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This VApril Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

27th Mar 2019

The world’s largest vaping awareness campaign, VApril, is back to help share the good news about e-cigs and implore smokers to ditch the cigarettes and switch to vaping. Do you smoke or someone you know someone smokes? Find out more and get ready to take on the VApril challenge.Take the VApril Challenge Taking place throughout the month of April, VApril is all about existing vapers lending their support to the cause by sharing their positive vaping experiences with smokers. By spreading the
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What is Stealth Vaping?

20th Mar 2019

Ever been caught doing something, you’re not supposed to be doing? Data suggests the majority of us have done it at some point while we’ve been vaping – but what exactly is stealth and zero vaping and what can be done to address it? Let’s find out...Is Stealth Vaping a Problem?Stealth vaping is when you vape your e-cigarettes discreetly, in the attempt to avoid detection of others, usually in a space where you’re maybe not supposed to be vaping in the first place.With a stealthy sleigh
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Dispelling the Myth: Vaping is a Gateway to Kids Smoking

15th Mar 2019

For many, ‘the unknown’ can open up a chasm of questions within their enquiring minds and for many, e-cigarettes are an unknown quantity bearing various alarm bells. Questions, hearsay, and myths are part and parcel of any industry in its infancy, but due to the nature of e-cigarettes as a nicotine delivery system, suspicion hangs in the air like a thick cloud of vapour struggling to disperse. Propelled by recent media coverage, one such conspiracy commonly found circulating the myth trail, i
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Study Suggests E-Cigs Are More Effective Than Other Nicotine Replacements

14th Mar 2019

If you’ve quit cigarettes and are now an ardent vaper living a smoke-free life, then you’ll know just how effective e-cigarettes are. When it comes to combatting the tough times every smoker faces in their quest to quit tobacco, vaping provides a far less harmful alternative to smoking. An innovation that has helped free millions of smokers from the shackles of tobacco and the noxious carcinogens and carbon monoxide that one subjects themselves to every time they smoke - e-cigs really do wo
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How to Choose the Strength of Your E-Liquid & Cartridges

11th Mar 2019

Deciding to quit smoking and start vaping is the first major step on your route to becoming smoke-free. In 2015 PHE said that vaping e-liquid is up to 95% less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco products. Meaning e-cigs have the potential for smokers to become smoke-free altogether. Great news, but when it comes to buying e liquid for the first time, how do you know which strength is for you and what will match your current consumption? An extremely valid and common question among first-t
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