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Vaping Temperature and Why It Matters

31st Jan 2017

Temperature ControlVapour has changed the lives of millions and it’s on its way to change millions more. But what do we know about these products that have wonderfully entered our lives and brought a new solution? For those early adopters, they probably know a lot. When such a new product comes to market, those who get in right away tend to know a great deal about the inner workings of it.

Yet for most of us, these vapour producing devices we have come to know are simply a means to an end. They create that amazing vapour we desire, and we do our best in choosing the right device for our needs. In the process of doing that, there are different aspects of your own vapour device that you will learn about regardless. One such aspect is vaping temperature, and this is one everyone should take a little bit of time to understand.

Now if you are comfortable with the ease of use you get from a quality two-piece electronic cigarette like ours, most of this won’t apply to you. It’s good to know anyhow, but your system is already pre-build to be at the ideal temperature for that device. Yet, if you are into mods or other open systems, the vaping temperature which your device gets to will make a great impact in the end result that you are looking for.

For a two-piece system, it is pretty straightforward. You have the battery, and that serves as the power source. You will also have a cartridge that houses the e-liquid or e-cig juice. In that cartridge is also an atomizer, which does the job of actually heating that e-liquid to the proper temperature so that vapor is created. To go a step further, you should know that within that atomizer is a coil. The coil is the part that is being heated, a wick is there to absorb that e-cig juice, and often a bridge that serves as a conduit between the two. The key element here is the coil, as it is responsible for reaching a certain temperature and staying there.

Temperature Control One Option

As we said, a two-piece system is set for a certain temperature. In an open system, you have more to be concerned with regard to temperature. Not enough heat means no vapor; too much heat and your e-cig will start behaving in a way it is not meant to behave, like burning your e-liquid. It could result in what we call a “dry puff,” which essentially leaves you without flavour or vapour. It’s simply a shame to waste premium e-liquid on a setup that leaves you with a bad flavour.

One way of getting the very best out of your existing tank system or mod, is to see if you can add temperature control (TC). The idea here is to control the temperature your coil gets to. This helps in two ways. One way is that you are less likely to get into a situation where your coil burns out because of an exceedingly high temperature. This is not something you want to have happen to you. It’s a waste of equipment as well as a disgusting experience if you try to vape that way.

The second way it helps is by allowing you to play with the temperature that works best for what you want, as well as which e-liquid you are using. Depending on the PG/VG mixture and the coils you use, certain temperatures can result in a better vaping experience for you. You have the ability to set this level using a TC system. You can use this as one way to control your temperature, as opposed to adjusting the voltage.

However, you need to make sure that your vaping kit is compatible with TC to begin with. You’ll also have a learning curve until you understand what works best for your equipment and tastes. Finally, you’ll expect to spend more on something like this so expand your budget accordingly.

If temperature adjustments are something you would like to manually adjust, you should also take a look at the V2 Pro 7 Series vaporizer . This is a top of the line device that allows for ease of use, but also includes variable voltage and temperature settings. You may find it to be the best of both worlds, giving you higher performance vaping, without needing to go build something yourself and the maintenance that follows.