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How to Get the Most Out of Your E-Cigarette

22nd Sep 2016

Woman vaping with an electronic cigarette

Getting the Most Out of Your E-Cig

Whether it’s enhancing the flavour of your favourite juice or ensuring your batteries don’t run out of charge prematurely, there are plenty of little things you can do to make your vaping experience even better.

To discover our top tips to get the most out of your  e-cigarette, keep reading.

Look After Your E-Liquid

The flavour of your e-liquid is an incredibly important part of vaping so you want to ensure you get the best taste every time. To keep your e-liquids in tip top condition, always store away from direct sunlight and shake them before use. It’s also recommended that you clean your Vatomiser if you’re switching between liquids that have a strong flavour - things like menthol or cherry.

Don’t forget to always be mindful of the ingredients in the e-liquids you’re purchasing (make sure you can view a full list of ingredients before you buy) and never use a liquid that contains diacetyl.

Don’t Let Your Atomiser Dry Out

One of the common problems new vapers report is that their e-liquid gets a burnt taste to it. Rather than being an issue with the e-liquid itself, then usually comes down to the atomiser (blank cartridge) being too dry. It’s important that the wick remains moist as this ensures the best quality flavour, so it’s recommended that you keep your EX Blank filled with e-liquid at all times.

Keep Your Battery Charged

As well as being incredibly frustrating to run out of power when you don’t have instant access to a charger, low battery level can actually impact your vaping experience. You may notice that the amount of vapour your e-cigarette produces decreases when your battery is close to dying, so we recommend charging your battery regularly to ensure you never run out of power and your e-cigarette produces a consistent, satisfying amount of vapour.

Refill Correctly

Refilling your e cigarette tank might seem like a simple task but you might be taking a couple of shortcuts that are costing you money and compromising the quality of your vaping experience.

First of all, always remove the battery when filling your tank with e-liquid. If you leave the battery connected it can cause e-liquid to leak when you refill, due to a build up of excess pressure. A little bit of leaked liquid might not seem like the end of the world but it can corrode your battery over time, and all those drops of spilled liquid start to add up.

Finally, take your time when refilling your tank with e-liquid. Adding too much liquid in one go can result in a few drops seeping inside the heating element, which can end up damaging it. Have you ever heard a popping sound when using your e-cigarette? That’s a telltale sign that e-liquid has got into the heating element so slow down next time and make sure you don’t overfill you tank.