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How V2 Electronic Cigarettes Work

Every V2 e-cigarette or V2 PRO Vaporizer has a battery that is used to heat up the liquid (containing pharmaceutical grade nicotine and water) contained in the cartridge. The E-Liquid is vapourised and this allows inhalation and the "smoking experience". The batteries are rechargeable and the cartridges are either disposable or refillable up to 15/20 times [we sell both types]

Each disposable cartridge [i.e. V2 Classic] is approx. 20 cigarettes and costs less than £1.95 - that is a packet of 20 cigarettes is almost 4 times the price - can you remember when a pack of 20 was £2.00?

EX Series Cartridges last even longer and save you more money.

If you like to use E-Liquid to refill the tank yourself then use EX Blanks or a V2 PRO Vaporizer.

If you have any questions phone our support line on 01733 555 555 for help and advice.

1. Which kit?         2. Which Flavour?                  3. Which Strength? 

Note: A standard cigarette has only about 6-7 puffs - use your V2 in the same way - don't hang onto it for 15 or 20 minutes - the battery will last a long time if used like a normal cig.

Unpacking Your V2

Unpack V2 CigsThe first step is to open the box. Although some kits differ, all V2 kits include at least one V2 battery, a charger, a pack of V2 atomised flavour cartridges, and an owner’s manual. We recommend that you read through your owner’s manual thoroughly before using your V2.








Charging Your V2

Charge V2 Cigs BatteryBefore using your V2 for the first time, we recommended that you fully charge the battery. To charge the battery, simply screw the battery into the USB adapter, then plug the USB adapter into a computer's USB port (or into the included USB to Wall adapter). When charging, the LED light on the charger will glow red. Your V2 is fully charged when the LED on the charger glows blue or green. Your V2 battery can last up to one week on a full charge.






Installing A Fresh Cartridge

Fit a V2 CartridgeUnpack a V2 flavour cartridge and pick off the rubber stay-fresh caps. Screw the cartridge securely onto your electronic cigarette battery. Your V2 electronic cigarette will enter standby mode as soon as you screw in the cartridge. Your V2 is now ready to use!






Enjoying Your V2

Smoke V2 CigsKick start each new cartridge by taking a few strong puffs in rapid succession. This action will warm the liquid and prime the heating element producing a thick consistent vapour with each subsequent puff. As you press V2 to your lips and inhale, the LED light at the tip will glow just like the tip of a burning cigarette. Relax and enjoy the rich smooth V2 vapour.







V2 Electronic Cigarette Automatic Kit: General Usage Information
V2 electronic cigarettes are comprised of two primary components, the flavour cartridge and the battery. V2 vapour cartridges contain our proprietary solution of nicotine (or non-nicotine), water, flavourings and propylene glycol (an FDA approved inhalant and food additive). Our cartridges contain built in atomisers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required, like with many electronic cigarettes on the market today.

V2 Kits are shipped with our standard automatic batteries (79mm), which are designed to offer a perfect balance between physical weight and smoking time between recharge. To use your V2 electronic cigarette, simply screw a flavour cartridge on to the end of the battery and puff on it like you would a normal cigarette. When you draw air through the V2, the heating element will automatically activate and produce inhalable steam containing your chosen strength of nicotine and selected flavouring compounds.

Every V2 flavour cartridge is filled with enough of our proprietary vapour liquid to produce between 150 - 220 puffs (dependent upon deepness of puffs). Each cartridge is roughly equivalent to a traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes. You'll know when a cartridge is used up when the flavour becomes weak and has a burnt taste. Cartridges are disposable and can be discarded at this time. Just screw off the old cartridge and screw on a fresh one—it's that simple! When the battery requires charging it will blink intermittently. Standard V2 Automatic Batteries can last from 2 days to a week before they require recharging ( this is dependent upon your smoking frequency and puffing style). The battery can be fully charged in 2-3 hours. 

Tip: smoking a V2 electronic cigarette is a little different than using an old fashioned ignitable cigarette. To adjust the vapour thickness, you may want to prime the cigarette. To do this, give it a few strong puffs in rapid succession before puffing normally. This action will heat up the vapour liquid a little bit warner and create a thicker vapour in subsequent puffs.

Tip: When you first begin using electronic cigarettes, you may want to start with a light strength or a mix of strengths. Most people find the full flavour cartridges to be too strong.  

Tip: A great accessory you may want to consider is one of our  V2 Manual Batteries. Unlike the automatic batteries which activate by puffing, the manual batteries have a small rubber button installed on the body of the e-cigarette. It is really a matter of personal preference; for every person that prefers the manual battery, you will likely find two people that prefer the automatic. As a general rule, the manual batteries are a little easier to use, and certainly better for multi-tasking.  

The UK's Best E Cigarettes

"V2 Cigs is the best e cigarette that you can buy in the UK"
Source:ECig Review Site.

V2 Cigs is one of the world’s most popular brands of E cigarettes and vape pens. Through our commitment to quality, our website has earned a reputation as a top destination for purchasing E cigarettes in the UK. It is for that reason that so many vaping experts and E Cig review websites have rated us the best E Cigarette company in the UK

V2 Cigs UK: A Leader in E Cigarettes

As the e-cigarette market continues to expand, words such as “excellence,” high quality” and “premium” continue being thrown around by various e-cig UK companies with no substance behind the terminologies. What is excellence? How do you define high quality? What makes something a premium product? The answers to these questions are quite simple: the proof is in customer satisfaction.

Enter: V2 Cigs UK by Vapour2.

Our e cigs are quickly becoming a favourite amongst e cig UK enthusiasts, and for good reason. The high quality makeup of our products can be seen by thousands of five-star customer ratings. Additionally, we conduct several quality assurance tests during the manufacturing process to ensure excellent product performance in every category. Whether it’s V2 Cigs flavoured cartridges, e-cigarette kits, vape and shisha pens, or our e-cig accessories – our products provide vaping aficionados with instant gratification, enabling them to indulge their desires.

Unfortunately, not all e cigarettes are created equal. It is important to understand the various offerings on the market so you don’t end up going through unnecessary and costly trial and error. Through substantial research and development investment, V2 Cigs offers technologically advanced e cigarettes that are manufactured with unique design differences which give vapers the most satisfying and realistic vaping experience. The thick vapour volume, notable throat kick, stellar ease of use, reliability, cleanliness, and an extended battery life all add up to make V2 Cigs a fine electronic cigarette choice. Backed by our 14 day no quibble money back guarantee providing you with peace of mind, go ahead and experience genuine satisfaction.

E Cigs: Why Make the Switch?

One of the most important issues to people across the globe is the state of their personal health. Yes, this is even ironically true for most, if not all, tobacco smokers. Though they understand the risks associated with tobacco smoking and the damage they are doing to their bodies, the fundamental health concerns are still there.

Fortunately, e cigarettes were introduced to the market several years ago. Though final conclusive research is yet to be released, we currently have a myriad of case studies showing the promising health benefits of e cigs compared to tobacco. In addition to world renowned doctors, government health bodies such as Public Health England have conducted their own tests on e cigarettes and the health effects connected with their usage.

In August 2015, PHE noted that, "In a nutshell, best estimates show e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes, and when supported by a smoking cessation service, help most smokers to quit tobacco altogether."

But aside from being significantly less harmful to your health and helping smokers quit in a more successful manner than other smoking cessation devices, there are still numerous other benefits to e cigs over tobacco cigarettes. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • No tar in e cigs
  • Cheaper than tobacco cigarettes
  • Range of flavours to choose from
  • Enjoy e cigs in many areas where smoking is prohibited
  • No staining of the teeth
  • No foul odour

  • In addition to the above benefits, e cigs are far better for the environment. Combine all of this together, and it is no surprise that close to 3 million people in the UK alone have made the switch to e cigarettes.

    Though V2 Cigs services millions of happy customers across the globe, we still have some ways to go. With over 10 million tobacco smokers in the UK, we can help improve the health of millions of more lives. So if you haven’t yet made the switch or you have family and friends trying to kick the tobacco habit, put your trust in us to make it happen.

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