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Vapers Helping Smokers - New E Cigarette Research

15th Oct 2015

The CDMR Research gives valuable insight in to the ways Vapers can support Smokers.

The report states:

"We know e-cigarettes can help many smokers quit smoking. Less discussed is the idea that vapers who have quit smoking since they started vaping regularly can further boost quit rates by providing an invaluable source of first-hand experience, information and advice to smokers who may be curious, cautious or contemplating using an e-cigarette to support a quit attempt. We conducted a study that aimed to connect smokers, who want to hear the stories and experiences of those who have quit smoking with the help of e-cigarettes, with vapers who have quit smoking since they started vaping regularly and are keen to help smokers by sharing their stories of how they did it.

'CDMR' [sic] surveyed 7,326 ever-vapers, of whom, 96% were currently using an e-cigarette every day. Of these respondents, 5,000 were smoking regularly at the point of their first vape. Of these 5,000, 4,235 had quit smoking completely since they started vaping regularly, and of 754 respondents who were still smoking, 56% had reduced their daily smoking by at least 50% since they started vaping regularly.

We retained these 4,235 quitters and 404 reducers and asked: "What could smokers, who are curious about using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, learn from these vapers who have quit or significantly reduced their smoking by using e-cigarettes?""

It is fascinating, high quality, in depth research.

The Full details of the CDMR research and the implications for this E Cigarette Research will be fascinating.

The Survey was carried out on the Nicotine Surveys web site.

CDMR have done lots of excellent research and are based at Glasgow University.