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How to Help Your Granddad Start Vaping

17th Jul 2017

Granddad is he a vaper.If you’re a smoker, there is a pretty good chance that you have been such for quite a while. If you’re young, maybe it has only been a few years. If you’re a bit older, it’s been longer. Maybe you have kids, and you’ve been smoking way before they came into the world. None of this prevents you from making the switch to vaping. That’s the beautiful part of this vapour revolution. Vaping is easy to pick up and, for most, easy to stick with.

But what if it’s your granddad we’re talking about? He’s been smoking for decades upon decades! He is otherwise healthy and living a happy life, but this is one goal he may have put behind himself already. It’s not too late, even for granddad. This is what we’ve found out by talking to our large and enthusiastic customer base. People of all ages, shapes, and sizes have been able to make the switch to vapour. Why would your granddad be any exception?

We know you might be raising your eyebrows a bit here. It’s not that there aren’t obstacles unique to being older and trying to change such a lifelong habit. It may indeed be more difficult for someone in their 60s or 70s to make that change when compared to someone younger. But if you have your heart set on helping Granddad, or Grandma, we have some pointers for you.

Bridging the Technology Gap

The single biggest factor that could prevent an easy transition for your Granddad is the technology gap. Unless you have a very technology savvy grandparent, you are likely to encounter some pushback here. There are a myriad of options out there for electronic cigarettes and vapour devices, but keep in mind who your audience is.

If your granddad is especially tech-savvy, this may not be an issue. But for most of us, our grandparents aren’t walking around with the latest smart phone. So, you want to think simple. You would be wise to introduce him to an easy to use vaping kit that doesn’t require much effort. He can simply screw on a cartridge and start vaping.

Finding the Right Flavour

Chances are your granddad has been smoking the same brand of cigarettes for decades. Smokers get used to a certain flavour and generally only change if they must. Being that he is so entrenched in this familiar flavour, you may have a more difficult time finding him the right e-liquid.

Immediately you can throw out any non-tobacco option, at least initially. Perhaps he loves cherries and you think, why not get him a cherry flavoured e-liquid? That’s not the way to go usually. You’ll want to try the best you can finding a tobacco flavour that most resembles what he is used to. Come prepared with numerous options, and hopefully you can find one that will be convincing enough.

Getting a Quality Product

You may be able to get your granddad to try vaping, but if you want him to stick to it you will have to be very careful with which product you pick out. Having a good first experience with vaping is key here. His first time using an electronic cigarette or other vaping device will shape the way he looks at this experiment. While this isn’t true for every older person, many can be averse to change. It’s already a big change trying vaping, so you don’t want to see them changing which product they use to vape too.

Really this is true of any person new to vaping, regardless of their age. We always recommend you purchase a quality product so that your experience with vaping is a positive one. You want to understand the potential of vaping when you first give it a try, and the same goes for your granddad. Stay away from cheap and especially free e-cigarette offers . They will not only lead to a bad experience, but they will taint your granddad’s impression of vaping, perhaps forever. Get him a quality vaping product and follow the other tips above to help him get started with vaping.