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Uwell Caliburn A2S Review - Introducing Side Fill Pods

12th Oct 2022

Four Uwell Caliburn A2S Devices in Different Colours

The Caliburn series continues to deliver with its ninth version from the Caliburn range when Uwell announced the introduction of the Caliburn A2S to the market.

Although it has a similar look to previous pod kits, there are a couple of notable features that are worth analysing in this review.

Whether you’re a brand new vaper hoping to quit cigarettes, an established mouth-to-lung vaper that hasn’t found the right kit or a DTL vaper that needs a secondary MTL kit, this A2S pod vape offers buckets of flavour and convenience in one smart-looking kit.

Is the Uwell Caliburn A2S a Game Changer in the Series?

Uwell keeps finding new ways to keep the Caliburn name fresh and the A2S is an amalgamation of the different kits previously available to pod vaping fanatics. While it looks eerily similar to the previous Caliburn A2 and Caliburn G2 mouth-to-lung vapes, it features a couple of changes and modifications that we welcome and love.

For those who don’t like the fire button going off in their pocket, the A2S is the first pod kit that has only an auto-draw option. So you can inhale it as you would a cigarette by holding it to your mouth and puffing.

Uwell Caliburn A2S Topped Up With E-Liquid Using the Side Fill

Plus, despite using the same 0.9 Ohm coils, which we should note always deliver fantastic flavour, it's the pod system that’s changed completely. Now highly visible throughout, you can see your e-liquids levels from all angles and most importantly for the first time they’ve added side fill. Uwell has announced this will help with the leaking issues the top fill pods have had in the past.

Uwell Caliburn A2 Key Features and Specifications

  • 520mAh battery capacity
  • Auto-draw
  • MTL vaping
  • Side fill port
  • Mesh coils
  • Fast-charging device - 90% in 30 minutes
  • E-liquid window
  • 2ml refillable pods
  • Maximum 15W output
  • Weight: 30g
  • 110mm x 21mm x 12mm

How Does it Vape?

It vapes pretty well, considering there is no airflow to adjust the device. Reaching up to 15W of power, it adjusts based on the pod and coil within. What’s great about this device is you can switch it around with the previous Uwell Caliburn A2 pod as well. It’s got the same Pro Focs technology for great flavour but the key difference is its top-fill method with the older version.

The latter gives a slightly warmer vape but a bit looser, so it depends on what you prefer. Either pod is good with high PG or nic salts, and you could even try a restrictive direct lung too. It doesn’t do it very well but if you’re willing to experiment the option is there. Since the days of the first Caliburn, Uwell has evolved the pod vape market with a wide range of stealthy small pod kits like the Caliburn G and G2, with a range of mesh coils in high Ohm resistances to bring the best flavour out of any high PG e-liquid or nic salt.

With each A2S pod vape, the texture is smooth and rich while maintaining consistency throughout the life of the coil. Once the 1.2 Ohm coil has lost its life, you can switch to the other pod of the same resistance that comes with the kit (which is a welcome addition for any vaper).

Let’s Talk About the A2S Coils

Uwell hasn’t pushed the boat too far with the new coils that are installed in the new A2S pods. At a slightly higher resistance of 1.2 Ohm compared to the previous 0.9 Ohm in the top fill, the draw is better for mouth-to-lung vapers fresh from their plan to quit smoking as the vaping experience will be similar. It’s also welcome because you don’t have to change the coils throughout your experience of using the Caliburn A2S.

The Uwell A2S Device With the New A2S Pod and the Older A2 PodFor beginners, this is ideal because it removes any confusion or uncertainty at the start of the vaping journey. The 1.2 Ohm is set at 12W when you auto-draw, which is stated on the bottom of the pod.

Functionality and How to Use the Device

The device is as simple as it gets, yet looks super stylish and sleek at the same time. Because Uwell has taken away the option of the button, that might upset some vapers who like the choice of either, but Uwell is all about making the experience as user-friendly as possible and perhaps thought with the Caliburn A2 this is something that needs to change. Because you can swap the pods, if you like the idea of no button but prefer the top fill A2 pods, you can add those and only auto-draw on the A2S device.

Both of the battery capacities are the same so you’ll get the same longevity, which is just about enough for MTL vaping. The device charges up to 90% in only 30 minutes with the type-c USB, so should you start running low it won’t be long before you’re back in action.

Filling the liquids is super simple, with a new large side fill rubber stopper cap, which you open and then conveniently push to the left or right in a 360-degree turn to easily free up enough space to top up your vape juice.

Appearance Breakdown

When you need to charge the device, one of the latest eye-catching features in the Caliburn series is the activation lighting system that produces a bright Caliburn logo flash on the A2S, highlighting the life left in the battery. It lights up green for a nearly full charge, blue for mid charge and red when it needs a recharge.

It’s a similar design and size to the previous A2 pod kit, with an array of colours to choose from, including a rainbow colour called gradient, blue and purple. Just like the A2 and G2, there is an e-liquid window which highlights how much juice you have left in the pod. The USB port is on the bottom of the kit and the pod at the top has a comfortable curved mouthpiece for smooth MTL vaping.Uwell Caliburn A2S Inforgraphic Explaining the New Light Matrix

Key Advantages of the Uwel Caliburn A2S Kit

  • Side fill pod design to help prevent e-liquid leaks
  • Cool battery life indication system with a new light matrix design
  • A buttonless kit means only auto-draw for effortless vaping
  • Fantastic flavour and tight MTL inhale
  • Capability to fully charge quickly

Any Disadvantages?

  • Side fill vaping is not every vaper's ideal setup and could put off some
  • Battery capacity could be larger


Uwell via the Caliburn series looks like they’re trying to steer vapers away from the dominant disposable market into reliable compact pod vape kits that are easy to use. They have a similar look, reliability and consistency for flavour. Even though they may have done too many versions of the same kit, with pretty much the same coil through the series of nine devices, they’ve evolved the Caliburn. It’s been an interesting journey for the brand as they’ve tweaked the Caliburn from the original to the Caliburn G and later with the A2 and now the A2S, by tailoring it to modern-day vapers.

This latest version that we’ve reviewed today certainly does a job for mouth-to-lung vapers that require a compact pod that’s lightweight at 30g and pocket-friendly, offers plenty of flavour with each hit and has a practical nature. There are a couple of changes from previous pod kits in the Caliburn line that may be frowned upon by devoted fans but it still offers the same performance we’ve always admired from Uwell. For many new vapers, this is the ideal kit with multiple pod options providing a seamless effective experience.