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Tech-Logic Vaping Devices

31st Aug 2018

Young Man VapingIf you’ve been pondering the possibility of quitting smoking and switching to e-cigarettes you may well be sat scratching your head, wondering where to start? What do all these devices do and are they right for me?

Vaping Devices are now Tech Gadgets.

Akin to other technologies, the development and user experience of e-cigarette devices is a perpetual one. Where the development of something like a phone with new fandangled apps and capabilities is a fairly straightforward investment to make for one’s self, when it comes to e-cigarettes, your purchase should perhaps be more of a considered choice for not all is as it may seem on the surface.

To help shape your decision, it’s more than feasible that you’ve kept a keen eye on what your contemporaries are doing - Simon might say that his sub-ohm tank is the one but the Vape shop down the road say that they’ve got the latest and greatest device coming in at the end of the week. What do you do? Alas, we all have different needs and desires and what might work for your friends and family may not be so suitable for you.

Ditching cigarettes and switching to vaping is a great step to take on your quest to become nicotine free and Public Health England’s statement even declared e-cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes , however dear reader, here lies the devil in the detail. The independent review that carried out the research with regards to the safety of e-cigarettes only included the testing of first and second generation devices, therefore the same advice cannot be and should not be associated with latest technologies that are yet to be reviewed.

With this in mind, MP’s have recently called for The Government, MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) and the e-cigarette industry, to continue to review the health effects of vaping as well as to additionally review the use of heat-not-burn products. Sub-ohm devices and third generation devices tend to offer vapers more in the way of heat and power, which in turn can create those inordinate clouds of vapour you may see being exhaled by passers-by.

From shisha pens to sub-ohm vaping, a cacophony of choice awaits and like a child in a sweet shop, you might think that you need to try them all. E-cigarettes devices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, therefore it’s important to understand the generational qualities and attributes that each has before you buy.

First-generation E-Cigarettes

Cartridge and cartomizer style e-cigarettes that have relatively low-capacity batteries, typically non-refillable liquid cartridges, and few (if any) variable settings, operate at lower wattages and are activated when the user inhales. Known as “Cigalikes” these devices are easy to use and ideal for first time vapers.

Second-generation Vaping Devices

More advanced refillable vaping devices typically having larger rechargeable batteries, refillable e-liquid tanks, and some adjustable parameters (e.g. variable voltage) that allow users to tailor the function of the device. They are also usually activated by pressing a button to allow inhalation of the vapour. Also knows as “Personal Vape Pens”.

Third-generation Vape Mods

These more advanced mod vaping devices are like second-generation devices with the addition of a greater number of user-customizable parameters (e.g., voltage or wattage) and configurations including different types of tanks or batteries, changeable coils and sub-ohm capability.

The key to first and second-generation products is that they operate at lower wattages, therefore producing less heat. Studies conducted show that overheating e-liquid increases the production of formaldehyde, which is not so fun or friendly to inhale. Third generation devices are capable of heating e-liquid at much higher temperatures and did not feature in the studies that Public Health England had carried out.

Health is at the heart of what we do here at V2 Cigs UK and we believe that e-cigarettes should be an aid for you to help stop or at least reduce your smoking. Keep vaping simple, keep it safe and if you’re serious about your health, then use first and second generation e-cigarette devices. Need help? Our friendly team is on hand to help with any queries you may have.