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How to Improve the Lifespan of your Vaporizer's Atomizers

11th Sep 2017

A vape coil We get a lot of questions about coils/atomizers & how long they last. People want to know what they are and how they should function. Some are curious about rebuildable atomizers, and we’ve done some explaining about them already. Others want to know if they should upgrade from e-cigs to vaporizers at all and if so, when the right time to do it is. If you’ve done your reading on those topics, you may be wondering how you can maintain and even improve your atomizer’s lifespan.

First it is important to note that different types of atomizers will have different lifespans. Rebuildable atomizers are made to do what their name indicates – be re-built. You’ll be able to re-build those atomizers over and over again by replacing both the wick and the coil. Yet, generally when we talk about an atomizer’s lifespan we’re talking about the coil, and in a sense the wick too. The longevity of these two pieces will determine when you need to toss your atomizer and get a new one. Again, we’re going to exclude rebuildable atomizers from this conversation because that’s an entirely different animal with regard to longevity.

On average, you should expect your atomizer to last a few weeks. If they are dying on you after a few days, you’ve got a problem. Perhaps you are purchasing cheap atomizers, in which case we recommend you switch to high quality atomizers. Otherwise, there may be things that you are doing to burn them out quicker than usual. If you’re getting a consistent burnt taste from your atomizer, it’s probably time to switch it out. In the following section, we’ll give you some tips on how to prolong their life.

5 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of a Vape Coil

Take a Break. It’s easy to simply puff away on our vapour devices. Especially when you have a premium e-liquid loaded into your vapour tank. We all love to vape and it can become almost instinctual to take one puff after another. But “chain puffing” is liable to wear out your atomizer. If you vape repeatedly for too long, you won’t give your atomizer enough time to have its wick replenished. Take some breaks and your atomizer will last that much longer.

Re-Wick Often. Your coil is intended to last a lot longer than your wick. A wick is generally a piece of cotton or other material, and it will wear out. It’s the piece that will soak up your e-liquid and provide that touch point with your coil. Your coil will do its thing to heat up the e-liquid and create vapour. If you want your atomizer to last longer, make sure you re-wick often. Keeping a fresh wick will ensure your coil doesn’t take on any abuse and thus your entire atomizer’s life will be extended.

Don’t Run Dry. Running your vapour device on empty is not at all a good thing for your atomizer. Not to mention that “dry puff” you experience is neither tasty nor good for you. If your vapour tank is empty and your wick dries out, you’ll be essentially burning it up if you try to vape. This can greatly reduce the lifespan of your atomizer. Always keep your vapour tank full and your wick moist.

Prime Them. This goes along with the previous tip in that you are trying to avoid those “dry hits” that are hard for your atomizer to take. Priming your atomizer simply means giving it some time to absorb that e-liquid. After you re-fill your tank, let your device sit there for at least 5 minutes. This will give it an opportunity to become soaked with e-liquid. You’ll avoid a dry run and your atomizer will last longer.

Lighten the Load. Be careful how much power you are running through your coil. Besides adhering to the right safety procedures, pushing a lot of power through it could mean you end up burning out your e-liquid too quickly. This produces that “dry hit” and next thing you know, you’ve greatly reduced the lifespan of your atomizer.

Now you know how long your atomizer should last and you’re armed with some tips. Use them! Follow our advice and you’ll be on your way to extending the life of your atomizer. Like anything else, it will reach its end. But you can avoid that end coming prematurely by understanding your atomizer and paying proper attention to your usage. Enjoy your vaping experience and keep those atomizers running like well-oiled machines!

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