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Beware of These 10 Bad Vaping Habits

8th Sep 2018

Man with beard vaping outdoor e cigarette

Whether it’s leaving your socks on the floor or forgetting to close the fridge door, bad habits are an easily accrued thing, in fact, if you’re reading this, you’re more than likely on your way to trying to quit one of the worst of them all – smoking! But as you settle into your journey to become smoke-free with e cigarettes, it’s important to remember to take a few points to consider before you break away from one bad habit and move onto the next one - let’s take a look at ten bad vaping habits to be aware of and stay free-from.

No Case for Your Vaping Kit

Far from a style accessory, not having a carry case for your e cigarette and its accompanying accessories is almost a cardinal sin. A common bad habit that catches vapers out is carrying loose batteries and bottles of e-liquid around in pockets along with a whole host of other items that could potentially cause some irreparable damage to your device. Save money and avoid making unnecessary purchases to replace equipment that would have otherwise been fine, had it been stored in a simple carry case.

Bad Vaping Etiquette

Be respectful to those around you and ask whether anybody in close proximity minds if you vape. While vaping is definitely not smoking - the where and when you can vape, is unfortunately very similar. Be mindful where you vape and if in doubt ask.

No Spare Battery

A rookie error among vapers is only purchasing one battery. We lead busy lives where it may not always be possible to keep a fully charged battery on your person, so to avoid any sticky situations of being caught out without anything to vape, stay stocked up on power and keep a spare battery.

Dry Puffs

That moment you realise your e-liquid cartridge is empty is never a nice one. Dry puffs are a clear signal to refill your e-liquid, however, ideally, you won’t want to experience them at all. Keep a close eye on your e-liquid levels and if you’re unable to see how much e-liquid you have left, invest in re-fillable cartridges that do so.

Buying Cheap E-Liquid

It might seem tempting at the time, but avoiding cheap e-liquid should be high on your list of priorities. With potentially nasty aftertastes to contend with, it’s important to consistently enjoy your vaping experience to maximise your chances of staying smoke-free.

Using Dirty Coils

Through continued use, your coils will inevitably become dirty, which can wreak havoc with your device if you’re not careful. Take some time out and keep them clean with a regular maintenance session.

Careless Filling

Rushing here, there and everywhere? Whilst you may be able to multi-task umpteen items at once, take caution and care when it comes to re-filling your e-liquid. Keep your equipment clean and your e-liquid cartridges cleaner to ensure you get the most from your vaping experience.

Dripping At The Wheel

Vaping at the wheel is okay, but re-filling your e-liquid while driving – we think not. You might think you’re a superhuman capable of cooking a full English breakfast as you zoom around the M25, but be sensible folks – stay safe and take the time to re-fill your e-liquid cartridge when the time and space allows.

Leaving Flavour Residue

Looking to switch up your e-liquid flavour for the day? It might be tempting to re-fill your cartridge with an alternative flavour choice, but be mindful that your previous e-liquid residue will probably still be in your cartridge which means that your flavours are only going to get mixed up, which may leave a bad taste in your mouth. Remember – new e-liquid flavour = new re-fillable cartridge.

Not Encouraging Smokers

You may feel like you’ve left your smoking days behind you and along with them the smokers you may have been familiar with at work or at the pub. But don’t let the conversation drop dead like your habit for smoking – take the time to chat to smokers about the benefits of e cigarettes and help change someone’s life today.