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More Education Needed To Help Smokers Make The Switch

14th Aug 2018

Woman Reading About Vaping

The latest news from UKVIA (UK Vaping Industry Association) HQ reveals that while the number of vapers steadily increases, it seems clear that smokers feel more could be done by health and government bodies to emphasise that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes and that it should seriously be considered as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Is a more cohesive, multi-pronged, educational charge in order for smokers to make the sensible switch to vaping?

Still, smoke? The chances are, that if you do smoke and you are reading this blog, then maybe you have started to consider making the switch to vaping or have already started the transition to vaper. What’s taken you so long?

Perhaps like some of the 9 million smokers in the UK you aren’t clear on the facts and benefits of vaping - a victim of vaping myths if you will. Quite frankly you can be forgiven, for the point in question is that simply more education and awareness is required for smokers to ditch smoking and make the switch to vaping.

Have you sat down with yourself and honestly asked why you haven’t switched to vaping yet? Perhaps it will cost you more money? Perhaps it will be worse for your health? Perhaps it’s not even crossed your mind? The fact is that the reason you’re not asking yourself whether you should be ditching and switching is that nobody is really telling us to do so.

The UKVIA have teamed up with Consumer Intelligence to find out from smokers the reasoning behind their refraining and what they need to help them make the switch. A significant 68% of smokers felt restrictions imposed on the vaping industry by the Advertising Standards Agency should be amended to allow public health messages to be promoted. 2 out of 3 asked in the survey felt that information about e-cigarettes from their trusted health professionals would influence their decision to make the change, whilst 61% said that more visible information and literature within the healthcare environment would help shape their decision.

Information from a trusted source seems an inevitable influencer as nearly half (48%) of those who participated in the survey called for more educational advertising by public health organisations or the government in the media. Additionally, two thirds (61%) supported Public Health England’s recent recommendation for hospitals to allow vaping on their premises and to sell e-cigarettes and e-liquids on site.

UKVIA Director John Dunne says –

This highlights the critical role that accurate advertising has to play in realizing the public health prize that vaping represents. This isn’t coming from the industry but from smokers who could be convinced to break their habits.”

“More education all round is needed to get smokers to make the switch and to realise the full public health potential of vaping. There needs to be a strong and cohesive message from government, public health and the vaping industry to make switching from smoking to vaping an obvious choice.”

Without informed advertising from the government and our intended choice of health care, a lack of information for smokers only perpetuates myths such as the safety on vaping or whether the cost may exceed our current habitual spend on tobacco. The word from the health professionals is that e-cigarettes and vaping are by far an altogether better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

As for cost? Depending on your kit, you could be saving yourself a small fortune. Begin with a simple starter kit to get a flavour for what you might like and go from there. Much like finding your favourite brand of cigarette, finding your favourite device and choice of e-liquid will be down to you.