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Popcorn Lung: Dispelling the Myth

17th Jan 2019

From King Arthur and Merlin the Magician to Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood – myths and legends are the kind of alluring subject matter that has the tendency to invite wild ostentatious discussions amongst keen conversationalists. Indeed, there are those individuals predisposed to engross themselves in gossip spreading, far and wide misinformed titbits of hearsay to any ears that find themselves within listening distance.Of course, e cigs and vaping have faced their fair share of negativ
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Switch to E-Cigarettes in 2019

17th Dec 2018

What a year. Endless bulletins about something beginning with ‘B’ and ending in ‘T’ - viewers glued to their screens for reality TV-series Love Island - England’s Kane and co. doing rather well at the World Cup - and another Christmas holiday packed with party after party. As we look to conclude another year - if you’re a smoker - whatever escapade you may have found yourself fervently following, it’s likely that in all the excitement, hype and anxiety, you may have indulged in y
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What to do if you’re suffering from a smoking relapse

15th Dec 2018

Whether you’re suffering from the stresses of the season or have had one too many tipples and have forgotten your mission, it’s safe to say that if you’ve recently been trying to give up on your smoking habits, you may have feasibly succumbed to a smoking relapse throughout the course of the festive period. Have no fear, for Vapour2 are here to ease your woes and let you know that it’s going to be okay. Let’s take a look at what to do if you’ve suffered from a smoking relapse and how to eas
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Should You Vape as a Minimalist?

12th Dec 2018

Sick of ‘stuff’? In the age of consumerism and convenience, our lives can quickly become overrun with an assortment of unnecessary items that without our knowing can clog our thoughts and in turn our lives. Free your mind and your time and let’s take a look at minimalism and how to vape with less in the year ahead.Suffering from Stuff-Ocation? There’s no controlling Christmas. You may have wrapped all your presents with recyclable brown paper, adopted a penguin on behalf of your Uncle
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Hanging Out with Vapers Will Help You Quit Smoking

10th Dec 2018

Struggling to quit smoking? However long you may have been addicted to tobacco, it’s likely that those you surround yourself with, your contemporaries and peers, may also be of the same persuasion. However are you supposed to stop when you’re so embedded in a fraternity of fellow smokers, beckoning you to join them every time they pop out for a ‘quick one’. If you don’t have them in your life already, the harsh reality is that you may have to go and find yourself some new friends as ne
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