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3 Reasons You Should Vape This Christmas

22nd Dec 2016

Woman vaping next to Christmas treeQuit Smoking for the Holidays

The smell of chestnuts roasting on the open fire, together with a festive furore of decoration about the house – It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas and we can’t wait! Tucked away in our homes with friends and family is what makes the season so special. But when the time comes to say to your loved one that you ‘just need to pop out and get a gasp of fresh-air, smoking a cigarette outside in the bitter cold can seem somewhat unappealing and in most cases will be met with looks of astonishment and bewilderment at your intent on smoking – even in the worst of weather. Like the three wise men bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, here at Vapour2 we implore you to ditch the cigarettes and bring you 3 reasons to vape this Christmas.

It’s too Cold to Smoke Outside!

Brrr! Hardly picnic weather, winter in the UK can be a cold harsh beast. As a smoker, it is even harsher. Frostbitten fingertips, desperately scrabbling at one’s lighter to spark your cigarette into action as a north-easterly wind inconveniently cascades over your every being can be an infuriating task. Why not save yourself the trouble this yuletide and start to vape? Free from the nasty smell and toxicity of cigarette smoke, you’ll be able to sit, back and relax in your favourite armchair as you vape away, without having to worry about putting on your coat, hat, and scarf to stay warm outside as you get your fix of nicotine but also be a considerate vaper.

Stop Missing Important Moments

We’ve all been there. You’ve popped out for a cheeky cigarette between courses on the big day. ‘There’s time’, you think to yourself as you make a dash for the back door. But as you make your return to the family, whoops and shrieks in the distance indicate a missed moment of significance. Terrence the Terrier has got his head stuck in the turkey’s rear-end, Grandpa is snoring at the table spilling sherry all over himself, and you’ve missed it all. A memory to be recalled on time and time again by family members will merely be another ‘something’ you’ve missed due to you having to pop outside to abate your tobacco habit.  Switch to vaping means fewer departures from the dinner table to smoke outside and more memory making.

Get Better Gifts

“I got a deck of 20 cigarettes”, said no one at Christmas. Hardly number one on the list items to fill your stocking with this Christmas, cigarettes are often seen as taboo by non-smokers, and not surprisingly due to their notorious and unhealthy reputation.  E-Cigarettes have been found to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes and have the potential to help smokers quit. Vaping eliquid can be done by using e-cigarettes and vaporizers , of which the product and accessory choice are endless. Let friends and family (and Santa) know that you now vape and you could get all kinds of cool vaping tools to help you on your way to becoming smoke-free this Christmas.