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Classic E Cigarette Starter Kits

New to vaping? Looking for a high quality vape that's easy to use, at a low cost? The V2 Cigs Classic E-Cigarette offers unbeatable choice and easy vaping.

V2 Cigs UK Starter Pack

A fine introduction to value-for-money vaping, costing much less than buying each item separately. Great taste, great flavour and very easy to use. Tobacco, Menthol/Minty, Fruity & Sweet options are all available. This kit includes a choice of 4...


Menthol Vape Kit

This vape kit is deal to help smokers switch to vaping following the Menthol Cigarette Ban. Each of the 4 cartridges has a great menthol taste/flavour and is very easy to use. Menthol, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, & Bold Leaf Menthol cartridges are...


Vapour2 Standard Starter Pack

This great value e-cigarette starter kit features a wide choice of V2 Cigs flavour options, 2 batteries and a USB Express Charger which charges your batteries double-fast whilst preventing overcharging. This great value kit includes all the essentials...


Vapour2 Classic Power Cig

Ideal when working or playing at your PC, the battery-free Power Cig plugs into the USB port. It can also be used with a car adapter. The Power-Cig comes with 5 cartridges of your choice of flavour and strength. The Classic Power Cig is the ultimate...

£24.99 £22.49