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Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer - What’s the Difference?

23rd Mar 2022

Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer and Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer With a Dry Herb Vape Grinder

If you didn’t know already, it’s not only e-liquids you can vape but dry herbs too! Offering a range of benefits, dry herb vaporizers maximise the flavour, aroma and overall quality of your herbs to get the best results without burning the most important ingredients. It’s even an option for smokers who want the familiarity of tobacco but not the carcinogenic effects which damage your body in the process.

Instead, dry herb vaping heats the extracted moisture from the herbs and turns that into vapour at a lower temperature. You can get vape kits with a range of tools to complement the dry herb vape you purchase and above all else, a modern technical device that heats dry herbs safely and quickly. For this review, we’re going to analyse two of the best dry herb vaporizers available at the moment - the Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer and the Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer, to understand what’s the most important features of a reliable dry herb vape kit.

How Does the Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer Differ From the Khan?

The cost is the difference when you compare the two products. The Vie Dry Herb is half the price of the Khan Vaporizer but there are a few reasons for that and it all boils down to a decent budget vape with Vie against a high-quality dry herb vape via Khan, with a few more features including longer battery life. The manufacturing design and shape is different between the two, as well as the overall performance, which is explained in more depth below.

Vie Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vie Dry Herb Vape Key Features and Specifications

  • Heats up quickly in one minute
  • 200 puffs per charge
  • 0.3g for each herb capsule
  • Four different temperature controls
  • Can be used for herbs or concentrates (liquid or wax)
  • Easier to clean and load thanks to the capsule system
  • Three-minute automatic shut-off
Two Khan Dry Herb Vaporizers

Khan Dry Herb Vape Key Features and Specifications

  • Temperature settings from 150° - 240°C
  • 2200mAh internal battery
  • 0.5g chamber
  • Isolated air path, keeping cool air flowing in
  • A thick pyrex glass mouthpiece
  • Vibrates on full heat up
  • LED screen
  • Easy to clean
  • Aerospace aluminium body

How Do They Vape?

The Vie vapes a very smooth and consistent texture thanks to the thermostat built inside the chamber, which creates a generous amount of heat based on the amount of herbs used, ensuring only the best ingredients are vaped. Four different temperature levels and three heating modes, which are easy to navigate thanks to the colour LED system, means the vaper can customise the experience to meet their requirements.

Note that the purple light means it’s the highest temperature and only works with wax liquids and not dry herbs, while the red light is medium power and works with capsule herbs and the blue light indicates herbs in the chamber without a capsule at a lower heat.

As for the Khan, because of the more advanced features and accessories you get with the kit, it offers a great dry herb experience, justifying the higher price. The flavour is excellent, with a stellar cloud production, stronger throat hit, larger chamber and a decent warm up time.

Which Device is Easiest to Use?

The Vie vaporizer is recognised as a great choice for its discreet nature and convenient lightweight compact design, so it’s the ideal dry herb for vaping while out and about. The patented disposable pods are easy to fill, clean and dispose of for the ultimate dry herb vape experience on a budget. The efficient capsule system offers simplicity to any vaper that chooses this device for their dry herb needs.

As a comparison, the Khan is just as easy to use with a one-button system and a clear LED screen, which displays your adjusted settings. Thanks to the large battery, it lasts a long time and charges relatively quickly too, so no need to run out when you most need your dry herbs vapourised!

Two Khan Dry Herb Vape Products at Different Angles

Appearance Breakdown

In terms of appearance, the Khan wins hands down if you are after a dry herb vape with a stylish design. The aluminium snake on the body of the kit is super cool and it feels great in the hand to hold and vape. The build quality is sturdy and reliable, which is expected from a premium-quality device. In addition, the Khan’s comfortable mouthpiece adds to the general experience. Even with an amazing performance, it’s relatively discreet which helps those who want to keep a low profile when vaping.

Alternatively, you have the Vie, which is your standard dry herb vape for those busy days in the office or just relaxing at home. It looks like a professional kit that’s your back to basics option, with no screen to draw attention to it. Its ergonomic design reflects a reliable piece of kit with a curved mouthpiece at the top of the device.

Any Disadvantages?

  • The Khan can get rather hot despite the dry herb bubbler. It’s best to wait a few moments between each session to allow the device a period of cooling
  • Regarding the Vie, cloud production may not be enough for some vapers but this comes down to personal preference

Which is the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer?

What it boils down to is how much you’re willing to spend on a dry herb vaporizer and what you want to get out of your kit based on your budget. The Khan is a stylish long-term option that stands out for its slick design, as well as the performance and battery life to match. Meanwhile, the Vie is an excellent choice should you seek a reliable yet simplistic dry herb vape that’s practical and offers a few adjustable settings to alter the temperature. The capsule system is the main benefit of the Vie, which adds efficiency to the reasonable price you pay for the product. If you're on a budget, there are not too many drawbacks to picking the Vie as your go-to dry herb vape.

However, should you seek a few more innovative features and don't mind splashing the cash, the Khan is an excellent choice that based on its build quality is a great long-term investment.