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Dripping: Superior Experience or Simply Vaping the Hard Way?

6th Mar 2017

Dripping coilAnother way to vape that has become more popular over the years is dripping. Take a step back and look at the various ways that people have found to vape and you have to be amazed. It’s incredible how quickly the popularity of vaping has grown, and with it a lot of splintering into different streams of vaping. Some stuck to the basic 2-piece electronic cigarette type of vaping, while others are finding all new ways to experience the satisfaction of vapour.

Certainly, that is the case even with fans of V2 Vapour. You have options, after all. There are 2-piece vaping kits which are still very popular, especially among beginners. But you also have the more advanced Pro Series which provides a different experience, suitable for all but especially more seasoned vaping “pros” one might say.

Then there is this thing called dripping. You may have heard of it, or you may have not. It’s become quite the rage among some in the vapour community. So, what is it all about?

What Is Dripping?

Dripping, as the name implies, is all about “dripping” e-liquid directly onto a heating element. The idea here is to single-serve your vapour and the intent is to create a superior experience. That would mean more vapour, more flavour, etc. We’ll get to the advantages and disadvantages of it further down, but for now you should know that this is the reason why people drip.

How Does One Drip?

As for the actual act of dripping, it is rather simple. In any vaping device, you have 3 basic components. That would be your power source (battery), your heating element (atomiser), and your e-liquid. For dripping, you do not need any tank or cartridge to hold your e-liquid, since you are going to be dripping a few droplets of it at a time. You don’t need any reservoir of e-liquid then.

What you’ll do to drip is take a battery that is attached to an atomiser. You’ll take apart or uncover the top of the atomiser so you can get to the coils. Those coils are what are actually heated and you are going to want to make direct contact with the e-liquid and the coils. Thus, you’ll drip a few droplets of e-liquid onto those coils.

Then, you’ll typically attach what is called a “drip tip” on it. This drip tip is just a simple little mouthpiece that will allow you to take a drag and draw in the vapour. After you have dripped on the e-liquid and added the drip tip, simply take that drag and enjoy yourself.

Is It Better?

This is, after all, the ultimate question. Dripping itself isn’t very difficult as you can tell by the above explanation. But is it better? Fans of this method of vaping will tell you it undoubtedly is. With such a direct hit, you are able to create a huge cloud of vapour and a very intense flavour. Those are the two primary reasons why dripping has become so popular. Additionally, some people like the fact that they can easily switch between different flavours since they are using bottles of e-liquid instead of filling a tank or cartridge.

However, there are down sides to dripping too. First of all, there is a lot of action being taken. Even with a lot of new dripping products on the market to make it easier, dripping is not nearly as simple as simply picking up a premium vaping product and taking a drag. This also means dripping isn’t nearly as portable. Since you do not have a tank or cartridge to store your e-liquid, you have to carry it around in bottles.

A lot of people would also argue that dripping is not for those who like a lot of nicotine in their e-liquid. Since it goes so fast, you’ll end up consuming a great deal more nicotine than you might be used to. Not to mention how careful you will need to be about not getting e-liquid everywhere as you attempt to drip some into a small surface, and often juggle many parts at once.

Overall, we would say that dripping is definitely not for everyone. It can offer a superior experience and that is the reason why so many get hooked on it. But, as the title of this article implies, it means a lot more care needs to go into it. It is most certainly vaping “the hard way.” The only question is if you are willing to do things the hard way for a potentially more satisfying experience. That is something only you can answer, although we tend to think that for most people sticking to a tank system or even a 2-piece is more than enough.