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Shisha Pens Fill a Big Vaping Need

17th Nov 2016

Best V2 Shisha PensSome call it shisha smoking, others call it hookah. Whatever you decide to call it, this old-fashioned way of smoking tobacco has two primary characteristics: first, it has its roots in the Middle East and Asia, and second, it is bad for you. The first is a commonly understood descriptive of shisha smoke, but the latter is often overlooked.

In fact, until recently it was assume by many that shisha smoking is better than regular tobacco cigarette smoking. Maybe it was the of filtering smoke through water, or the fact that you use little coals to stoke that smoke instead of a lighter and paper around tobacco. Whatever the reason, a lot of smokers incorrectly understood shisha smoking to be a fairly harmless practice. Yet, this isn’t the case at all.

Even earlier this year there were studies linking shisha smoking to a higher level of nicotine and tar than regular cigarettes. This came as a shock to some, although many shisha pen smokers had come to understand their habit wasn’t a good one and had already started to look for solutions like e cigarettes. This report, and others like it, simply cemented the fact that the answer to the “is shisha bad for you” question is a resounding yes.

What is one to do when this is the case? Thankfully, we live in a new age brought on by the advancements in the field of vapor. What started out as a way to help cigarette smokers looking for something different has spread into other categories. In this particular case we mean shisha smoke, and now there is a way to get what you are looking for in a new way that sets you apart from regular shisha users.

V2 Cigs Shisha-Style Kits Are It

Shisha pens offered by V2 Cigs allow you the opportunity to get that flavourful smoke-like sensation without the actual smoke. We mean vapour of course, and lots of it. In a convenient and portable pen form, shisha-style vaping means you never need to reach for a regular shisha. Now that you understand all negative effects of shisha smoke, you’ll be looking to avoid it, and that’s where these kits come in handy.

V2 shisha-style kits come in a classic line as well as the EX Series line. Both can offer a shisha smoker a solution to getting great flavour without all the smoke. The classic line is a great place for one to get started, while the EX Series offers more performance for a slighter higher price.

Whichever one you pick, pairing it with some V2 Platinum E-Liquid is all you need to do to get up and running. It’s those awesome V2 E-Liquid flavours that win over shisha smokers, or cigarette smokers alike, all the time. It’s all about the flavours and the feeling of vapour hitting the back of your throat. That one-two punch will leave you feeling satisfied and wondering why you hadn’t made this change sooner.

If you’ve already made the decision to cut down or cut out shisha smoke from your life, then you are well on your way. Choosing a V2 Cigs shisha-style kit to compliment your new lifestyle choice is just about the best thing you could do for yourself. You aren’t the first, and you won’t be the last, to choose vapour to help make that difference in your life. It’s never too early to give it a try and see what shisha vapour can do to make things just that much easier.

Shisha pens fill a big vaping need, and we’re happy to help you find the exact kit and flavour choices to help you take that step. Feel free to reach out to us and our customer service team will guide you into your vapour-filled future.