. VIP ecigarette alternative refills - It's as easy as that!

In fact you don't even need to buy it,we'll give it to you for FREE with any V2 Cigs UK order.

How to get your FREE VIP Battery Compatible Cartridge Converter.

1. Add the Type II/2 Universal Refill Adapter to your Basket/Shopping Cart

2. Add some V2 ECig Cartridges to your order.

3. Enter coupon code GSADAPTER at the checkout to get the Cartridge Adapter FREE (£4.45 discount will be added).

Add Versatility to your VIP eCig Kit.

The VIP e cigarette cartridge compatible UK adapter allows you to use our full range of tested refills and cartridges and also to use our Ex-Blank Range of mini tanks. This converts your VIP ECig Cartridge & Cartomizer Kit into an e-liquid vape pen. Used with your VIP e cigarette kit you can now enjoy vaping the whole range of V2 e-Liquids and flavours.

If you have any questions about VIP cartomizers or VIP refills and V2 Cigs batteries or cartridge compatibility please telephone our friendly customer service team on 01733 555 555 and we'll talk through which VIP flavours and strengths you used, and then we'll help you choose a suitable V2 Cigs equivalent to keep you on track with your vaping.