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​Voopoo Argus Z Kit Review - the Ideal Beginner Device?

1st Mar 2023

Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kits

Voopoo Argus Z Pod Kit Quick Summary


  • Compact design
  • No buttons to press - auto-draw action only
  • Unique airflow for a smoother vape
  • Clear visible pods to see e-liquids levels
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Conveniently large 900mAh battery for mouth-to-lung vaping
  • Argus Z is compatible with other Argus pods


  • Only 0.7 Ohm pod is available with the kit initially (1.2 Ohm pod sold separately)
  • Doesn’t offer a typical mouth-to-lung draw that’s tighter
  • Relatively long charging time of roughly one hour and 30 minutes

Is the Voopoo Argus Z Similar to Others in the Series?

The previous Voopoo Argus pod kits are similar in design and functionality. Both the Voopoo Argus P1 and Voopoo Argus Pod are compact enough to fit in the pocket for vaping during a busy schedule. They all adapt to the same pods, with the two previous models accepting 0.7 Ohm and 1.2 Ohm pods, so you can have a tighter or looser mouth-to-lung draw.

Voopoo Argus Z With a 900mAh Battery

The Voopoo Argus Pod is similar to the Argus Z in terms of shape and design, with both slightly longer and more narrow than the Voopoo Argus P1. It depends on personal preference what you like more for form factor when vaping. The Argus Pod reaches as high as 20W with mesh coils and the Argus P1 up to 15W. All are auto-draw devices and the Argus Z is a slight upgrade at 900mAh battery capacity compared to 800mAh with the other two!

How Does the Argus Z Perform?

Because of the automatic draw, the fixed wattage up to 17W max and the fantastic V-shaped airflow design from the pods, the Argus Z produces fantastic consistent flavour. For a very affordable price, you get a reliable kit that’s easy to hold while vaping, lightweight and features a comfortable mouthpiece. The pods are virtually leakproof, which creates a very reliable vape experience, which is favoured in particular by new vapers. However, one downside is you can’t adjust the wattage or airflow, meaning you are limited in what kind of inhalation comes out of the Argus Z.

Which Coils Can You Use From Voopoo?

With the kit, there is only one pod option - the 0.7 Ohm pre-installed coil. This offers a slightly loose mouth-to-lung draw which is popular at the moment with vapers. If you prefer a tighter draw which is synonymous with vaping mouth-to-lung of the past, there is the option of a 1.2 Ohm coil previously seen with the Voopoo Argus P1 and Voopoo Argus Pod, but this is not available with the Voopoo Argus Z.

Voopoo Argus Z Pod With 0.7 Ohm Coil Installed

Functionality and How to Use the Device

As we stated earlier, it’s a type-c device with a one-and-a-half-hour charge, which is aimed at mouth-to-lung vapers, lasting up to two days, depending on how much you vape. Using the device is easy enough as it’s auto-draw only. Therefore, there are no buttons to press or settings to adjust (which is not always a bad thing) if you prefer less fuss.

Filling the pods is easy with a silicone stopper at the bottom of the cartridge to top up your e-liquids. Just pop it out where the arrow indicates and use the bottle dropper for adding the chosen vape juice. The hole could ideally be slightly larger if we were being picky, but it should fit standard e-liquid bottle sizes!

Regarding the LED indicators, the lights will flash green when the pod is attached to the battery. When charging, you can stand up thanks to the position of the charging port on the device. The light will be solid blue when doing so. It takes roughly one and a half hours which is a long time for a full charge when in a rush. However, you can vape standing up, so Voopoo gets a bonus point for that.

Essentially, it’s tailored made for the beginner vaper or someone who doesn’t want thrills but a nice efficient MTL kit that’s pocket friendly!

Appearance Breakdown

The Voopoo Argus Z has a fantastic simplistic design. Made from aluminium alloy and the cartridge made from PCTG, it has a nice form factor and weight to it. There are grooved edges between the battery and the pod, which creates a nice grip when vaping. The mouthpiece is curved and sits magnetically on top of the battery for efficiency and a good all-around experience. Potentially the best aspect is the 2ml cartridge, which is transparent enough to see your e-liquids levels with ease.

Voopoo Argus Z With a Clear Visible Cartridge


This is your run-of-the-mill slick starter device that’s perfect if you want the minimum amount of fuss, something that’s designed well and performs a loose mouth-to-lung vape. Because you’re limited for inhalation with no adjustable airflow or wattage, the power and control are lacking, which is a shame.

Nonetheless, for low-powered vaping that adjusts automatically to the wattage, the Voopoo Argus Z delivers great flavour and a small amount of cloud. It’s nice to have the option of the 1.2 Ohm pod as well as the 0.7 Ohm, and great if you already previously owned the previous Argus pod systems that you have different options as the pods are compatible with each. With a comfortable curved mouthpiece and plenty of battery at 900mAh, it’s a great all-day vape as a compact pocketable secondary device or a first pod kit after disposables.