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​Geekvape Z200 Review – Taking Advanced Vaping to New Levels?

26th Apr 2023

Three Geekvape Z200 Devices in Different Colours

Geekvape Z200 Kit Quick Summary


  • Up to 200W of adjustable power
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • Large screen display
  • Chucks out plenty of vapour
  • Number of customisable modes
  • Great flavour from the tank


  • Micro USB port unnecessary addition
  • Would be better with dual 21700 batteries

How Does it Compare to Other Mods From Geekvape?

Geekvape is championed for its durable and elegant vape mods, which mainly stem from the Aegis collection, with more than 15 available at the time of writing. The Aegis X, Aegis Legend and Legend 2 mods are fine examples of fantastic Sub-Ohm kits on top of high-battery-powered devices which puff huge amounts of cloud and produce awesome flavour.

Geekvape Z200 Blue Mod and Z Tank

More recently they have introduced touchscreen mods like the Geekvape T200 which is intuitive but rather expensive for everyday vaping. The new Geekvape Z200 is a more affordable version of that with an impressive 2.4-inch screen but we have to stress not a touch screen. You get the same great visibility but save quite a few pennies and instead navigate via the fire button and up and down buttons on the side of the mod.

Geekvape is also recognised for its rugged mod designs which are often IP67 or IP68 rated, meaning they have been tested and approved as dustproof, shockproof and water resistant. The iconic Chinese brand has gone down a different route with the Z200, which we explain in greater detail in the appearance section.

Let’s Talk About the Performance

Despite not being IP-rated, the mod and tank performance together is excellent. The Z200 is a reliable and user-friendly mod, which we believe any level of vaper could operate, so it’s a great step-up mod from pod kits if you fancy a change. And with the new XM coil, you get double the lifespan, meaning great flavour for longer!

There are various power modes which alter the performance of the mod. These include:

  • Smart mode – The Z200 detects the resistance of the coil and automatically sets the wattage power to match the type of coil. It’s ideal for new vapers as new guidance to protect the system and the coil.
  • Bypass mode – This is when the mod sidesteps the wattage, bypassing the standard way to power your vape and instead relies on the highest voltage it’s able to get from the battery.
  • Temperature control mode – Different modes including stainless steel TC and TCR TC optimise the heat to maximise performance.
  • Variable wattage – The most common feature where vapers can alternate from as low as 5W up to 200W, but it’s best to stick with the recommended wattage which matches what’s displayed on the Z coils, depending on which you select.

It fires automatically which highlights the reliability of the Z200. Overall, it’s ideal for cloud chasers and very easy to use as a mod kit.

Geekvape Z Tank

More Details About the Z Tank

The Z Tank, or Zeus Tank, is a fantastic mesh Sub-Ohm accessory with a super stylish design. With top airflow, you get a smooth hit each time you inhale. The design stands out and has been out for a few years with a few updates along the way as Geekvape has released various mods.

With adjustable airflow, you can get a decent restrictive direct lung hit as well as a generous direct lung vape. It’s not tailored towards mouth-to-lung vaping.

Thanks to the leakproof technology, it’s not expected to drip excess e-liquid and creates fantastic flavour. Because the Z200 mod is 26mm in width, the Z tank slightly overhangs on the mod. With a variety of colour schemes, you can pick a style that suits your personality.

Functionality and How to Use the Device

Here are the step-by-step instructions to navigate the device:

  1. Five clicks to turn the device on and off.
  2. Three clicks of the fire button to enter the menu.
  3. Hold the up button to change the wattage.
  4. Up and down buttons together to lock the device but still draw the device at the set wattage, press again to unlock.
  5. Up and fire button to increase the brightness, and down and fire button to decrease.

Appearance Breakdown

This mod and tank combo is all about the amazing design. It has excellent build quality, and the dual batteries hold in place firmly to ensure no rattle if shaken. Several different colour themes when paired with the tank create varied colour options to suit personal preference. Plus, thanks to the large screen, you have a beautiful visible display to easily see your settings. Battery indicators highlight how much charge you have left. The overall design is bold, practical and produced with high-quality materials.


To summarise, we believe this is an excellent mod kit for any level of vaping.

Despite the number of features and power modes available, Geekvape has done a great job with the Z200 to create a stylish device that offers versatile options to increase performance but not complicate the vaper.

The screen is very large at 2.4 inches so ideal for those with reading issues and produces large clouds of great-tasting e-liquids.

There are a couple of minor differences from previous mods which may deter some vapers but overall, you get a fantastic vape kit for a very affordable price as you take the next step into Sub-Ohm vaping.

Should you have any questions our customer service team is more than happy to answer, or you can check out some of our other highly-rated mods here.