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Vaping, Reviewing Dos and Don’ts

30th Oct 2017

The Vape BloggerWe’re here today with another special guest on the Vapour2 blog: vape reviewer The Vape Blogger. We’re happy to welcome Mike to our blog today and find out a bit more about his vaping journey, his top tips for new vapers and the role the vaping community has played in his experience with vaping.

Hi Mike, thanks for joining us on the V2 blog; we’re excited to hear more about your journey not only as a vaper but also as a reviewer. First of all, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

Hi, thanks for having me. I’m just an average guy really, I work full time so try and fit my blogging in around work and family life (it’s harder than it sounds!).

In my blog I am as honest as I am in every day life. If I don’t like something I will tell you the truth no matter how harsh it may sound. The blog is still new and has only been running for about four months but I’m getting really good figures and comments on what I write about. I am also about to start on YouTube in the next few days.

Tell us a little bit about your journey from smoking to switching to vaping.

I started to smoke when I was about 18, before that I hated the smell or the idea of even trying a cigarette. I was at a party and for some reason I decided it was a good idea to start and became a social smoker. Then it just spiralled out of control from then.

Then four and a half years ago I was walking past a stall in my local shopping centre and the guys asked me to try this new vape pen. They told me that this would help me stop. I didn’t believe them and went on my way. A week later I went back and bought my first kit and ego style pen with some cherry tunes and orange tic-tac e-liquid.

What are the main changes you’ve seen between starting vaping and the vaping landscape today?

When I started vaping it was really unheard of. The range of products that where available was tiny and also the range of e liquids very limited. Sub ohm vaping was non existent and I guess the horror stories and funny looks that came with vaping have died down.

Now there is something for everyone and I mean everyone. From the small starter kits and pod systems to big bulky power houses with tanks capable of 250-300 watts. The range of liquids are again huge, every vaper will have a juice they like without having to compromise. You can get almost every flavour imaginable.

I never thought I would be making my own coils and dripping liquid or using mech mods and learning about ohms law.

What role has the vaping community played in your journey as a vaper?

When I first started vaping I used to watch YouTube videos and look for reviews of different liquids or products that was just purely from fear of buying junk.

The community have been great and when you need support they are there to offer help and guidance. It’s hard to quit smoking as every vaper will tell you, but if you ever need help just reach out. A simple tweet or post on Facebook and you will have support within minutes.

We’re delighted to have you here on our blog so we’d love to know what your favourite bit of kit from our range is.

I’ve been using the Vapour2 Pro Series 7 kit and it’s a really nice piece of kit. It’s got a real

premium feel to the device. The magnetic cartridge is great and it takes no time at all for the coils to wick. It’s got good battery life and decent vapour production considering how tight the draw is.

The magnetic charger is another premium feature with this kit. Overall I’d say it’s a solid piece of kit. It’s no cloud checker but it definitely hits the spot.

Tell us more about your experience as a reviewer. Has it changed the way you vape? What is the most rewarding thing about running your blog? The most challenging?

I used to stick to the same liquids all the time and used the same device and tank for an age.

As a reviewer I do vape differently. I’m still new to the game I never buy the same liquid twice and always vape different flavours and different ranges to give my best opinion on my blogs. I vape on tanks drippers and rdta’s but as a normal vaper I only really vaped on one thing for a period of time.

The most rewarding thing is that someone actually reads what I write to be honest. I’ve helped get a few people off smoking and on to vaping and that is all the satisfaction I need.

The hard part is just finding time. As I said I work full time and have two young children so time is definitely the biggest challenge.

What are your top dos and don’ts for those who want to make the switch to vaping?

Top do’s for me is to buy the best starter kit you can afford. Vaping is first an investment in your own health and I wouldn’t be picking one of the starter kits from one of the corner shops for a tenner.

Do your research and speak to a vaper or check out some reviews from the community for advice. It’s a long road but stick with it and you will feel the benefits.

Top don’t is not to go straight in a buy a big expensive mod and sub ohm tank or dripper.

You probably won’t enjoy it straight off so are more likely to just return to traditional tobacco.

Don’t go near tobacco flavour liquids until your comfortable that you will never light a cigarette again.

Finally don’t be scared to ask for help, If you are struggling then just ask. I think every vaper will offer help and certainly every reviewer that I know will help out.

To finish up, what is your favourite V2 e-liquid flavour and what is your dream flavour that isn’t currently available to buy?

My favourite flavour had got to be the peppermint from the V2 range and my dream flavour would have to be a dark and stormy cocktail. Kracken rum, ginger beer and lime. That would be epic!


On behalf of the entire Vapour2 team, we want to say a big thank you to Mike for visiting our blog today. We always like shining the spotlight on the fabulous reviewers we work alongside so we hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the person behind the videos.

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