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Survey shows almost a million Americans quit smoking permanently thanks to e-cigarettes

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CASAA survey of e-cigarette use, November and December of 2015. 

The survey  was targeted at CASAA members (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association) who are adult U.S. residents. The survey was designed primarily to provide information relevant to evaluating FDA’s proposed “regulation” (i.e., ban) of e-cigarettes. 

Extract of the survey results:

"Of the 17,186 respondents who quit smoking using e-cigarettes,

  • 64% indicated they switched almost immediately, within a few days of starting e-cigarettes,
  • 21% used both for longer than that but quit smoking within a month,
  • 11% used both for between one and six months before quitting smoking,
  • 3% for more than six months."

Full details of the Survey are available on the CASAA website.

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