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Basic Vapour Safety Tips

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Safety FirstSometimes we get so far into a subject here, that we gloss over the basics. Perhaps it isn’t exactly like that. We don’t exactly gloss over them per se, but when you take a topic as wide and deep as vapour, you can get really specific. There are so many different aspects of vaping that can be addressed, and we love covering them all. Yet, there are basics that we need to remember too. Especially when it comes to safety. You can take safety very far, because it really is that important, but today let’s take a step back and make sure you are following the basics.

Don’t Overlook Instructions

When you get a new mobile phone, you probably don’t look at the instructions. After all, you’ve had many of them and you’ll be able to figure it out. This is probably the case with television sets and computers too, right? But here you would be mistaken if you overlook the instructions of your new vapour device. This is a product that creates an ingestible and is also electronic. You should fight the instinct to throw away the instructions, and instead read them thoroughly.

Vapour devices come in all shapes and forms, and they aren’t always alike. You’ll want to know everything about your new vapour product so you can use it safely, so don’t overlook those instructions.

Don’t Mix and Match!

There are all types of different parts that can seem very interchangeable between vapour devices. Yet, even if they seem that way, they often don’t work together. Battery chargers are a great example of this. Often, you’ll have chargers from other devices lying around and they’ll fit your e-cigarette battery. Great, right? Now you can multipurpose that charger.

Wrong! Even if they do charge your battery at first, they are not made for your device. Unfortunately, many fires start this way. You can eliminate this threat by making sure you only use the charger meant for your specific battery. This can be a very hard thing to refrain from, but it is a very basic and important safety tip.

Be Cautious with Batteries

This goes along with the above point as well. You should be very cautious with your e-cigarette batteries because, while quality ones are safe, they can turn into a fire hazard if used improperly. First you should definitely use the correct charger for your battery, as mentioned above. That’s easy.

Another safety threat is overheating. If you are vaping away over and over, your battery will get very hot and that isn’t good. It’s a good common practice to have a second one on hand that you can check out. So, pick up that extra battery if you don’t already have one. Also, make sure to not overcharge your battery or keep it in direct sunlight for too long.

Quality Matters

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, remember that quality matters. This is true for your vapour experience, but it is also true with regard to safety. Cheap products are more likely to fail or malfunction, and the results of that are downright scary. This has become such an issue, that the FDA in America finally began examining the battery problems that were causing explosions in cheap electronic cigarettes.

It may be tempting to simply go with a very inexpensive product, especially at first, but this opens you up to a lot of risk. Unfortunately, because vapour has become such a popular industry, many new players have come in to try to turn a quick profit. They’ll take an inferior product, slap a nice label on it, and sell it as a premium one. Don’t be fooled by this! It’s not only bad for your vaping experience; it can also be quite dangerous.

That wraps up our basic vapour safety tips. It’s short, sweet and to the point. There are of course more tips that we’ll be posting in the future to make sure you steer clear of other potential pitfalls. In the meantime, start with these basics and you will be well on your way to having a great and safe vaping experience.

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E Cigs: Why Make the Switch?

One of the most important issues to people across the globe is the state of their personal health. Yes, this is even ironically true for most, if not all, tobacco smokers. Though they understand the risks associated with tobacco smoking and the damage they are doing to their bodies, the fundamental health concerns are still there.

Fortunately, e cigarettes were introduced to the market several years ago. Though final conclusive research is yet to be released, we currently have a myriad of case studies showing the promising health benefits of e cigs compared to tobacco. In addition to world renowned doctors, government health bodies such as Public Health England have conducted their own tests on e cigarettes and the health effects connected with their usage.

In August 2015, PHE noted that, "In a nutshell, best estimates show e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes, and when supported by a smoking cessation service, help most smokers to quit tobacco altogether."

But aside from being significantly less harmful to your health and helping smokers quit in a more successful manner than other smoking cessation devices, there are still numerous other benefits to e cigs over tobacco cigarettes. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • No tar in e cigs
  • Cheaper than tobacco cigarettes
  • Range of flavours to choose from
  • Enjoy e cigs in many areas where smoking is prohibited
  • No staining of the teeth
  • No foul odour

  • In addition to the above benefits, e cigs are far better for the environment. Combine all of this together, and it is no surprise that close to 3 million people in the UK alone have made the switch to e cigarettes.

    Though V2 Cigs services millions of happy customers across the globe, we still have some ways to go. With over 10 million tobacco smokers in the UK, we can help improve the health of millions of more lives. So if you haven’t yet made the switch or you have family and friends trying to kick the tobacco habit, put your trust in us to make it happen.

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