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​Vaporesso Gen Series 200 vs 80S - Which is the Better Mod?

15th Jun 2022

Vaporesso Gen Series 200 vs 80S - Which is the Better Mod?

What do you hope for when you upgrade to a vape mod from a smaller kit? The idea is to get more power, longevity, often larger clouds and plenty of additional features to pick from. This comparative review shines a light on e-cigarette manufacturer Vaporesso, who have released two new models from the Gen Series simultaneously - the dual 18650 Vaporesso 200 and the single 18650 battery, called the 80S. Which is the best mod if you need to pick between two kits with a near-identical design but with different dimensions and features?

Vaporesso Gen 80S Vape Mod Kit  

What's the Key Differences Between the Two Vaporesso Gen Vape Mods?

The obvious contrast is with the size of the two devices. The 80S is a slimmer version of the 200 because it’s a singular battery mod, so if you’re after more battery power go for the Gen 200 and vice versa if you seek more convenience and a more pocket-friendly vape mod. What you also have to compare these two kits to is the Target series, which was also released by Vaporesso at the back end of 2021. The AXON chipset, interface, material used to design the mods and the tanks are all the same as the Gen Series.

A major difference is Vaporesso opting not to include temperature control on either of the Gen Series models. Not all vapers like that feature and it’s no as popular as it was five years ago, but if you’re a TC Sub-Ohm fan that’s something to think about before purchasing. Going back to the very small differences between the two Gen Series models, if you seek more power and battery life, go for the Gen 200 and for something slim and even easier to vape you can’t go wrong with the 80S from Vaporesso.

Gen 200 Key Features and Specifications

  • 5 - 220W of power
  • Dual 18650 batteries (Not Included)
  • Innovative features to change the vaping style, such as FT & Pulse mode
  • GTi coils (also compatible with the Gen 80S)
  • 2ml tank
  • Top fill
  • Adjustable triple bottom airflow with the iTank
  • AXON chipset
  • Turbo airflow system
  • E-liquid self cleaning system
  • 0.96 inch TFT display
  • 143g
  • Height - 138.5mm
  • Width - 44mm
  • Depth - 39mm

Gen 80S Key Features and Specifications

  • Innovative features to change the vaping style, such as FT & Pulse mode
  • 80W adjustable power output
  • GTi mesh coils (also compatible with the Gen 200)
  • 0.96 inch colour screen
  • Single 18650 mod (battery not included)
  • Adjustable triple bottom airflow wih the iTank
  • AXON chipset
  • Turbo airflow system
  • E-liquid self cleaning system
  • 0.96 inch TFT display
  • 76g
  • Height - 140.5mm
  • Width - 34mm
  • Depth - 25.5mm

Let’s Talk About the Vaporesso GTi Coils

Fantastic flavour straight away from the GTi coils, which are also compatible with other kits from Vaporesso. The beautiful thing is you don’t need to spend extra money or time like usual on additional e-liquid and waiting for stock coils to come to life. With the GTi’s, they work near instantly after steeping for 5-10 minutes, so vapers can enjoy fantastic flavour right away.

The coils fit into the iTank seamlessly with enough grip to hold in place comfortably. Vapers have the option of the lower resistance 0.2 ohm mesh (60-75W - best at 70W) for bigger clouds or the 0.4 ohm mesh 50-60W (best at 55w).

With the tank wide open on the airflow, the 0.2 coils offer only small amount of restriction, providing a fantastic vape in terms of taste from your e-liquids and the volume of the clouds. In contrast when using the 0.4 Ohm, it’s a little bit of a cooler vape when the airflow is wide open due to not needing as much power.

Vaporesso Gen 200 Kit  

Functionality and How to Use the Device

The iTank is easy enough to manage on a day to day basis, filling via a sliding mechanism, pushing it out via the arrow indicator and adding the dropper in, although it’s slightly difficult with a larger bottle. However, you can remove the drip tip, which is easy enough to do and create more of a gap. There are three different airflow holes for adjusting to personal preference.

Even though it’s called the Gen Series 200, it strangely vapes up to an impressive 220W in 1W increments. You can also click the mode button three times to go into settings, accessing a range of modes including:

  • Pulse mode
  • Ft mode (curve)
  • Diy mode
  • Variable wattage
  • Variable voltage
  • Bypass
  • Reset your puff counter

With a wide range of functions, you can optimise the Gen Series to find that perfect vape experience. Simply long press the mode button to switch between the different functions on the screen. To lock the screen and not press the mode buttons but still fire the device, click the fire button three times. Like most devices, it’s five clicks to turn the Gen 200 and 80S on and off.

Both are easy to navigate. As a handy feature, you can access the full menu or change the modes easily by pressing and holding the middle button and then pressing left or right buttons. Press the menu button three times again to go back through the menu.

Vaporesso Gen 200 Kit Specs  

Appearance Breakdown

Both kits improve on the Target Series because the Gen Series are lighter and more compact than the popular mods before it from Vaporesso. It’s surprising how they can make it so convenient to use mods yet keep them as light as a feather to fit in your pocket or bag, even with batteries included there is not much difference in weight between the mod and the iTank, which is astonishing!

All your usual indicators are on the generously big screens - clear as day - to let you know when your two or singular batteries are low and need charging or replacing, as well as a puff counter indicator, Ohms and a mode symbol to signify which setting you’re using. Each mod has a super solid build quality, which feels durable and smooth in the hand to grip between hits.

Both finished with a lightweight rubber coating (four layers) that prevents fingerprints and decorated with a dotted finish like an impressionist painting, they look slick and easy to keep clean. There are secure back panels on the back for your batteries and a stronger three pin 510 connection at the top for the iTank, in addition to fire resistant because of the polycarbonate material.

Overall, we’re seriously impressed with the design and can’t believe how light and small Vaporesso have made them, considering they’re single and dual 18650 battery mods.

Any Disadvantages?

  • Vaporesso could in hindsight have gone with the 21700 battery on the 80S so Sub-Ohmers may achieve a longer battery life
  • The display is not as bright on the Gen 200 as the 80S

Final Verdict - Which is the Best Choice for Mod Users?

To summarise, you can’t go too far off the tracks with either of these high-quality mods from Vaporesso. Both are designed with practicality in mind- with easy to read screens, plenty of functions to optimise the vape and a decent set of GTi coils to go inside the iTank, which is one of the best Sub-Ohm tanks on the market for UK vapers. Granted there are a couple of things Vaporesso could’ve done differently to appease those who seek the perfect vape but each mod is so lightweight and compact that they are giving their mod-designing competitors a run for their money. Super user-friendly, comfortable in the hand and producing amazing flavour, it all boils down to whether you prefer a slim long device or a slightly wider mod with dual batteries. Take your pick and let us know how you get on!