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​Smok RPM 25W Review - A Reliable Upgrade?

25th Aug 2022

Smok RPM 25W Review

Smokers new to vaping and even those who have successfully used it as a cessation tool for some time are always on the lookout for the latest slimline kits that are easy to manage and control. The new Smok RPM 25W from the RPM range has recently joined the discussion as a potential mouth-to-lung kit worth trying.

Compact, simple to grip and adjustable from 5-25W, it could be the ideal device for anyone wanting a discreet vape offering a small amount of cloud. But does it perform up to standard and match the previous RPM devices? Also, can it produce the sort of flavour required for mouth to lung (also known as MTL) and a reliable nicotine hit consistently? We put the RPM 25W to the test and rate the leak-resistant pod kit for vapers of varied levels.

How Does the Smok RPM 25W Differ From Others in the Series?

Abbreviated as RPM, Smok created the ‘Real Pod Mod’ collection to help vapers seeking that perfect hybrid between a compact pod device and a more advanced mod whether it’s a novice or expert vaper. Since the first RPM hit the shelves, we’ve now seen several different options of varied sizes and functions from the pocket-sized RPM 2 and 2S to the square-shaped RPM 160.

Each one is unique in its own right from wattage power to airflow but none of them is compatible with the LP1 turbo mesh coils except the RPM 25W. They boast a new wire shape and overall design to boost flavour and the surface area that’s heated.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 900mAh battery capacity
  • Adjustable wattage 5-25W
  • Compatibility with LP1 coils
  • Turbo mesh coils
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Auto draw
  • Type-c charging
  • Leak proof pods
  • 0.69-inch OLED display

Smok RPM 25W Highlighting the OLED Display

How Does it Vape?

It’s a great little device for using throughout the day in MTL mode, because it’s so compact, light and comfortable to puff on. Changing the wattage is easy by pressing the singular button three times in quick succession to activate it and then once more to go up in 1W increments up to the max of 25W. The air inlet ring at the top of the device below the mouthpiece simply twists to adjust the airflow and the flavour can be altered by turning the pod, which rotates 360 degrees to switch the flavour profile and maximise the airflow performance. There is a nice amount of cloud from the device, not overbearing but just enough. Plus, the kit offers a decent throat hit and solid flavour from your e-liquids.

Let’s Talk About the LP1 Mesh Coils

Compatible with a large number of Smok kits including the RPM 25W and the Novo, the LP1 coils cater to all preferences of vaping and provide fantastic versatility when installed in the RPM 25W pods.

Made with a mesh design, including the ‘turbo mesh’ 0.9 Ohm that comes with the 25W kit, it creates varied experiences based on the coil you pick. For instance, the turbo mesh boasts an innovative heating wire design that helps to create smooth-tasting e-liquids and stable output. Smok recommends it’s vaped at 17W.

Smok RPM 25W Pod With the Preinstalled LP1 Mesh Coil

If you prefer a tighter restriction, you can opt for the LP1 1.2 Ohm resistance which is an even stronger mouth-to-lung experience. Your other option with an LP1 coil is the 0.8 Ohm, which creates a softer flavour when inhaled. It’s nice to have a wide selection with your MTL kit!

Functionality and How to Use the Device

Because it's auto-draw only, the RPM 25W feels like it mimics cigarettes with the same action required without pressing any buttons. It’s also handy like many devices that have a puff counter, which you can reset if you want to track how often you use the pod kit and how much nicotine you use per day.

Turning on the device is simple with five clicks to start using the device and another five to stop it from using up your battery in your pocket or bag. Because there is no fire button, that’s great because it means less chance of it going off in your pocket. Removing and replacing the coils is easy with a push fit system too.

Appearance Breakdown

One of the key selling points of the RPM 25W is the practical and classy design. A slim compact device, with a nice shape to it. The pods click in place with ease and hold well, featuring a smart leather design on one panel which is smooth and easy to grip. In addition, a 0.69-inch OLED display highlights all the key settings. It’s available in four different colours including the boldly impressive beige white leather.

Any Disadvantages?

  • The type-c charger is at the bottom so you’re not able to stand up while renewing the battery life, but the coils and the pod together cause very few leaking issues so it shouldn’t be an problem
  • Would be better designed as a top fill device to make life easier for mouth-to-lung vapers

Smok RPM 25W Pod Kit Which Adjusts Between 5W-25W


There is no vaping device that fits all types of vapers - it just doesn’t happen. Because it’s such a technical industry, there might be one tiny feature that you don’t like which puts you off the device. As an MTL kit, the Smok RPM 25W does pretty much everything you need. It’s got that puff counter to keep you track, the adjustable wattage, the lightweight feel and smooth textured materials. There are some minor snags such as the side fill with a rubber plug that may put you off. But overall, it’s a well-built and user-friendly pod kit that most vapers will appreciate.