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​Uwell Caliburn G vs Caliburn A2 Comparison Review

24th Nov 2021

Uwell Caliburn G, Caliburn A2 and Original Caliburn

Uwell set the benchmark for quality, excellent design, coil flavour, with competitors such as SMOK, Innokin and GeekVape now playing catch up. But how did they do it in such a short space of time when they only formed as a company in 2015? With flagship brands under the name of Uwell, such as the Caliburn series, the acceleration to the top was inevitable. Two of their core products include the Caliburn G, which precedes the original Caliburn and the Caliburn A2 - a new release for 2021. Both vape kits present a fine choice for mouth to lung vapers, but which comes out on top in a head to head Caliburn review?

Caliburn G vs Caliburn A2 - Are They Similar?

The clear difference between the Caliburn G and the A2 is the kind of setup each pod kit offers. First of all, we have to backtrack slightly to where the Caliburn series began. With the very first Caliburn, it was a hit in 2019 because of its design, performance and practicality. Vapers like the draw from the thin mouthpiece and the flavour from each hit. The industry thought that was it - how could Uwell deliver again after such an impressive introduction? Well, they did exactly that in 2020 with the release of the Caliburn G!

While the first Caliburn in the series was a pod system with coils pre-installed, Uwell answered the call of vapers hoping for removable coils by adding this feature to the Caliburn G.

Now you can keep your magnetic pod and only need to refresh the coils (which produce great flavour, but more on that later). In 2021, we witnessed the emergence of the new Caliburn pod kit everyone is talking about - the Caliburn A2. It seems like a blend of the first two Caliburn’s in the series, going back to the throw-away pod system from the first and the tight draw mouthpiece, which differed from the Caliburn G, which Uwell created with more of a curved shape. Each mouthpiece provides a different experience and often acts as a deciding factor for vapers.

Functionality and How to Use the Device

The Caliburn G and the A2 are easy to navigate and comfortable to hold with a quick draw. The pods on both click into place with ease once you’ve filled the e-liquid. There are no complications with set-up as it’s all standard practice, provided it’s charged and you’ve primed your pods by allowing the e-liquid to sit for ten minutes, you’re good to go! It’s five clicks to turn on each device and turn it off too.

Uwell Caliburn G Coil

How Do the Coils Perform?

This is another key difference between the two. With the Caliburn G, you can remove and change the coils when you like. These are press-fit, sitting in the groove fashioned within the pod. Meanwhile, the Caliburn A2 coils are pre-installed with the pod and you need to throw away the whole accessory when you’re done. Some people like the no-hassle approach of just throwing the pod in the bin. Nevertheless, the coil flavour and cloud production are fantastic when using both. Smooth, dense and rich in taste, you get the best from your e-liquid whenever you select Uwell - that’s a given.

Appearance Breakdown

Uwell is known for its flawless vape pod and mod designs, creating an effective transition from smoking into vaping by creating user-friendly systems. The pods and batteries go together effortlessly and both the A2 and Caliburn G fit snuggly in any pocket or bag. Without a screen, it takes any fuss out of vaping and goes back to basics with its LED indication systems. The fire buttons are not too protruding from the vape kits and offer a loud enough click that you can hear, which is always handy if you lean it on a table and want to stay alert should it go off. The Caliburn G's grooved edges create a firm grip and aesthetic appeal, while the A2 has a shiny matte finish. It all boils down to personal preference and which you like more, as both are available in a range of colours, from Rosy Brown with the Caliburn G to Purple on the Caliburn A2.

Caliburn G Specification Diagram

Key Advantages With the Caliburn G

  • Pod system with refillable coils to give you greater control
  • Better for the environment as you don’t have to dispose of and purchase new pods
  • Affordable yet impressive build quality with smooth curved edges
  • Ideal kit for former smokers who need something easy to use after adjusting from cigarettes
  • Useful adjustable airflow feature. You don’t need to access any settings on a screen manually. All that's required is to rotate the pod

Key Advantages With the Caliburn A2

  • Tighter mouth draw for a more restrictive hit of vapour
  • Slick design with a smooth shiny finish to the material
  • Nice clear window to see how much e-liquid you have left in the tank
  • Amazing flavour, cloud production, consistency and reliability
Uwell Caliburn A2

Any Disadvantages?

With the Caliburn G and the Caliburn A2, a couple of minor issues that are not deal breakers but something you should know:

  1. With both devices, you can not lock the auto-fire or button press, meaning they always work simultaneously.
  2. Another point to make - there is no type-c charging cable with the A2. This needs to be purchased separately. However, most type-c cables you get with vape kits work in other devices, so if you have one lying around it’s not an issue anyway.


You can’t go wrong with either device, as they’re pretty similar yet equally impressive MTL kits that produce fantastic flavour. In terms of versatility, you can get a bit more out of your vape with the Caliburn G thanks to the adjustable airflow. However, in terms of a tight draw, you might fair better with the new Caliburn A2. As we stated earlier, it’s subjective and everybody has different preferences. For a smaller mouthpiece we suggest the Caliburn A2, but for a wider mouthpiece and more options on how you vape, whether that’s restrictive DL or MTL, go for the Caliburn G. 

Buy the new Uwell Caliburn G here


Buy the new Uwell Caliburn A2 here