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Beware of These 10 Bad Vaping Habits

8th Sep 2017

vaping-woman.jpgEveryone has bad habits. In fact, you’re likely vaping because you wanted to break your own bad habit. But, what about the bad habits you don’t know are bad habits? These are the things you may be doing day in and day out, all the while not realising you are contributing to some not-so-great habits. It can take time to learn what isn’t good for you to do. Especially if you are new to vaping. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 bad vaping habits you may not be aware you are doing and should steer away from.

  • 1.Going Without a Case. This is more than a style thing. A common bad habit is simply letting your batteries run loose in your pocket. This isn’t such a great thing, as your batteries can be smashed into things like your phone or keys. Put them in a case to keep them safe and sound, and looking good.
  • 2.Bad Vaping Etiquette. Be respectful of those around you. Often when we see someone make the switch to vapour, they feel a great sense of liberation. But while you probably can vape in a number of places and situations, ask yourself if you are being respectful of non-vapers too.
  • 3.Not Having a Spare Battery. We could also say keeping your battery charged, but let’s be realistic. We lead busy lives and won’t always remember to throw on a battery to get charged. That’s why it’s so important to have a spare battery so you are never left without a vape.
  • 4.Dry Puffs. This is something nobody likes. Dry puffs taste bad and aren’t good for you either. Thankfully they are easily remedied. Simply make sure you don’t let your e-liquid run down to empty and you can avoid them. Make a good habit of it!
  • 5.Buying Cheap E-Liquid. This might be the bad habit we hear about the most. Usually it comes from vapers who are having issues. It’s tempting to go for the cheapest product, but you shouldn’t skimp on e-liquid. Cheap e-liquid won’t give you the premium vaping experience you want, and it will leave you wanting for more. Or worse, it’ll have you going back to your other bad habit.
  • 6.Using Dirty Coils. Coils get dirty after a while. Don’t ignore them! Dirty coils can clog your system and cause all sorts of problems. Change that bad habit of telling yourself you will deal with your dirty coils “later”. You won’t. Change them now and keep yourself from having vaping issues.
  • 7.Careless Filling. Woah there! We know you might be in a rush when re-filling your e-liquid, but you have to slow down. Take the proper precautions when you re-fill your tank or cartridge. Have a clean area to do it in, your equipment prepared, and fill slowly and carefully.
  • 8.Dripping at the Wheel. Vaping while driving isn’t so difficult, and enough people can and do multitask that. Yet a very bad habit we have seen is people dripping while at the wheel. You should never, ever, try to drip e-liquid onto a vaporizer while driving. This is a terrible idea that can lead to some tragic consequences.
  • 9.Leaving Flavour Residue. You finished vaping some new flavour. You think it’s great, but you want to go back to your favourite flavour now. If you simply re-fill your tank, you won’t get that flavour your expected. That’s because flavour can leave residue in a tank. Get into the habit of cleaning your tank between re-fills so you get the flavour you expect out of your e-liquid.
  • 10.Not Encouraging Smokers. This is more of a pet peeve of ours than a bad habit. Nonetheless, it would be great if vapers made a habit of encouraging smokers to try vapour. You’ve been there and you know how it is. You may have had your own doubts too. If you meet a smoker, let them have a puff of your vapour device and give them some encouragement. Don’t you wish someone had done that for you?

Avoid these 10 bad vaping habits and you’ll be well on your way to being even happier with your vapour experience. These are habits that new and veteran vapers alike fall prey to. Don’t be ashamed to admit that you do some of these already. Make these little changes and get yourself into a better vaping routine.