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Beware of “Free” Electronic Cigarette Deals

5th Jun 2017

Man entering credit card details to get free e cigaretteAt some point in our lives, we should have all felt the kind of internal giddy like glee that accompanies the receiving of a ‘freebie’. Whether it was a snifter of the latest craft beer from Bavaria or a lather’s worth of body lotion from the latest edition of your favourite magazine – the ‘free-taster’ is so often a necessary marketing ploy by companies looking to unleash new products upon the consuming public. When presented with a freebie in person at the supermarket or on the high street the danger presented to oneself is minimal - minuscule at best. But when the temptation of a freebie pops up online, you are met with an altogether different proposition. Let’s take a look at what to be wary of when it comes to free e cigarette deals online.

The days of innocently marketing on the high street without the need to know where you live and how long you’ll be paying their pension are what seem to be a distant memory and we, of course, live in an age where online shopping and data reigns supreme. If you want to obtain whatever freebie you might be tempted by online, you will undoubtedly have to provide them with a lengthy list of personal details including your credit card details for future purchases.

How Some Vape Retailers Lure You In

We’ve all been there and we’re all probably guilty of it. The flashing signs of ‘free’ suck us in and before we know it we’ve made the mistake that we said we would never be found guilty of. The handing over of credit card details on the proviso that you can cancel before 30 days, just to get our bit of ‘free’ is an act so often and so innocently made. Or perhaps you will legitimately receive an e cigarette based on you providing the company in question with your payment details for future e liquid purchases and refills. However you may find yourself in possession of your ‘free’ e cigarette, you can be certain that the story won’t be coming to a close anytime soon and it might not be the fairytale you had hoped for.

E cigarettes and vaporizers are hardly a new concept and should new product become inevitably available they’ll be fitted with the latest technologies that come with the associated prices to match, therefore the likelihood of getting a free device of any notable worth or capability for marketing purposes seems an unlikely scenario.

In the likely event that your free e cigarette is beyond useless, you’ll, of course, be keen to cancel the recurring shipments of re-fillable e liquid, only to find that your e-mails remain unanswered and your phone calls do nothing but ring at the other end. Like the nasty aftertaste, a poor quality e liquid will leave you with in your mouth, you have been the victim of an e cigarette scam.

What To Check Before Purchasing Vape Products

Similar to the craving you might get for cigarettes when you stop smoking, you ultimately want to avoid the temptation to obtain ‘freebies’ online, for unless you can be certain of the quality you’re expected to take delivery of, or you are familiar with the company in question, there will undoubtedly be a symphony of out of tune strings attached for you to contest with.

Always research the company in question and look out for any scam related articles pertaining to the particular deal that might be luring you into temptation and always read the fine print and make sure there aren’t any hidden clauses that mean you’re about to sign your life away.