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Help Choosing Vaping Products


How to choose your e-cigarette, vaporizer and e-liquid.

Your choice of vaping device will depend on how much vaping experience you have & if you want simplicity or flexibility.

Have a look at this video for an overview of the V2 Cigs UK e-cigarette range: 

If you are new you want something simple and easy to use. CLICK HERE to help you decide.

We have some great suggestions to get you going:

closed.png open.png
 Vapour2 Classic Starter Pack Vapour2 E Liquid Starter Kit
simple-95402.1494940209.450.450.jpg vapour2-e-liquid-starter-pack-19159.1494940718.450.450.jpg
Vapour2 Classic Standard Starter Pack Vapour2 Classic E Liquid Standard Vape Pen
vapour2-standard-kit-thumb.jpg vapour2-ex-standard-shisha-pen-kit-1280x1280-73643.1455108953.450.450-36474.1463207654.1280.1280-25671.1495203237.450.450.jpg
  • Choosing e liquids or pre-filled cartridges
    First The Flavour

    It does not matter whether you have chosen an open or a closed system you should begin by choosing the right flavour.
    CLICK HERE for more information and flavour description.
    The safest thing to do is to order a sampler pack. They are available in e liquid and pre-filled cartridges.
    specialty-classic-prefilled-flavor-cartridge-thumb.jpg e-liquid-sampler-thumb.jpg new-sampler-ex-thumb.jpg

    Then The Strength

    As well as the difference in taste, every flavour comes in five nicotine strengths: 0%; 0.6%;1.2%;1.8%; 2.4%.
    We recommend going for something slighter stronger than your normal cigarette when you change to vaping.
    CLICK HERE for more useful information.


  • Choosing your battery

    When choosing your battery you only need to make a few choices:

    a)      Do you want a reliable, simple classic?

    b)      Would you prefer the standard size or something a bit longer?

    c)      Would you prefer a manual or automatic version?

    Vapour2 has Classic Batteries and the more advanced EX Series Batteries.

    Both models are available in a variety of colours suitable for all tastes.

    Our classic batteries are our most popular battery. They are not complicated BUT they are unique in that they are 4.2 Volts.

    The Ex Series has extra features and is slightly shorter than the long Classic battery.


    Choose your batteries HERE


Choosing Between A Vaporizer And A Sub-Ohm Device

Vaporizers are bigger devices than the Classic or Ex Series. Once you get the hang of vaping you will probably want to move onto a bigger device.  You might have been advised to start with one of these by a “vaping colleague”.

Pro Series are different to other devices on the market because they offer a 3-in-1 function, although they are ideal for those e liquid vapers who would like a bigger tank capacity or who want a more “statement device.”

Sub Ohm Devices only have one function unlike our vapourizers. The atomizer coil has a resistance of less than one ohm. The purpose of this is to increase the power output so that more flavour and vapour are created.
“Sub-Ohming” is not right for everyone. If you want billowing clouds of vapour with very rich flavours then this is the device for you.

You will need to ensure that you use a lower nicotine percentage . So this device is very useful for someone who needs more than 1.8% nicotine. You will use more e liquid with this device.

We do not recommend sub-ohm devices for beginners as they tend to be more complicated than tradition ecigs.



Are You A Very Heavy Vaper?

If you are at a desk all day and would prefer to have access to continuous vape we really recommend that you look at our “pass through” device. This works when it is plugged into your computer, laptop or the USB port in your car.