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7 Fixable Vapour Tank Mistakes

4th Sep 2017

3 vape tanksWe all make mistakes. Some are worse than others, and a lot of that depends on what the subject is. A mistake on your exam probably isn’t as bad as the mistake your surgeon makes, right? There are also mistakes that are fixable. The below aren’t life threatening, but they are fixable. Those are the best kind of mistakes. If you use a vapour tank, chances are you may be doing one of these. Pay attention below and rectify those mistakes. You’ll be happy you did.

Our Top 7 Vape Tank Tips

1.  Not Letting Them Soak. Your vapour tank is out of e-liquid and your natural next step is to fill it right back up. That part is fine, but the mistake made next is not only common, but fixable too. If you take a drag right after you fill your tank, you’re likely to get a burnt taste. That’s because your wick hasn’t had enough time to soak up the e-liquid you just poured in. Essentially, you’re trying to vape on an empty tank and burning up your wick. This one is easy to fix. Simply let your vapour tank sit for 5 minutes before you vape and you should be good to go.

2.  Not Enough Juice. We’re talking about power here. A common mistake is to hook up a new vapour system with a new vapour tank, but using an old battery. That may work, but it won’t necessarily give you the experience you are looking for. Batteries fade over time, so don’t be surprised if you aren’t getting the vapour you want from a new setup. Purchase a new battery that has enough juice – an easy fix.

3.  Out of Juice. Now we’re talking about e-liquid, which some like to call e-juice. It’s not fun when you run out of anything, much less e-liquid. But, in particular, letting your e-liquid run out of your vapour tank leads to some bad results. This is when you are liable to get the dreaded dry puff, where you are actually burning up your wick. It’s terrible tasting and bad for you too. Make sure you don’t run your vapour tank on completely empty.

4.  Wrong Settings. This has more to do with your battery than your vapour tank, but it affects it equally. If you’re using an adjustable wattage or voltage vapour system , you’re liable to make this mistake. Using the wrong wattage settings, such as having it set too high for your coil’s resistance, will burn out your coil. That’s just one example. Make sure you understand vaping power fully to have your settings correct before you vape and avoid damaging your vapour tank or other parts. Very fixable!

5.  Fitting Things That Don’t Fit . If something isn’t fitting right, don’t force it. We’ll hear how a vapour tank will get stuck onto a battery because someone tried to force it to fit. Parts should work smoothly together. If a battery doesn’t screw on, or a coil isn’t attaching right, don’t force it! Try to figure out the issue and reach out for help if you can’t figure it out.

6.  Trigger Finger. Some people like to hold down their trigger button for too long before taking a vape. It can produce this lovely crackling sound, but it also can cause condensation to form on your drip tip or vapour tank. That condensation can reduce the amount of vapour produced. It’s a small mistake that can add up and is easily fixable.

7.  Leaving It On. We can all be forgetful, but this is one time you really want to avoid forgetting. Leaving your vapour device on and then putting it in your pocket, for instance, isn’t a great idea. It can even be dangerous as batteries emit heat, and leaving them on for a long time is far from ideal. Your vapour tank may not be affected, but this was too important to leave off this list.

There are other mistakes that we hear about, but the above seven are the most common. If you focus on these you’ll improve your vaping experience and extend the life of your vapour tank and other parts. Once you incorporate the fixes into your vaping routine, you likely won’t make these mistakes again.