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Aspire PockeX Box Kit Review

25th Aug 2021

Two Aspire PockeX Box Kits

With many popular vaping manufacturers - such as SMOK, Innokin and VOOPOO, vapers witness a long line of devices with the same name but significant tweaks. It does not just happen with vape kits, like the SMOK Nord, Nord 2 and Nord 4, but with electronic gadgets - Apple iPhones and MacBooks spring to mind. They cater to the same market of consumers and use the latest technology to offer something new. In the past from vape brand Aspire, we witnessed the popular vape pen Aspire PockeX, which appealed as a starter kit for heavy smokers.

In similar dimensions to a cigarette, it impressed with a sleek design. However, the setup was not quite right for mouth to lung vapers (but more on that later). Now you have the next version in the series with a different design and yet a similar name - the Aspire PockeX Box Kit. So what is the difference between the two? Has Aspire gone out of their way to produce the definitive upgrade, or is it more of the same? In this PockeX Box review, we take an in-depth look at this new device and explain all of its key features as a comparison to see how it stacks up against the original.

How Does the Aspire PockeX Box Kit Differ From the Aspire PockeX?

The first thing that jumps out at you - the design is remarkably different! The PockeX Box is a ‘side by side’ vape kit where the tank does not sit on the top but instead sticks out from - you guessed it - the side. For those seeking a quirky design, the PockeX Box could appeal to your adventurous nature. However, the traditional vapers may struggle to adjust, so it depends on personal preference.

One of the vital upgrades following from its predecessor is the fully adjustable airflow control ring. This is a welcome upgrade to switch between mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL) restriction based on the coil you select. The original PockeX kit featured two Sub-Ohm resistance coils, which isn’t ideal for new vapers. A warm and airy vape, forming large clouds of vapour from a low resistance coil, direct to the lung is the opposite of a smoking experience. However, the new PockeX Box kit offers vapers 0.6 Ohm (Sub-Ohm) and 1.2 Ohm (for MTL vaping). That way, you can alternate between the two or start MTL like a smoker would and work your way up to DTL gradually.

Plus, you have a generous 2000mAh with the side by side kit compared to the 1500mAh previously, so even more power if you prefer DTL, which will go through more vape juice. What’s welcome is Aspire has continued with the same U-Tech coil technology. Therefore, you can use the previous coils from your vape pen with the box kit if you wish. Also, the PockeX Box coil recognition is great for picking up the vape coil in your device. It adjusts the wattage accordingly to give you the right throat hit based on the setup of the airflow ring.

Key Features and Specifications

  • 2000mAh battery capacity
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Automatic coil recognition
  • Sliding top-fill method
  • Adjustable airflow control ring
  • Type-C USB charging
  • Dimensions: 86.4mm x 50.9mm x 26.5mm
Aspire PockeX Replacement Coils  

Let’s Talk About the Aspire PockeX Coils

As stated earlier, you have two different coil resistances that come with the kit - 0.6 and 1.2 Ohms, the former for DTL and the latter for MTL. With both coils, what’s great about the U-Tech technology is the unique design. They produce improved flavour compared to most vape coils because the air passes through the PockeX coil twice. From the adjusted airflow hole, through the top of the coil and back out again. This circulation allows the vapour to soak up all those delicious e-liquid flavours thoroughly.

To change the coil, whether you want to keep the same resistance or switch between DTL and MTL, unscrew the tank from the base, then unscrew the coil anti-clockwise. After, put the new PockeX coil back in and screw clockwise, making sure it’s tight. You can clean them with a bit of lukewarm water. Nevertheless, that will only prolong the coils for a limited amount of time. For optimum results, it’s best to invest in a pack of coils. Keep a consistent taste in your box kit by always ensuring enough e-liquid is in the tank at all times. Another top tip - use the correct PG/VG ratio to match the PockeX coil. For instance, choose a higher VG e-liquid for the 0.6 Ohm coil, creating a warmer vape and impressive cloud production. Meanwhile, a high PG e-liquid paired with a high resistance coil offers a colder vape similar to smoking, with less cloud and improved flavour.

Functionality and How to Use the Device

The box kit is super simple to use because there are no adjustments to make. Plus, no screen means everything works automatically internally, thanks to the wattage and coil recognition. While some vapers may like to tweak their settings to get the right throat hit, the PockeX Box Kit only requires you to hit the fire button, change your coils and top up your e-liquid. Therefore, for beginner and advanced vapers, it works equally well regardless of your level.

  Aspire PockeX Box Kit Components View

You can charge up the device quickly using the type-C charger, which is another welcome addition. The previous version featured a micro USB.

For peace of mind, the PockeX features six safety protections, including:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Vaping over time protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overdischarge protection

Appearance Breakdown

Compared to the original PockeX vape pen, the relatively small box kit fits comfortably in your hand with ease and even your shirt or trouser pocket - hence the name! The difference is the mouthpiece on the side, which offers a removable 510 connection. Combining two materials, the PockeX stands out with a sturdy yet sleek finish. In addition to Stainless Steel, the same material as the coils, Aspire also use High Tensile Polymer.

Available in six colours, including a stylish Turquoise Green or bold Date Red, the device also provides an LED indicator. It flashes red when needing a charge (30% or lower battery), blue between 30-60% and green when it’s 70% upwards.

Key Advantages Aspire PockeX Box Kit vs Aspire PockeX

  • Adjustable airflow is a big plus
  • Compact size - easy to carry around and hold
  • Side by side mouthpiece and tank offers a different way to vape
  • Larger 2000mAh battery
  • Upgraded to a type-C charger

Any Disadvantages?

  • While it supports MTL vaping, the PockeX Box Kit still leans slightly towards DTL


Overall, the Aspire PockeX Box Kit is a refreshing change of pace from the original vape pen design. Easy to use and more versatile than the Aspire PockeX, the ability to perform DTL and a less restrictive MTL is ideal for those wanting different coil options. The design may not suit everybody with the mouthpiece on the side. However, it’s still a quirky feature you don’t see as often from leading vape manufacturers. For a compact vape with a large battery and no buttons to press, the PockeX ticks multiple boxes for busy vapers. In addition, it caters not just to new vapers but those wishing to transition from MTL to DTL.