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GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 Review: Better Than the Original?

1st Jul 2021

GeekVape Aegis Legend and Aegis Legend 2 Devices

Durability meets style in the latest model from the GeekVape Aegis range, as the popular manufacturer announced the exciting Aegis Legend 2 to customers in the UK for 2021. As one of the most eagerly anticipated vape mods, there are a few noticeable differences including the reduced size of the new version.

In keeping with the Aegis Legend, the user interface is unchanged and the shape is similar to other vape mods we have seen come to the market such as the GeekVape Aegis X and SMOK Arcfox, but what do we make of the Aegis Legend 2? Is it bigger and better than ever or just another vape mod? Let’s evaluate everything about the device and tank as part of the kit to reach a reasonable verdict about its worth to vapers.

Aegis Legend 2 - New and Improved?

It looks like a more polished model than the first. Previously many noted with the Aegis Legend how durable it was and a solid vape to use in all-weather conditions, essentially wherever you’re it’s reliable. However, although it was practical enough, it didn’t have the smooth finish and slick look you now get from the Aegis Legend 2. It’s rated even higher for IP protection rating (but more on that later) and looks like a modern vape in 2021 plenty of people will enjoy in the UK. GeekVape has kept the general durability and versatility that made the popular Aegis Legend one of the top vape mods available but added some neat features and design upgrades.

Browse Aegis Legend 2

Overall, it’s easier to carry around and looks like a fresh spin on the Legend series. Every mod is different which remains the beauty of the vaping industry - it all comes down to personal preference and what you seek from your device. With that in mind, let’s look at the key features and specifications of the Aegis Legend 2.

Key Features and Specifications

  GeekVape Aegis Legend 2 Vape Mod With Z 2021 Tank

Let’s Talk About the New GeekVape Zeus Z Coils

Made from Kanthal material, the excellent Zeus Z Coils from GeekVape are available in 0.2 (single mesh with wicked flavour) and 0.25 Ohms (dual mesh) as part of the kit but you also have the option of 0.4 Ohm to purchase separately as well for a bit of higher resistance. Along with the Z 2021 Tank, they work together perfectly to give the vaper some quality flavour and cloud production similar to the Aegis Legend.

GeekVape Zeus Z Mesh Coil and Packaging  

Functionality and How to Use the Device

The home screen is an identical layout to the Aegis Legend. As they say, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it! It highlights the wattage, Ohm resistance, Voltage, puff counter, battery display indicating how much life is left and Amps in an easy to read format. You can change the wattage in increments of five watts by clicking the left and right buttons up to a maximum of 200W. It returns to five watts after reaching 200, which is time-saving.

  • Five clicks to turn on the device and the same to turn it off
  • If you need to change your batteries, simply slide the battery cap button to open the door to insert your dual 18650s
  • You can lock and unlock the whole device by sliding the mechanism on the side of the Legend 2
  • Similar to Aegis Legend, the fire button and right button together allows you to adjust the screen brightness
  • Click the protruding fire button three times to select your power mode, which changes from Bypass Mode, TC Titanium, TC Stainless Steel, TC Nickel, TC TCR (Temperature Coefficient Rating) and Variable Power Curves
  • You then press the fire button once and scroll down the menu to select one of the options such as Voltage if you wish to adjust

Appearance Breakdown

The main difference between the new Aegis Legend 2 and its older sibling the Aegis Legend is the appearance. With a slightly bigger screen at 1.08 inches, designed from mainly metal alloy material with the same leather grip and a more shiny look as the rubber texture is removed, the Legend 2 looks significantly different.


Aegis Legend 2 Screen Display

It’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing and stylish than its predecessor, plus more compact and easier to grip in the hand too. While it’s not as durable because of the thinner materials, the IP rating is still higher at IP68 than the previous IP67 rating with Tri-Proof Technology protection; including being dustproof, waterproof and shockproof.

It’s also possible to change the colour theme of your menu by pressing the fire button three times till the power button is highlighted, after holding the left and right buttons together when in the menu. This will allow you to switch between yellow, blue, green and purple.

The only thing to note - because it’s not as wide or thick, the stability is not as strong with the Aegis Legend 2 and you can not fit tanks with a 26-inch diameter or wider on the mod without a slight overhang, so that’s something to consider. 

Key Advantages Aegis Legend 2 Kit vs Aegis Legend

  • Flavour equal to many bottom airflow Sub-Ohm tanks, except this mesh Z 2021 Tank from GeekVape is top airflow!
  • Zeus Z coils give a fantastic smooth and rich taste
  • Near-instant hit at 0.003 seconds when touching the quieter fire button than the Aegis Legend
  • Lock feature on the side of the device is a welcome addition
  • Upgraded to IP68 rating for extra protection of the Aegis Legend 2
  • More compact and ergonomically designed with easy access for the Type-C charger than the original Aegis Legend. Also easier to hold too for vaping on the move
  • Simple sliding top-fill in the Z 2021 Sub-Ohm GeekVape Tank
  • Comfortable 810 drip tip for DTL or RDL vaping
  GeekVape Z 2021 Tank Divided Into Parts


  • Less stable device standing up than the Aegis Legend but that’s expected because of the material it’s designed with
  • More likely to damage when dropped than the first in the Legend line because of the removed rubber texture. However, this also means fewer dust particles, so everybody will have a different preference

Final Thoughts

We think this is a well-crafted vape mod that’s reliable and designed with a definite style upgrade for DTL vaping. Additions like the lock switch and the metallic appearance separate it from the original Aegis Legend and the reduced weight and size all factor into what makes this mod stand out. Together with the Zeus Z Mesh Coils and the Z 2021 Sub-Ohm Tank, it kicks out some lovely flavour from your favourite high VG e-liquids, which would go well with the Legend 2. To summarise, we think GeekVape have done a good job working on some of the drawbacks from the Aegis Legend while tweaking the positives to provide a solid adjustable vape mod option for enthusiasts of the first model.

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