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Halloween: Facing Your Fears

27th Oct 2018

essential-decorations-accessory-of-happy-halloween-festival-concept-backgroundAs creepy crawlies comes out to play and the night of All Hallows Eve approaches, here at Vapour2 we look to standing up to the scary stuff and facing our fears, however meagre or morbid they may be. Here’s to Halloween and what will be and what might be if we continue to avoid and bypass those things that haunt us the most.

Giving Up Smoking

However you got hooked in the first place is irrelevant, for the unfortunate truth is that once you’ve got into the habit of smoking, the likelihood is you’ve become addicted to nicotine. By nature, your brain feels compelled to act on the addictive nature of nicotine and fosters a habit, you’d quite frankly rather not have. However hard you try to quit, cravings come a-calling and before you know it you’ve lit up, tears rolling down your cheek, wondering if this nightmare of an addiction will ever end.

In addition to being imprisoned in a dungeon of doom like addiction to nicotine and unbeknown too many, is that you’ll also have a horrifically heinous addiction to sugar that no one really told you about when you started all this smoking business. Tobacco contains up to 20% of natural sugars, roughly a teaspoon per cigarette, which is a substantially monstrous amount, for a habit you casually got caught up in, like a defenceless fly stuck to a sticky spider’s web.

Once hooked, it’s a scary proposition to consider quitting tobacco. How will you cope with the crippling cravings that so many speak of? Fear not friends, for Vapour2 are here to face those fears together. Found to be up to 95% less harmful than tobacco,  e-cigarettes have the potential to serve as an aid in your quest to re-discover your best self once again.

Available in a variety of nicotine levels, you’ll slowly be able to reduce your intake until that moment of superhero like strength enables you to become entirely nicotine free. But what about abating those sugar cravings? Fret not, for we’ve got you covered! Choose from a range of fruity flavoured  e-liquids and let your sweet tooth subside, like your exit from the nicotine and sugar nightmare you slowly awaken from.

With the scary stuff out of the way, why not celebrate the Halloween holidays with some suitably scary flavours befitting the season? Try Vapour2’s limited edition Pumpkin Spice or Black Tobacco 0% nicotine flavours to either blended and mixed with your favourite Vapour2 e-liquid or simply vape them on their own for a nicotine-free experience.

At a time of year when death and all its gruesome detail is brought to attention, it should potentially be theorised that indeed the Grim Reaper uses tobacco as part of a sinister plan to cripple the NHS. In 2016/17 there were some 484,700 hospital admissions attributed to smoking, not to mention an estimated 77,900 deaths, a handsome sum, for Death, the Prince of Darkness and the cohort of horrific figures that lie in wait to feed on our fear.

Stand strong this Halloween. Face your fears. Quit smoking. Start Vaping.