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Pros and Cons of ECig RDAs & RBAs, Rebuildable Atomizers

12th Nov 2015

Pros and Cons of ECig RDAs & RBAs, Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable Atomizers

Rebuildable Atomizer RBA RDA

Whether you’re brand new to vaping or you’ve been enjoying it for a while, no doubt you have heard the buzz about rebuildable atomizers. Rebuildable atomizers, or RBAs, are a unique alternative to the standard pre-filled cartridges that many vapers use with their electronic cigarettes. RBAs are a lot more complex than their pre-filled counterparts, but they have given vape enthusiasts the opportunity to turn their passion into a veritable hobby. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using an RBA. Read on to learn more about RBAs, which types are on the markets, and the pros and cons of using them.

New to Vaping? Read This First!

First of all, what is this new sensation called “vaping”? It is the best way for you to enjoy smoking without “actually” smoking through an electronic cigarette (known as e-cigs). With all the push these days for smokers to become non-smokers, if you haven’t been able to (or don’t want to) complete quit smoking yet, e-cigarettes are a great alternative. An e-cigarette is much like an “e” anything else today: email, ebooks, etc. – they are the electronic version of the original product, item, or idea. They provide you with nicotine but they don’t actually burn any tobacco.

No fire is involved, and thereby no “smoke.” The nicotine e-liquid is heated and turns into a water vapour which is then inhaled. Just like a regular cigarette, only it’s not. It is water vapour, not smoke vapour. You get the same “feel” as a regular throat hit, so you can still get your “fix” and you can even still blow the water vapour out of your mouth like you would smoke.

What is Vaping Good For?

It helps you get away from your day, your present circumstances for a moment. It can take you to a place of thought-provoking meditation, relaxation, and pleasure. And, perhaps most importantly today when so many bars, restaurants, and businesses are “non-smoking” and “smoke-free,” you can still enjoy vaping. It still might be a good idea not to announce to the rest of the office, bar, or restaurant, what you are doing, but you can still enjoy the release that it brings you without the smoke that can annoy others. The water vapour disappears in just seconds and there is no odour associated with it, and it’s not a cigarette, so you aren't actually breaking any rules or policies when you vape.

A Far Better Choice than Smoking

Why do people smoke? Because they like it? Because once you start, it becomes an addiction to nicotine and also to having something in your hand almost at all times? It can also be a social habit. Traditional e-cigarette cartridges can provide the same sense of satisfaction without many of the side effects and social hazards of smoking in places where smoking may no longer be allowed. It is like smoking, only better. Plus, you can’t be accused of producing any second-hand smoke for others to breathe in, and you aren't getting any tar or other dangerous additives that are in a regular cigarette. You still get nicotine; you still get the “water vapour smoke,” and you still get to have something in your hand, for your fingers to hold. What could be better?

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What is a Rebuildable Atomizer?

Let’s start with some basic information first. A rebuildable atomizer is a special type of atomizer that connects to the other components of an electronic cigarette. The main difference between an RBA and a regular atomizer is that the user is responsible for selecting the wick and coil elements and then building it themselves, hence the name ‘rebuildable atomizer.’ Once the RBA is built, it functions to heat the e-liquid to the point of vaporization, and if built correctly, ultimately gives the user an impressive vape cloud and satisfying throat hit.

Types of RBAs

There are three main types of rebuildable atomizers: drippers, tank, and genesis. Drippers, also called RDAs, don’t have a reservoir to store e-liquid. Rather, the juice is dripped directly onto the wick and coil components. You can usually get about 6 hits before you need to add more e-liquid. Unlike drip RBAs, tank RBAs do have a reservoir for e-liquid. With tank atomizers, the juice is filled from the bottom, and vapers can choose from basic tank RBAs to ones with more advanced features, such as air flow adjustment and customized coils. Genesis RBAs also have an e-liquid reservoir, but they are top feeding. The wicks of a genesis atomizer are also unique, in that they are made of tightly rolled steel mesh.

Advantages of Rebuildable Atomizers

Now that we've covered the basics on RBAs, let’s get to the important part - the benefits of using them. There are several advantages to going with an RBA instead of other types of atomizers. Here they are:

  • Overall more vapour production. Sure, most vapes are satisfying, but with an RBA, it’s a different experience. Rebuildable atomizers are well known among the vaping community for providing significant vapour clouds and generally a greater degree of reliability when compared to many of the e cigarette products on sale at you local garage which are more often than not poor quality products!. And after all, the experience is what it’s all about, right?
  • Huge vape clouds. Yes, this is mentioned before as part of the overall satisfaction of an RBA experience, but this one deserves its own bullet point. With an RBA, the vape clouds have the potential to be massive. As in, seriously humongous. If your RBA is constructed properly and all components are performing at peak levels, the resulting vape cloud will be unlike anything you've seen before but at a cost!
  • Many flavour options. This is another advantage deserving of its own separate write-up. Part of the fun of using an e-cigarette is in the flavour. There are literally hundreds of flavours of e-liquid on the market - everything from banana nut bread and sour apple to menthol and cola. With an RBA, the flavour is noticeable and generally better than most e cigarettes.
  • RBAs are very versatile and offer many combinations and choices. In addition to choosing which type of rebuildable atomizer to use, you also can select the components and configurations within it. Wicks and coils come in different materials to provide different experiences, and you can also choose how to arrange them. Single coil, dual coils, and even quad coils are available, and you can determine how many wraps and what size wire to use to create the results you want. You can also decide on the resistance best suited to your device
  • Better quality materials and structure. For the most part, RBAs are longer lasting and more durable then your average e cigarette because manufacturers use better materials, such as stainless steel, to make them.
  • For the certain individuals it can be fun and you get to learn stuff. If you enjoyed rolling your own cigarettes and the paraphernalia involved then this may be a new hobby! No matter what they are, hobbies are fun - that’s the point of doing them! If you make rebuildable atomizers your new hobby, not only will you have fun building them, you’ll also be learning great new skills and gaining knowledge on interesting concepts, such as conductivity and coil building. Plus, you can use all this knowledge to impress your friends (who will already be in a state of amazement when they see the gigantic vapours you produce) or to McGyver your way through other situations.

Disadvantages of RBAs

You knew it was coming - the list of disadvantages. Even though RBAs have some of benefits, as you can see with the list above, there are also as many potential drawbacks that must be disclosed.

  • Upfront cost. As mentioned, there is some cost associated with rebuildable atomizers, due largely to the higher quality materials used to manufacture them. This can be a turn-off for some people, especially if they’re not familiar with the building process. For people not experienced in building atomizers and working with the necessary components, it may not be worth the risk of wasting money if the atomizer is built incorrectly or even damaged during the building process due to lack of skill. many simply wont want the hassle and didnt roll their own cigarettes!
  • Ongoing costs - apart from the increased cost in using significantly more e-liquid there are quiet a few parts that need to be replaced by the user. Seals, coils, wick etc.
  • Skill and patience required. Putting together a rebuildable atomizer requires both skill and patience and can get messy as changing parts means handling parts that are covered in e liquid. There is a learning curve, and it takes time and dedication to understand how each piece fits together and how to configure them to your liking. It can be a tedious task for some, and the time commitment is not always feasible.
  • Recoiling can be a pain. Again, this can be tedious work. When you’re recoiling, you have to be careful not to wrap it too loose or too tightly around the wick, as you can create hotspots or reduce juice flow. There’s a sweet spot in how to coil correctly, and it may take you a few tries to get it just right.
  • Risk of ruining your mod. There’s a science involved with connecting a rebuildable atomizer to your existing mod, and if you don’t know how it works, you could damage the mod. Anyone experienced with RBAs will tell you that purchasing an ohm meter is a must. Ohms determine how much electrical resistance you have with your e-cigarette, and if your mod’s ohm rating isn't sufficient, you run the risk of destroying it.
  • Maintenance, cleaning and replacing parts means there are joints, seals, O-rings and these all give rise to increase risk in e-liquid leakage. This is unavoidable with so many bits and bobs. It also means that it gets very messy and e-liquid will get everywhere if you are not very careful. Make sure you use a suitable pair of gloves. Nicotine can be absorbed through the skin.
  • There is significantly greater e-liquid "burn rate" which gives the greater degree of vapour production - this means that the running costs are significantly higher compared to standard e-cigarettes. You are paying to exhale more vapour!
  • You have to carry a juice bottle. With a rebuildable atomizer, you’ll need a ready supply of e-liquid. While toting around a bottle of e-juice isn't a big deal for a lot of people, others don’t want to hassle with it.

Is a Rebuildable Atomizer Right for You?

V2 recognise that some vapers do prefer higher levels of vapour production whilst at the same time do not want the inconvenience of having a high maintenance RBA/RDA vape product or having to risk nicotine leakage/spillage. The V2 Pro Series range of vaporizers offers vapers a significantly higher degree of custom options and higher levels of vapour production without the need to get involved with the nitty-gritty of rebuildable vaping devices. The V2 Pro Series 3X is recognised by many e cig review sites as the best vape pen whilst at the same time offering the best vaporizer experience in a small scale device by using the heated cartridge option. We believe that the vast majority of vapers wish to reduce or quit their smoking habit rather than participating in the sport of exhaling huge vapour clouds for the sake of it. Our Pro range is the ultimate in versatility, high vapour production combined with simplicity.

The big question that many electronic cigarette users have when thinking about switching to an RBA is whether or not it’s right for them. Is it going to be worth the time and effort when there are more convenient options (i.e., pre-filled cartridges) that are readily available. Ultimately, will the advantages outweigh the negatives that go with rebuildables? To answer this, it comes down to four factors: time, skill, priority/enjoyment and the alternatives.

Using RBAs will certainly take up more of your time in care and maintenance than using other types of atomizers, so you need to decide if you have the time to give. If not, then an RBA may not be right for you. Another issue at hand is your knowledge and skill level in correctly constructing an RBA. While you don’t need a background in conductive elements or anything like that, you will need to spend some time learning the proper methods for building this type of atomizer. There is some skill involved and it does get messy, if you want enjoyable vaping experiences with your RBA, you need to commit to learning the proper building techniques. Finally, how important is it to you to take vaping to this level? In other words, will you truly enjoy the process of building your own atomizer? If not, there’s probably a better use for your time. However, if you find a genuine sense of satisfaction in the process and are looking for more of a hobby, then RBAs may be an option.

So there you have it. Rebuildable atomizers have both pros and cons, and whether or not an RBA is right for you really just depends on one thing - you. If you have a love for vaping and want to get more invloved and learn a bit more about the process, then an RBA offers a good way for doing that. However, if you just want to relax and enjoy vaping in the most convenient way possible, a rebuildable might not be the right choice. Bottom line, when it comes to RBAs, you have to do your due diligence. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the pieces and the process before embarking on an RBA adventure. Alternatively avoid the hard work and get the V2 Pro!