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When to Upgrade From E-Cigs to Vaporizers

24th Jul 2017

series3-series7-vaporizers.jpgHere’s a story we often hear. We hear from smokers who are looking to make a switch and find that paradigm shift in vapour. When they approach vapour for the first time, their natural inclination is to seek out what looks and feels the most familiar. That’s why so many decide that their first entry into vapour products will be through what is commonly referred to as a 2-piece electronic cigarette.

They’ll then pick out a product to begin their vapour journey with. Hopefully, it will be a quality product because cheap e-cigs like those “free” deals you should be wary of can tarnish their opinion of vaping by giving them an inferior experience. Let’s assume they make the right choice and pick out a premium starter kit. It will give them the combination of superior quality and ease of use.

After all, a 2-piece electronic cigarette makes that transition very simple. You don’t need to fuss with refilling e-liquid since you can just buy pre-filled cartridges. When you are out, you throw them in the rubbish and screw on a new one. They’re even made to look like what a smoker is used to. The only real change is that they’ll need to charge batteries. Otherwise, the experience is quite similar for most people.

That is, of course, why so many do go the route of the electronic cigarette first. This appeal is what helped vapour really break into the market as a viable option for people. It was hard to wrap their heads around a vaporizer and refilling e-liquid, not to mention the size of those early models. But a 2-piece e-cig was very straightforward and identifiable. Yet, there does come for some people when they feel the need to upgrade from e-cigs to vaporizers.

Your Vapour Needs Can Change

This isn’t to say that the inevitable next step for people is moving from e-cigs to vaporizers. There are a great many people who made that switch to vapour through electronic cigarettes and they more than meet their needs. If you’re here and reading this, it probably means that you are entertaining the idea of changing course and trying out vaporizers. It can be confusing to understand when this step is right for you, so let’s go through some indicators that your needs have changed and it may be the right time for you to “upgrade” to a vaporizer.

More Vapour

This is the first and most common reason for someone who vapes a 2-piece to want to make the switch to a vaporizer. While 2-piece e-cig type systems can produce plenty of vapour, and more than enough for you to make that switch, it doesn’t match the power of vaporizers. They will give you bigger clouds of vapour than an e-cig would. If you’ve come to a point where you want more vapour, then you should transition to a vaporizer.

More Freedom

One of the key features of a 2-piece e-cig is its simplicity. That’s why it is usually the first go-to option for newcomers to vapour. Yet, the flip side of this coin is that simplicity will limit you somewhat. With a vaporizer, you have an open system that gives you more freedom. Wondering how your two favourite e-liquid flavours would taste together? Combine them and fill your tank. You can experiment more easily with a vaporizer system. If that sounds like a hassle, stick to an e-cig. But if it sounds exciting, consider making the switch to a vaporizer.

More Value

The convenience of an e-cig is that everything comes ready for you to use. You simply buy a pack of premium e-cig cartridges and you’re ready to go. However, on a “pound for pound” comparison, vaporizers offer more value. It’s cheaper to buy e-liquid and fill it yourself, and that tank will keep you going longer than a cartridge will. If you are okay with doing some of the work yourself and are looking to stretch your money further, it could be a good time for you to try a vaporizer.

Even if you don’t fall into the categories above, you may feel like you want to upgrade to a vaporizer anyway. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Even simple curiosity isn’t a bad reason to try vaporizers. Give a top-quality vaporizer a try and you may find that you like it even more than your 2-piece electronic cigarette.