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Changes to the V2 Cigs Line Up - Post-TPD

11th May 2017

Changes Ahead SignLast month we blogged about the upcoming Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and outlined some of the main restrictions that will be put in place for vapers and vape brands when the regulations come into force. Now we’re just over a week away from the 19th we thought it was the perfect time to hone in on exactly what changes you’ll notice us implementing next week.

Many of the TPD regulations are welcome safety precautions and we have already implement them here at V2 Cigs, so for much of our product line it’s business as usual with little more than a name change from a user's perspective.There are quite a few changes and improvements we’re putting in place to ensure every product we offer is manufactured to a high standard and is TPD compliant.

Our highest nicotine strength will be 1.8%

Those who favour a stronger nicotine hit will know that 2.4% is currently our highest e-liquid strength but the TPD is implementing a nicotine strength cap of 2%. After May 19th you’ll no longer be able to purchase our 2.4% option, so the highest strength we’ll be offering will be 1.8%. You could try the new Vapour2 PRO Series E Liquid cartridge which give a higher nicotine dose per puff than the original e liquid cartridge.

Our largest e-liquid bottle will be 10ml if it contains nicotine

It’s often more cost effective and convenient for vapers to buy larger bottles of e liquid, so we’ve always offered multiple options: 10ml, 25ml and 50ml. After May 19th the largest size of e liquid (containing nicotine) that can be legally sold in the UK will be 10ml, so we’ll be forced to retire our larger bottle sizes next week.

Zero nicotine e liquid will still be available in 25ml bottles so why not try mixing Zero with another strength.

E Liquid SamplerOur maximum cartridge size will be 2ml

The TPD regulations include a restriction on the maximum capacity of a cartomiser or cartridge, so next week our largest cartridge capacity will be 2ml. Our product line of cartridges will remain largely unchanged, as most of our products (like the EX Blanks, and the V2 Pro 3 Tank) fall below the 2ml threshold. Some old tanks had a capacity over the 2ml threshold so this size will no longer be available after May 19th. We have replaced it with the new 2ml TPD compliant version of the Vapour2 PRO Series 7 E Liquid Cartridge which is fully compatible with all models of the PRO Series 7 Vaporizer.

A few changes to our Starter Packs

It’s not only our standalone products that will be changing after May 19th; you can also expect some changes to be made to our vaping kits, particularly those that include bottles of e liquid. A number of our kits currently come with a 25ml bottle of e liquid, so these will be amended from the end of next week onwards and become fully TPD compliant. Kits that will be affected will now contain a number of 10ml bottles, these kits include the Classic E-Liquid Standard Vape Pen Kit.

At V2 Cigs we’re committed to delivering our three core principles with every product we offer: Taste. Trust. Technology. As part of our Trust principle we aim to always be as transparent as possible with our customers and take steps to ensure we help you enjoy a safe, happy vaping experience.

When the TPD was first announced we began putting plans in place to make any appropriate changes to our product line and ensure a seamless transition for our customers. If you have any questions about how the TPD might impact you and your vaping or if you’re concerned about possible changes to your favourite products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team who are on hand to discuss any concerns or queries you might have.