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3 Reasons You Should Vape This Christmas

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Christmas VapingWe’re in the heart of the holiday season now and by the time you read this, Christmas will be just a hop and skip away. It’s obviously a very joyous time of year. A winter wonderland sets upon us and everyone gets into the spirit. While Christmas used to mean presents and family, and maybe another chance to watch the movie Love Actually, there seems to be more now. Well, for us, there’s vapour.

It’s not as new to us as it is to some of you, but it certainly is a welcome addition to the festivities. Every year, millions are turning to vaping during the holidays instead of what we all know they used to do. They do so for many reasons during the year, but especially on Christmas there are very specific reasons why you may choose to vape. There are certainly more than three, but these are the top ones that we’ve all agreed on.

It’s Entirely Too Cold Outside

Oh yes, we all love our white Christmas and we get that every year. But all of that snow means it is frigid outside. There are so many years where we had no choice but to go outside in the cold for a smoke. Our hands would shake as we lit up a regular tobacco cigarette to get our fix. But with vapour, you don’t need to endure the harsh conditions outside. You can sit inside in the warmth and comfort of your home and enjoy the tasty flavours of V2 e-liquid. There won’t be any smell and you won’t have to freeze your fingers with that lighter. You don’t even need a lighter!

You’ll Stop Missing Important Moments

Have you ever stepped outside for a drag during Christmas, only to come back in and realize you missed something? Maybe your Uncle Jonny fell asleep in his food (after one too many drinks we’re thinking). How can you miss that moment when everyone recalls when he fell asleep last year? Or maybe it’s something sweeter, like your nephew opening up a present early. If you’ve made the switch to vaping, you won’t miss any of these moments because you won’t be outside trying to smoke (and shivering in the cold too!).

You’ll Get Better Gifts

Even if you make the switch to vapour, you may still get Aunt Alice’s sweater that she knit for you and try to pretend that you like it. But, you may also get a lot of fabulous gifts instead of the usual lot. Now that you’re vaping, people know what to get you for once. They’ll check out the newest V2 vaping kits and think you could use something like that. Or they’ll get you some extremely useful accessories for your existing vapour setup. You’ve just opened up an entire new world of gift giving. You’ll be happy with what you get, and your friends and family will be happy you made it easier on them this year.

Now these are just three reasons why you should vape this Christmas. We all know there are many more reasons to vape in general, and especially during the holidays. Whether it’s so you won’t hear about cigarettes anymore from your loved ones, or because your girlfriend won’t have to deal with the stench of smoke, there are lots of reasons to make the switch. Now is the perfect time to try out vaping for the first time and make this Christmas your first vapour-filled holiday.

Whether this is your first vaping Christmas or not, we wish you a joyous holiday filled with warmth. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

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