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Cold Weather Vaping: Top Tips

1st Nov 2018


The weather’s taken a somewhat turn for the worst and a bitterly cold weather front is finding its way to you from the depths of arctic Siberia. Winter has well and truly arrived, settled in for the season and put its frosty feet up for the unforeseeable future. You could be forgiven for thinking that whatever the weather, vaping is vaping, but the reality is that cold temperatures can have the potential to wreak havoc with your e cigarettes and e liquids. Put on a brew, get cosy and get in the know about some top tips for cold weather vaping.

Battery Care

One of the most important elements of your e cigarette to be mindful of is your battery for if your battery isn’t working properly, it’s likely that your whole vaping experience will be off-kilter and out of shape meaning the flavour you’re so used to enjoying isn’t what you’re expecting. If the temperature drops to below freezing, be careful about where you keep your e cigarette battery and keep it close to your person,

E Liquid Care

Noticed that your e liquid is getting clogged up in your cartridge at the same time the weather gets cold outside? Similarly to your e cigarette battery, e liquid can also be affected by the cold though some liquids will fare favourably compared to others. Depending on whether your e liquid has a Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG) base will play a key role in how your e liquid performs in the cold with the synthetic PG more likely to retains its texture in the cold compared to the naturally sourced VG.

Similar to your battery, keep your e liquid stored close to your person to keep the viscosity a smooth and consistent texture.

Carry Cases

Keeping your e cigarette batteries and e liquids close to your person in order to achieve an optimum functionality is easier said than done. To avoid the potential damage your vaping accessories may face in your pockets as well as keeping them from cold, the most sensible and logical way forward would be to invest in a carry case. You might think of this as some awkward inconvenience to carry about your person, but remember that you’re probably vaping to stay smoke-free and that a healthy you far outweighs what you might consider a stylish you.

The Vapour2 Metal Carry Case holds up to three short or standard batteries, or two flavoured cartridges so there’s plenty of room for what you need to vape with throughout the day. Hardy, durable and finally a safe space for you to put your vaping gear in for when you’re out and about.

Self Care

Last, but not least, in addition to the love and warmth that you’ll now be bestowing upon your vape pen, e cigarette battery and e liquid, take care of yourself in the cold weather. If you’re not at home, why not ask your hosts if you can vape indoors? This might provide a great opportunity for you to take part in some e cigarette education and explain how you may have benefited from e cigarettes and the key differences between vaping and e cigarettes.

If you have any questions or queries about how and where to store your e cigarettes and e liquids, get in touch with our friendly team of vaping experts today.