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Some Side Effects of Vaping to be Aware Of

29th Sep 2017

womans tongueEverything around us seems to have a cause and effect. If you spend your money in one place, you won’t have any left to spend somewhere else. If you don’t study for an exam, you likely won’t perform very well. Yet sometimes we get so wrapped up in our love for vaping, that we forget that it too has side effects. There are real side effects to vaping. Some have already been discussed in this blog, and others haven’t. We’ve accumulated the most important ones for you below.

Vaping Allergies

Allergies come in all shapes and forms. Those of us who suffer from them know how annoying they can be. In this case, it’s not as simple as not eating a particular fruit or taking antihistamines during the springtime. Vaping allergies affect what you do on a daily basis – vape.

Thankfully, these types of allergies are very rare. We’re basically talking about PG allergies, as they are the only type we know if. They can also be hard to spot as many symptoms are minor and typically stay that way. If you think you may have a vaping allergy, check out our write up of spotting PG allergies.

Nicotine Effects

At this point you are probably very familiar with what nicotine does to your body. If you are a current or former smoker, you understand that your body will learn to crave nicotine. While nicotine on its own isn’t bad for you, if it is delivered to you from cigarette smoke it can be quite harmful.

The side effects of nicotine in vaping are more specific. They aren’t related at all to smoking. Liquid nicotine can provide you what you need to make the switch to vaping, but you need to know that there can be side effects. If you overdo it with nicotine, you can get dizzy, lightheaded, or even jittery. Make sure you understand nicotine levels in vapour to avoid any such situations. While they aren’t dangerous, they can certainly be uncomfortable.

Dehydration / Dry Mouth

This potential side effect of vaping isn’t talked about very much. Most people don’t associate vaping with dehydration, but there actually is a direct link. Vapour is created by heating e-liquid, and that e-liquid contains Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycol (VG), or a combination of both. The problem is that both PG and VG are products that naturally make you dehydrated. They absorb water, and thus a by-product of vaping is that your mouth may become dry.

Even if you don’t notice this, it is happening. Perhaps because you don’t notice it, you’re not paying attention to the fact that you need to hydrate. This isn’t such a big deal as side effects go, but it is something you should be aware of. If you’re vaping, try to replenish your body with liquids soon after.

Other Side Effects

We could go on and on in this space. Vaping has some side effects that you may not think of as actual side effects. How about saving money? That’s certainly a side effect. Switching to something that is safer for you? That is definitely a side effect of vaping. You’ve got other side effects, like not smelling like cigarettes anymore. Or how about waking up in the morning and simply feeling good?

You may not think of these things as side effects, but they most certainly are. Along with the side effects that you want to pay attention to, such as allergies, dehydration, and nicotine effects, we can’t ignore all of these positive side effects. Most of what we hear about are these side effects. They are the focal point of what make vapers so enthused to make the switch. There really is nothing like switching to vapour, and after you try it yourself, it’s the same conclusion you come to.