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Battery Charging Tips for Electronic Cigarette Users

12th Dec 2015

Vape Battery Charging Tips

Every time you light up a traditional cigarette, your money is going up in smoke. Literally! Tobacco cigarettes release nicotine and 7000 other chemical compounds when you ignite the tobacco. So, your money is not the only thing going up in smoke; also include your health, your appearance and your personal aroma! Switching to electronic cigarettes, vape pens and other vaporizing devices can help you cut costs and mitigate the severely damaging effects of traditional smoking.

How do you ensure you maximise the benefits of electronic cigarettes? We have useful tips and advice that will help you boost battery life, optimise your cost savings and enjoy your vaping experience even more.

A Quick Start Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette batteries

Electronic cigarettes contain a lithium ion battery; instead of fire, you depend on this battery. When you inhale (with automatic batteries) or push a button (with manual batteries), it activates the battery. Then, the battery activates the atomizer, which has a coil that heats the e-liquid. The liquid becomes vaporized – thus, the common term ‘vaping.’ (In many of today’s e-cigs, the atomizer and e-liquid cartridge are combined into a single unit, called a ‘cartomizer.’)

Vape pens and personal vaporizers work on the same principle, though battery sizes vary. Because the e-liquid needs to be heated to produce a lovely flavoured rich vapour, the battery is the core of the e-cig. Keeping it functioning optimally is essential in saving money, maximising convenience and ensuring you can vape whenever you like. Here are some essential tips for maintaining a battery and getting the best results when recharging.

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Vape Battery Charging Tips

  • 1.Use the battery regularly. Just like the batteries in your mobile or mp3 player, the batteries in your electronic cigarettes are designed to be used frequently. Leaving the battery unused for long periods can make it more difficulty (and less efficient) for power to move through the cells. While everyday use is not necessary, keep in mind that leaving it in an ‘off’ state for too long affects performance.
  • 2.Mind your temperature. Think Goldilocks: the ambient temperature at which you use and store your e-cigarette battery should not be too hot or too cold. The optimal temperature range is between 20°C (68°F) to 25°C (77°F). Heat is particularly dangerous for lithium ions, so remember to keep it cool.
  • 3.Do not fully drain your battery. When you have a laptop, you are often advised to run the battery dead to ‘train it.’ That is, those batteries have a charge memory. The same is not true of your e-cig battery.Do not let the battery completely drain. When the ‘battery low’ indicator is on, recharge. Some users recommend that you do not wait for the indicator; rather, you should recharge when you notice a decrease in the volume of vapor. What both camps do agree on is that you should never discharge the battery completely. This puts more strain on it and greatly reduces its life.
  • 4.Unplug when your battery is full. If you are like many (most?) electronic cigarette users, you plug your battery in at night so it is ready to go in the morning. Convenient, sure. But it can decrease the life of your battery. Charging after a battery is full causes it to overwork, and when it’s only got so much work in it, you want to use it to maximum advantage!
  • 5.Unscrew the atomizer or cartomizer. Have you ever heard the term ‘zombie energy’ or ‘phantom energy’? It’s the power that plugged-in appliances continue to draw even when they are not turned on. Your electronic cigarette does something similar. When you are not vaping, the cartomizer is connected to the battery and continuing to drain its energy. If you are not going to be using your e-cig for an extended period of time (e.g. while you are at work or sleeping), disconnect the battery from the cartomizer or atomizer. It will help extend its life, and save you money.
  • 6.Make sure your battery has charge before you store it. It is best to store your batteries with a 40 per cent charge. Much more or much less will make it more difficult for them to recharge, and it will cause them to run down much faster. It’s a simple step you can take to get as much life as you can out of your battery.
  • 7.Clean up. With all the tasks you have to do each day, cleaning your electronic cigarette battery falls somewhere near the end of the list. But doing so will help make the battery operate more efficiently. E-liquid leaks, dust and gunk can build up and block battery connections, plug air holes, promote corrosion and/or make it more difficult to inhale deeply enough to produce a nice cloud of vapor. Take the time to clean the battery with a cotton swab or alcohol wipe. Use a toothpick to carefully clean out the air holes. You’ll breathe easier!
  • 8.Invest in high-quality batteries. Perhaps the best way to ensure a long life is to choose batteries that are well-made. Cut-rate e-cigs, available at convenience marts and the like, are not made for durability. Best to spend a bit more to get a battery – and an electronic cigarette – that will serve you well and cut costs for the long term.
  • 9.Choose a longer battery. It only makes sense that increasing the length of the battery increases its capacity. A standard battery lasts for about 200 puffs. A large battery adds another 100 or more puffs, and extended life batteries last even longer. By regularly recharging, and following the tips above, you can expect your battery to last for three to four months, or longer, depending on how and how frequently you vape.
  • 10.Try an ‘Express’ charger. While it will not affect your battery life, per se, an Express Charger can cut the time that your electronic cigarette is out of commission. Some express models charge twice as fast as standard chargers, and they include a switch off to prevent overcharging. Look for a USB model, and you have a convenient way to recharge from your laptop or car adapter.

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E-Cigarette Batteries and Your Safety

There are critics of electronic cigarettes and other vaping methods who say that it is not a safe practice. The battery they say, can cause injury. Remember that lithium ion batteries are among the most commonly used in the world, and they reside in our laptops, cameras, mobile phones & other mobile devices, cordless tools and even in electric cars.

Singling out electronic cigarettes is rather unfair. Is there a danger? Sure – just as there is when operating your laptop. Should you use caution and be safety-aware? Yes, just as you should be when using your mobile. To ensure maximum safety, always use, charge and store your battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Other helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • If you have an extra battery, keep it safe. Invest in a low-cost protective carrying case.
  • Do not leave your battery in a very hot area. For example, if you leave it in your car on a sweltering summer day, you can not only reduce its life, you can increase your chance of a safety mishap. While the odds are low, there is no reason to risk your safety in any way. Remember, your battery doesn’t like cold either, so, as mentioned earlier, keep the temperature range moderate.
  • Do not overtighten your atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer when attaching it to the battery.
  • Always charge your battery on a hard surface. Use a table or night side stand rather than your bed or sofa, for example.
  • When your electronic cigarette or other vaping apparatus is not in use, turn your battery off (if your e-cig offers that feature). If not, you can always unscrew the battery from the atomizer or cartomizer.
  • Always use the charging equipment that comes with your battery and electronic cigarette or purchase a charger that you are sure is compatible. Check before you buy.
  • Go for quality. Always. You’re right: purchasing a high-quality electronic cigarette, battery and charger does cost a bit more than buying the cheap ones at the convenience store. But not all lithium ion batteries are created equal. Reputable brands sell batteries that are well made and use materials that are not conducive to overheating.

When you do all you can to keep your battery life optimal, it’s time to turn to general safety. Here are some tips to help you use your electronic cigarettes responsibly:

  • Do not modify your electronic cigarette or other components. Doing so can render them unsafe because they are not being used as the manufacturer intended.
  • If you take out your battery and are on the go, remember to put it in a safe carrying case. If you can’t, at least carry it without other objects (e.g. coins, keys, etc.).
  • Be careful about vaping while driving. Before you get into the car, make sure your e-liquid cartridge is full and your battery is charged. It is best not to vape while driving. If you choose to, make sure your vape cloud is not distracting or does not impair your vision.
  • While batteries and electronic cigarettes from reputable suppliers are manufactured for maximum safety, always check your battery for signs of corrosion, swelling or damage. If you see such signs, discontinue use immediately.
  • Store e-liquid out of reach of children. If you have little ones, remember that e-liquids with labels such as ‘vanilla’, ‘chocolate’ and ‘grape’ can e appealing – but consuming those containers can be hazardous. Also, it is best to store it in a cool place with minimal exposure to light to ensure that you achieve the longest lasting flavour.
  • If you own an e-cigarette, use only the compatible e-liquids and cartridges. Do not mix and match. It is not safe – and it will not deliver an optimal experience.

The Bottom Line: Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

The scientific evidence suggests that electronic cigarettes are up to 95% (Source: Public Health England Report, Aug 2015) safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The biggest danger of a regular cigarette is the smoke produced from a fire source (e.g. a lighter). The combustion releases harmful chemicals and a noxious cloud. There is no smoke from an electronic cigarette; quite simply, they do not burn.

If you are considering using e-cigarettes as a means to switch from smoking, the switch can product immediate benefits – both to your health and to your budget.

You can choose the strength of your e-liquid, depending on your current smoking habits. For example, if you are a heavy smoker, you might choose a ‘high’ level of nicotine (e.g. 2.4%).

Using an e-cigarette at this strength can approximate the ‘throat hit’ or ‘chest hit’ that you experience when smoking a traditional cigarette. The difference is that you are not inhaling the dozens of carcinogenic chemicals found it tobacco products. Another benefit is that you can gradually dial back the level of nicotine in your e-liquid.

Maybe after a month, you drop down to 1.8%. A month after that, you are down to 1.2%, Soon enough – and on your own schedule – you have reduced your nicotine craving to zero. With e-liquid options available with no nicotine, you can enjoy vaping without any addictive substances.

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This change, and the overall switch to electronic cigarettes, is much safer for your health. It is certainly much more advantageous to your budget.

Making the Most of Your E-Cigarette Experience

Electronic cigarettes, vape pens and vaporizers can save you money. They can also help you improve your health and your ability to enjoy a full, satisfying life. Get the most out of your battery; protect your safety; and most importantly, get the most out of your vaping experience.